How to make your wifi faster for gaming (25 Tips to fix lag in Gaming)

Are you looking to make your wifi faster and fix lag for Gaming? Well if your internet is so slow that you end up with lag while playing online Games like Pubg and Dota 2 then this guide is perfect for you. So without further ado Learn how to make your wifi faster and fix internet lag for gaming.


Solution 1: Router placement and Lan Connection

Place the Wi-Fi router in a place that is close to you, and preferably it should be in your line of sight when you are using it. I am sure you know that the closer you are, the faster will be your internet speed while gaming on Wi-Fi.

If your playing games on a pc or laptop then directly connect the LAN cable from the router to your device to fix the internet lag in gaming. You will get the lowest pings and lag-free gaming experience when you are on Lan.

Make wifi faster for gaming by using lan
Correct router Position and use Lan for Gaming

Solution 2: Firmware updates

Not all routers are perfect and regularly updated. Always buy branded routers so that you get good support and regular updates. Routers regularly get updates to fix internet lag and make your wifi faster. Always make sure you are updated to the latest router firmware for security as well as faster wifi.

upgrade router firmware to fix lag in gaming
upgrade router firmware to fix lag in gaming

There is always a section in the router settings as shown above which is meant specifically for upgrading firmware. Make sure you update the router firmware to the latest version.

If you don’t know how to update your router then Google or youtube your router model number, and you will see steps on how to upgrade the firmware to the latest version. The steps vary from version to version so I cannot write the exact steps.

Solution 3: Virus and malware (Clean your system)

Viruses, malware, and ads are the leading cause of slow internet and lag. Funny enough almost every PC I have checked, which had lag issues was due to some malware or adware that was installed on the system. They are constantly using the internet to show you more ads or copy your data on their server. Both of which are bad for your security as well as gaming.

Make sure to use a good antivirus scan the system and remove any viruses if they exist on the system. A virus-free system is a must for gaming.

Make sure you remove viruses, adware, and crypto-miners which are the main reason for slow internet. These are malicious software that works in the background and steals data and bandwidth.

antivirus software to fix lag in gaming
Antivirus software

Solution 4: Channel selection and 5ghz wifi

Not many people know this but two wifi running on the same channel can cause some serious interference for wifi and cause lag in gaming.

That is why you need to check for signal interference from other routers from nearby locations. You can use a network analysis tool for that. We will soon make an in-depth guide on how to set up a wifi router for gaming.

The next thing you need to do is switch to 5ghz channels as they are faster and less crowded. These can help you get really high speeds on the Wi-Fi network and fix the lag issues in many cases.

Also, set the transmit power to high if your router has such an option.

5ghz channels are always much faster than 2.4ghz channels. If you are gaming on a mobile phone or laptop, then connect to the 5ghz channel for maximum speed and low pings for online gaming

Solution 5: Router security

Now everyone needs to secure their routers so that other people cannot hack into and leech on your bandwidth and data. If someone else is downloading files while you are gaming then obviously you will not have enough speed for your online gaming.

Do the following to secure your wifi from hackers save your bandwidth:

  • Change your default router password
  • Use a strong 10 letter wifi password with a mix of symbols, letters, and numbers
  • Disable WPS pin option
  • Enable mac filter so that only trusted people can use the wifi.
wifi faster with wifi security
wifi security

You need to secure your router as much as possible in order to be safe and ensure that other people are not using your wifi.

Solution 6: Dns reset

If you want a quick fix solution to fix the internet lag then you can try to Flush DNS and reset the router settings to get a speed boost. Resetting might fix many of the Wi-Fi issues as it reverts everything to default factory settings and can fix lag issues that might have been caused due to incorrect settings.

Steps to perform a DNS FLUSH:

Step 1: Open a windows command prompt. (CMD)

Step 2: Type the following command as shown in the image below:

Command: ipconfig /flushdns

flush dns to fix lag in gaming
Flush dns

This can help you fix some of the lag issues and may help you get a lower ping in online games.

Once you are done with executing the above commands, restart your PC or Laptop, and try playing the game again. Mostly it will fix your internet lag but if still you encounter high ping then you can try other methods.

Here are some more commands:

Sr NoCommandsWhat it Does
1ipconfig /flushdnsclears DNS cache
2ipconfig /registerdnsregister DNS entries
3ipconfig /releaserelease current network configuration
4ipconfig /renewrequests a new IP address from DHCP server
5netsh winsock resetrecovers if any socket errors occur

Solution 7: Bandwidth filtering

Check your internet traffic to see what’s really slowing down your internet. Sometimes a service or an app might be running in the background which is using a lot of data and bandwidth. Find and disable such services so that you get more bandwidth for gaming. If you do require more data and bandwidth change to a better plan or a different service provider.

Making sure you have a good amount of bandwidth will give you a better lag-free gaming experience online.

wifi faster for gaming wifi speed boost bandwidth filtering
bandwidth filtering

Solution 8: Economy settings

Many routers have economic settings to save power, which lower the speed and range of the wifi. This setting does save power but might also make your wifi slower.

So in order to get the best gaming experience, turn off the economy setting on your wifi router. Some routers have the ability to select transmission power as shown below. Select HIGH power

wifi settings to fix lag in gaming
wifi settings to fix lag

Try to optimize the router settings to get maximum speed and security as shown in previous tips. Hopefully, now your wifi will now be noticeably faster for gaming.

Solution 9: Download managers

If you are having slow speeds while downloading games and other things from the internet, then download managers and good browsers are your best friends. Chrome and Mozilla are the most recommended browsers you need to download.

You can also check out the OperaGX gaming browser.

Now the second step is to use a Download manager like IDM OR DAP. These applications can significantly increase download speed. You can get up to a 30-40% speed boost for downloading on the internet. Do note that playing online games while something is downloading on download managers is a bad idea since they allocate the most bandwidth leaving you hardly anything for games when the downloading is on.

So download and gaming do not go hand in hand.

Solution 10: Important Updates

Update your browser and OS to the latest version. Many times there are optimizations made for security and performance that are useful to boost the internet speed. Switch to Chrome or Firefox browser for faster speed and security. By updating to the latest versions of both your operating system and your browser, you will get much better stability and performance. Also, update your drivers with Driver Booster. It’s probably the best software for gamers to update the game drivers.

update windows 10
update windows 10

Solution 11: Network settings to make wifi faster

Set your system settings correctly. There are many settings that can help you get better internet speed for gaming as well as fix lag issues.

For android phones set

  • Disable background activities
  • Disable background data

Read the complete guide on how to make your phone faster for gaming.

For windows.

  • In the windows privacy settings, you can disable background apps in order to boost performance.
windows settings background apps
windows settings background apps
  • From task manager, disable auto start-up of apps.
  • Exit background as well as tray apps which you do not use. Eg. torrents and skype

Read the complete guide to make your system faster for gaming

Solution 12: Metered connections

There are certain settings that can limit background data. You can limit the background data by setting the connection as a metered connection. By setting your connection as a metered network from Wi-Fi settings, background updates, and data usage is restricted and more bandwidth is kept free for gaming. This is especially useful when you have slow and limited internet.

  • For windows, the setting is available in the wifi settings.
wifi faster for gaming by using metered connection
metered connection
  • On Android, you find the setting in wifi settings where you can set the network as a metered network.
  • In ios, this option is available in network settings.

Depending on your Operating system find and use this option.

Solution 13: Fast DNS servers to make wifi faster

Sometimes systems have slow DNS servers that cause a high ping issue when playing games. You can change your default DNS servers to faster servers from google.

Change DNS servers to make sure you have high-speed servers.

dns speed test

Change default DNS to the googles DNS server for faster resolutions

To change your DNS server refer: How to change DNS servers in Windows 10

Solution 14: Temp files cleanup

For a system to run properly it requires a good clean up every once in a while. You need to Clear the cache and temp files of the system in order to have better speeds in gaming.

Use apps like CCleaner to clean and optimize your system. Deleting those files will save you space for gaming. It is also a good practice for security reasons.

For android, you can refer to how to free up storage on android for gaming.

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Solution 15: Repeaters and extenders

Use Wi-Fi repeaters or Wi-Fi extenders in case your home or office is too big for a single router to cover. By using these devices, you can get a much better speed and lag-free gaming experience on wifi. These are relatively cheap and you can find them on Amazon and other websites quite easily.

This is the second-best option if you cannot get a LAN cable. This is good, especially for mobile gamers and laptop gamers. This can help you get the extra internet speed boost you need for your gaming needs.

repeaters and routers for gaming
Repeaters and routers for gaming

Solution 16: No plugins, toolbars, and apps

We mostly install a lot of apps, plugins, toolbars that we only use once and then forget about it. Remove all the toolbars and plugins added without your consent or if your plugins bar is cluttered by things you added and forgot about. Keep limited apps and plugins on your system so that bandwidth and data usage is limited. This will ensure that you get low pings while gaming.

Uninstall unnecessary apps as well. Many apps tend to install other third-party apps that take all your bandwidth which you would use for gaming. By cleaning your system and your phone, you will be able to fix the internet lag for gaming.

Make sure you install software such as Driver Booster to update drivers and boost wifi and gaming performance.

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Solution 17: Speed tests

Do a proper speed test of your internet. Check your internet speed and make sure you are getting the speed as described by your plan.

For a 100mbs plan, you need at least 95mbs speed. Anything lower than that means you are getting ripped off. Call customer support or your ISP to look into the issue and fix your internet speeds.

Lodge a proper complaint, and they will look into it. It’s part of the service you pay for. Don’t be hesitant to ask for support and customer service.

isp speed test to fix lag in gaming
speed test

Get the speed you pay for. No compromises on internet speeds for gaming.

Solution 18: Custom firmware to make wifi faster

This is only for experts who know about computer and network management. If your router is too old and you cannot afford a new one then you can use custom firmware to boost router performance.

You can use custom firmware like DD-WRT, Open-WRT, tomato, etc. to improve your router performance to the next level.

dd wrt custom firmware to fix internet speed
dd-wrt custom firmware

You need to download and install the firmware based on the tutorials provided for your model. By using custom firmware, you can get higher security and performance as well as regular updates to the latest threats.

Note: Warranty is voided if custom firmware is used so only use this on very old routers.

Solution 19: Old routers into a repeater

If you have more than one router then you can make an old router into a wifi repeater. This is the homemade version of a repeater.

There is custom firmware to modify and upgrade your old router into a better device or turn in into a repeater.

Using custom firmware such as DD-WRT and Openwrt etc. you can turn an old router into a repeater which will help you boost your network signals and get faster wifi speeds

Note: This should be done with proper care. Read all warnings associated with the installation of custom firmware. Warranty is voided if custom firmware is used. Do take caution.

Solution 20: Limit Number of Access for your WiFi

Most new routers have the ability to control and put data caps on devices. If there are many users using wifi at your home/ network. You can limit their bandwidth to get a better internet speeds.

Solution 21: Limit High Bandwidth Consuming Services

Stop using services that require a lot of data. Download and keep songs instead of streaming live on spotify for example. By using services that require a lot of bandwidth you are essnetially bottklenecking the main services you want to use.

You can use task manager to check the network usage of devices and apps. It will help find services that consume network

Solution 22: Restart your Router

The most easiest way to fix internet issues is to restart your router. Many times the router just needs a good restart to fix all the issues. Do not restart your router daily as it is not recommended by many manufactures.

Solution 23: Adjust Router Antennas

In case your router has external antennas like most quality routers do, then you can align the antennas in a particular direction to get better wifi speeds. Basically if you adjust router antennas vertically, it will emit signals in a horizontal direction and if adjust to horizontal then it will emit signals in a vertical direction.

Solution 24 : Check your Data Cap Limit and Regularly check your Internet Speed

Get a good internet plan and ensure that you have enough data, Most plans have daily limits which when exceeded result in very slow internet speed. All ISPs assign some data limits for their users unless you have a high-price data service subscription.

So if you use a lot of data daily then make sure you have truly unlimted data.

Plans with truely unlimited data are expensive but worth it in the long run. Most ISP will have something like 10GB To 50GB Data limit.

Solution 25: Last option to make wifi faster

If all the above tips did not fix your lag in gaming then you need to buy a router and change your Wi-Fi plan. The router you have is too outdated, or the plan you’re using is not the right one for you. So, get one of the latest routers with much netter gaming support. The price of routers has significantly decreased as well so I am sure you can find one to fit your budget.

fix internet lag for gaming by using fiber
Fiber connection

Also, make sure you check out all the internet plans available in your area. Ask fellow gamers living in your area who do not have internet issues for advice on which plans they use. Make sure to choose a good ISP that be able generous with data and speed and also provide proper support. Make sure you are using a fiber connection for gaming. That is the last but most effective way to fix internet lag in gaming and make your wifi faster.

I hope your internet issues are now fixed. If you know any more solutions do comment them below. We would be happy to add them to the list. If you liked the post then do share it with fellow gamers around the world. Happy Gaming

See you in-game

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