How To Use Game Mode in Driver Booster for FPS Boost

Driver Booster is the most recommended software used by many professional players for automatically updating drivers to the latest versions. There is a hidden Game mode that can help players boost their gaming performance but many people do not know how to use it well. So to help fellow gamers update their drivers and switch on the gaming mode here is a complete step by step tutorial for driver booster Game mode.

How To Use Game Mode in Driver Booster:

Step 1: Download Driver Booster’s latest version from their website.

Step 2: Install and Open Driver Booster.

Step 3: Click on Scan, and make sure all your drivers are updated.

driver booster game mode
driver booster drivers scan

Step 4: Now click on the rocket icon to open the game mode.

driver booster game mode
Driver Booster Game Booster Mode

For most users, you can directly use the default game mode if you don’t have much technical expertise about windows apps and services.

Turn on Game Booster Mode
Turn on Game Booster Mode

You will see that all the unnecessary apps will be disabled and RAM will be freed for gaming:

game boost on
game boost on

Step 5: For users who want a complete game mode, click on the configure option below:

configure Game Booster Mode
configure Game Booster Mode

Step 6: Now you will see all the sections you can customize for game mode on driver Booster:

  • Processes section: These are the running processes active on your system. You can disable the ones that you do not want. Make sure you do not disable any system process for drivers and other important services. You can always read the description provided by the Game Mode.
  • Windows Services: These are windows services. Make sure you read what the service does before disabling. Many of them are necessary services but its always better to check and confirm.
  • Non-Windows Services: This can include a lot of services like antivirus and driver-related services. Find services you do not need for gaming and disable them. Make sure essential services are not disabled.
  • Others: Others section has only 3 options. I recommend selecting all 3 so that you get a good ram and performance boost.

Note: Driver Boosters Game mode only temporarily disables the services while you are gaming. Once you disable the game mode the services are turned back on. So you do not have to worry about any issues in general. You can always disable the game mode. You can also restart your system to disable the game mode.

Step 7: Once you are done selecting the services you want to disable. Click on the boost button to enable gaming mode.

Step 8: If you are having issues because you disabled something you should not have disabled then go back to the process selection screen and click on the recommended settings as shown below:

This will reset all options to default. Now you can retry or use the default gaming mode as per your needs. That is all.

If you need any more help you can use their manual directly which explains each and every setting in depth.

What can you do to fix lag in Games?

There are mainly two types of lag inducing factors. One is network lag. The second is FPS drops that cause lag and stuttering.

If you are getting a network lag, then you need to fix your internet. There are some things that you can try, such as boosting your wifi network for gaming with this guide.

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I hope this guide has been informative for you and I thank you for reading. Make sure to use Game mode while gaming so that you do not get any lag issues. You can always find the best settings for each game in our settings guides section. If you have any questions do mention them below. Happy Gaming

See you in-game



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