How To fix lag in Paladins- The Ultimate Lag Fix Guide

With the launch of Paladins, we finally had a great game that was good enough to compete with Overwatch but many players all over the world have complained about the lag issues in Paladin. If you one of those who has been facing lag issues in Paladins and were looking for ways on how to fix lag in paladin game then this guide is sure to help you. There are a number of things you can do to fix lag in Paladins so without further ado lets begin:

How to fix Lag issues in Paladins

There are a number of things you can do to fix the high ping issues and low FPS issues in Paladins.

Internet Settings to fix High Ping in Paladins

Method 1: Play using LAN Cable

We love to play games using wifi, especially when we are using our Gaming Laptops. But we tend to forget the crucial fact than LAN is always faster than WIFI. So, play online games like Paladins using an Ethernet LAN connection to your router to get the best performance out of your network. If you need low pings and lag-free Paladin gaming experience then you need to be using LAN

Method 2: Stop Background Apps and Data Usage

Turn off applications like Skype, Discord, or Spotify or any other similar software that you are running in the background. And obviously do not download files in the background while playing online games. That’s a bad idea. These applications can take up your internet bandwidth and cause higher ping issues which result in lag.

Such a simple fix and easily fix your lag issues in Paladins. So make sure you disable background data and apps. Windows has an option to easily disable background apps.

settings for max performance laptop faster

Method 2: Restart/Reset Your Router

If you are having Internet issues in General then the cause for the lag is none other than your router. Trying restarting and resetting your router to see if it fixes the lag issues. It might seem simple but it works like a charm and is a must-try if you are facing lag issues or ping issues in Paladin.

Method 3: Check Your Internet Connection.

If you are having lag issues in other online games as well then it’s your internet connection that is causing the issue. Go to your friend’s place and check if you are facing the same internet and lag issues. If your answer is no then contact your ISP and tell them to fix your internet issue.

You can also try to optimize your internet for Gaming with this guide

Graphics settings to fix LAG in Paladins:

You can adjust the graphics settings in order to get better FPS in Paladins that can help reduce Lag in the game. It is not a full-proof way but helps nonetheless especially if you have a low-end system. I recommend giving it a try. The following settings are taken from the Best graphics settings for Paladins Guide. You can read it here.

Method 1: Steam Launch Options

paladins steam launch options to fix lag issue

Paladins Steam Launch Options

-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -nomansky +mat_antialias 0 -high

Copy and paste the above settings in the steam launch options to get an FPS boost in the game for a competitive edge. It will help fix lag and boost FPS in-game. You can also disable steam overlay for an added FPS boost.

Method 2: Graphics settings

Use the correct graphics settings that will help fix lag issues. Paladins is an online game and thus you need to maintain at least 60 FPS in-game. The recommended FPS for professional gaming is 144FPS but you need a 144hz display monitor to take advantage of the 144hz refresh rate.

paladins graphics settings to fix lag

Video Settings
These are the graphics settings you need to use:
Use D3D11: Enabled.
• Resolution: use your native one.
• Aspect Ratio: use your default.
• Screen Type: Full Screen.
• Resolution Scale: 100 or 90.
• Anti-Aliasing: Off.
• Vertical Sync: Disabled.
• World Detail: Medium.
• Shadow Detail: Low.
• Texture Detail: Medium/High.
6-8GB graphics card systems: Ultra
4GB graphics card systems: High
2GB Graphics card systems: medium/low
• Particle Detail: Low.
• Shader Quality: Low/Medium
• FoV: from 100 to 120.
You need to restart the game because the changes in texture and models are not applied until you reboot.

System Settings to fix High Ping Spikes in Paladins

Method 1: Install the game on an SSD

This is an obvious solution for gamers who are facing lag issues. An SSD is much faster than regular hard disks as it has much higher read and writes speeds. Online Games like Paladins have a lot of read-write operations. Only SSDs can handle those so the best recommendation is to switch to an SSD. You will notice a significant improvement in the game performance. This applies to pretty much all games so I recommend you guys invest a little in Buying A good SSD.

Method 2: Disable Antivirus when Gaming

This one optimization can help a lot of gamers especially those with low-end systems. This is because antivirus software’s are memory and RAM hoggers. They take a lot of RAM and thus can cause issues with games. Especially while playing online games I recommend you turn it off.
You can always reenable the antivirus once you are done playing.

Method 3: Update your Drivers

The obvious and most recommended solution given by the support team is to update your drivers. It actually works especially if you are updating graphics card drivers. So make sure that you actually do update your drivers to the latest version.
You can also use software like Driver Booster to update your drivers automatically. Its an affiliate product so we get a small commission when you buy one of those products.

Gaming Softwares like DirectX and Microsoft C++ redistributable might seem silly but are a must for gaming. You need to ensure that you have the latest versions installed. They help windows run the game much smoother and thus can help with you fix the lag in Paladin.
Driver booster automatically does this but you can always do it manually.

Method 5: Use Game booster

Game Booster is one of the recommended software I use for gaming. It’s has a free and a paid version with more features. I recommend you use it to boost your system for gaming.
I have written a Guide on how to use the Game booster as well. I recommend you read it if you have not read about it before.

Turn on Game Booster Mode to fix lag issues

Method 7: Optimize your system for Gaming.

Now I have made a dedicated guide on how to optimize your system for gaming. I recommend that you do most if not all the optimizations shown in the guide. That guide is made for windows 10 but works well for other versions of windows as well. It is quite a long guide but works great and can help you fix the lag issues in all games. It is a step by step guide to optimizing windows.

Check it out: The Complete Guide to Optimizing your system for gaming.

That’s all Folks I hope this guide helped you fix lag issues in Paladin. If you have any more suggestion than do let us know in the comment section below. If you want to support the site you can always donate to us using the donation link on the right.
Happy gaming. See you in-game.

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