Top 20 Safest Loot Locations in Erangel – Pubg Safe Looting Guide

Being able to get the best loot in pubg without getting into fights is honestly quite the sneaky business. You need to find the best and safest loot locations Well Lucky for you guys Noobs2pro has found the top 20 safest loot locations on Erangel map to ensure you get the chicken dinenrs in Pubg. Now you can loot safely without the risk of worrying about other players stealing your loot. So without further ado here are the safest loot locations for pubg:

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Here are the Top 20 Safest Loot Locations in Erangel:

1) Zharki and Nearby Areas

By Far zharki is the safest place to drop. The loot is medium and spread out so you will need to spend some time gathering it but the loot quality is actually quite good. You can occasionally get upto two sets of level 3 vest and helmet in Zharki.

The main issue is the plane path and vehicles. There is sometimes no vehicle spawns in zharki which is a major issue although it does not happen a lot. It’s a risky bet but worth it since you get good loot. This is my number 1 choice for safe looting on Erangel.

Safest Loot Locations erangel safe looting in pubg

2) Water Town and Ruins

One of the hardest but also the safest places to loot are none other than water town and ruins. The loot is spread out in ruins and you are in the open which is a big risk. Water Town is much safer but due to water its harder to move and loot quickly.

Funny enough because of these reasons it has become the safest location to get easy loot. Players avoid these a lot and hence they are perfectly safe with no disturbance of other players.

3) Stalber and Kamekshi

By far the safest provided the plane path is a bit far away. Most players don’t come to Stalber and Kamekshi since it’s at the edge of the Map. But in Erangel its one of the best loot locations where there are hardly any enemy players. You can safely loot both areas and get level 3 sets along with snipers and assault rifles.

You just need to be fast in looting otherwise chances are you will be out of play zone. Its at the edge of the map after all. But its honestly an amazingly safe loot location for the exact same reasons.

Safest Loot Locations erangel safe looting in pubg

4) Quarry and Nearby Areas

There are a few players in quarry occasionally but its quite rare. The nearby areas also have amazing loot and thus they are perfect for a team to spread out loot and regroup.

This needs a good team but as long as you spot no enemies while dropping with the parachute you should be safe. There is a lot of good loot here if you are willing to scavenge a little.

5) Georgepol Northern City

The northern city of Georgepol is one of the most underrated locations in Erangel. Due to the fact that it’s not named on the map, many people tend to ignore it altogether. Honestly very few people drop here that too is because of the plane path.

If the plane path is not close then this is the perfect location for you to loot and gather the best equipment. Without having to worry about enemy players. Make sure to get the level 3 vests because you will always find at least one set of those in northern Georgepol city.

Safest Loot Locations erangel safe looting in pubg

6) Ferry Pier and Nearby Areas

Fiery pier and nearby buildings are a great location to loot. You will find decent guns for each member of your team and around two full sets of level 2 equipment. Its harder to say how much time it will take since some buildings are spread out. If you have good teamwork then you can definitely loot it faster. It’s one of the safest drop locations where you will definitely get good equipment without getting into fights with enemies.

7) Southern Hay Farms near Hospital

The buildings near the southern Hay farm are simply the safest place to loot. No one goes there since they are quite spread out. But a team can spread out and loot these buildings properly and get plenty of items.

Due to its spread-out nature, no one comes to loot here making it ideal safe loot location for players since there won’t be many players, to begin with.

Safest Loot Locations erangel safe looting in pubg

8) Farm Ridge and Ridge Complex

Another great location to drop is the farm ridge and ridge complex which many people do not know since its not a marked location. Check the map below to see it.

It has medium loot but no players drop there at the beginning of the game making it perfect for risk-free loot sessions. You will get decent guns and occasional sniper rifles. You don’t get level 3 equipment here but its level 2 is easily found.

9) Northern area of Mansion

Above the mansion there a bunch of unknown buildings that have have plenty of loot. Its the best place depending on plane path since not many players come here. Its safe and has enough loot to fully equip a team of 4.

Safest Loot Locations erangel safe looting in pubg

If you have good teamwork then you finish the loot here within 2 minutes and rush to Kamekshi for bonus loot. Honestly, with this location you will never have a shortage of loot.

10) Gatka and Nearby Farms

Gatka use to be one of the best drop locations but since it become very popular among players the number of teams dropping there has increased depending on the plane path. It is still a fairly a great place to loot.

Safest Loot Locations erangel safe looting in pubg

There a plenty of buildings nearby which you can loot and get a lot of guns and equipment. Gatka does have players now since it has become famous but the nearby areas are safe and full of loot. Not always but in most cases you will get a decent sniper and an assault rifle here.

11) Shooting Range and Nearby Bunkers

The number of players dropping on shooting range is so low that you can count it on one hand. Hardly anyone ever comes here. You also loot the buildings nearby and get plenty of loot to fully equip a squad. It takes times though and make sure to check the bunkers they have a lot of good loot. Many times you will get snipers and scopes in those bunkers.

Safest Loot Locations erangel safe looting in pubg

12) Scavenger Location

This location has no name but I like to call it the scavenger location since that`s what you need to do here. The loot is good but you need to scavenge all the buildings in search for it. The loot is good enough for an entire squad so no need to worry about that. You just need to spread out and scavenge for loot.

Safest Loot Locations erangel safe looting in pubg

13) Yasnaya Compound and Nearby Areas

The little compound in Northern Yasanaya is perfect for Duo players. Its full of loot which is enough for two players and you also don’t have to worry about other players stealing your loot.

The location is a bit on the edge of the map but you can probably jump and float to it safely. All in all its one of the safest place for looting in Erangel map.

Safest Loot Locations erangel safe looting in pubg

14) Farm and nearby areas

Best loot location with great quality loot. It has become famous now and you will find a few players here occasionaly on the main farm location. The nearby areas have medium loot but are safer.

So you can easily survive and get decent loot to fight in the final play zones of the game. This will ensure rank ups and leveling.

Safest Loot Locations

15) Northern Stalber

If you just want to survive then this is the drop location for you. Its much safer than other locations on the list but has low quality loot. It super safe to the point that you will be lucky to find bots. Even those don’t venture here much. Its a good drop spot for duos but it does not have enough loot for a team of 4.

Safest Loot Locations

16) Farm and Upper Mylta Buildings

Another great place to loot for solo players. This location is nor for squad players since the loot is too low. But its quite safe so much so that you will only find bots here. Stick to the few upper buildings and clear them one by one. Its best for solo players who want to avoid fights and want the required loot.

Duo and Squad Players stay away.

Safest Loot Locations erangel safe looting in pubg

17) Western Military Compounds

Probably the most unknown loot location on the Erangel Map. Hardly anyone drops here. The loot is also decent but you and your team needs to spread out. But its much safer since not many players come here. The only reason its on rank 17 is because the loot quality is not that great.

You occasionally get good loot but that`s not always the case. If you have good aim then you can loot fast and camp on the bridge for easy kills. Even the hills are perfect for sniping. Just pray that you get a good scope and a Kar98.

18) Novorepnoye Radio Tower and Nearby Buildings

A bit on the risky side since Novorepnoye is close by, you never know when enemy players might switch their drop because of nearby enemies.

But the loot is excellent and if the plane path was not here then you can honestly safely loot and then camp on bridge for easy kills. This location needs you to be quick on your toes but there is plenty of loot and you don’t need to spread out like the other locations on the list. You can also kill the Novorepnoye enemies if you are confident about your aim.

19) Western Mylta Factory Region

Another underrated loot location. everyone is focused on Mylta city and Power plant making the other areas relatively safe for looting. You can easily loot these buildings and then regroup at the factory completely armed to take out the enemies.

You need teamwork and fast looting skills but it does make a lot of difference since the loot is quite good in these locations. You need to spread out loot and come together again. There are always vehicle spawns here so you don’t need to worry about the playzone.

20) Spawn Island

The safest loot location in the game but comes with a lot of problems. First of all its incredibly difficult to get to. And once you do get to it you need to loot fast and get back to the safezone. It obviously has a lot of loot but the time and effort it takes makes it troublesome to say the least.

But if the plane path and your team is willing to work together than this is definitely the safest loot location in the game hands down. You need a boat and a fuel can to get here and come back at full speed. So take care.

Bonus Location Primosk:

I know I know it’s not that safe and I agree with you to a point. But funny enough many people avoid this location since its on the edge. I only recommend this location for duos and squads since you might find enemies here. It actually depends more on the plane path though. It has medium to high loot depending on your luck. But it has more than enough loot to fully equip a squad. At least you will have level 2 equipment with rifles and snipers.

That’s all folks. These were the Top 20 locations to get loot safely without having to worry about other players. It’s much safer and can help you survive until the top 10 in the game. If I missed any locations then let me know in the comment section below. I would be happy to add it to the list and help my fellow pubg players.

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Credits to Pubgheat Map for providing HeatMap Data.

Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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