PUBG Locations in Real World Part 1: Erangel

So, do you play PUBG a lot too? Whether you play PUBG PC or Pubg Mobile, you must be knowing all the popular locations present on each of the Maps. Well, guess what, many of the places in PUBG actually are real life locations in the world. Most of the iconic places in PUBG exist in real-life. And yes you can find many of them quite easily. So if you wanted to know the real-world locations of PUBG locations, this article is for you. Here is a complete list of all the Real-life pubg locations in the world:

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The post is divided into 4 parts based on each map. This is part 1: Erangel

Part 2: Miramar

Part 3: Sanhok

Part 4: Vikendi

1) The Church, Pochinki Erangel

The church in Pochinki in PUBG is an iconic location that most players visit in-game. If you wanted to visit the church in real life, then this church does exist in Russia, and it called Starry Kadom. Check out the images below. You can see that both the images are quite similar. They are almost exactly the same. Its the same church, whether you are playing PUBG PC or Pubg Mobile. The same church with real life locations are also present in Yasana Polayana and Severny.

PUBG: Pochinki Church

Real World Location: Starry Kadom Russia

2. Pochinki, Erangel

Pochinki is everyone’s favorite when it comes to hot Drops. It is the most infamous drop location for those who love firefights. The houses of Pochinki are based on Russian houses.

This famous city is also taken from an actual village. The basic map of the city is based on a real life location called the abandoned Deol Nuclear village. People abandoned it because of some nuclear experiments. The main village is in Belgium.

PUBG: Pochinki City

Real World Location: Deol Nuclear village Belgium

3. The School, Erangel

The school is definitely one of the well-known drop locations on the Erangel map. The school is based on an actual school located in Chernobyl that had been destroyed during the nuclear power plant accident. The school is an abandoned Pripyat swimming pool in Chernobyl, Ukraine.

PUBG: School, Erangel

Real World Location: Pripyat swimming pool, Chernobyl.

4. Shelter, Erangel

The most maze-like shelter in Erangel is quite famous for its confusing tunnels and maze-like structure. The fun part of the shelter not only exits in PUBG, but it is an actual location in the real world. It is in the form of abandoned storage of nuclear weapons at Fedosia – Ukraine. The bunkers are a duplicate copy of the shelter bunkers. See the image below:

PUBG: Shelter, Erangel

Real World Location: Abandoned nuclear storage, Fedosia – Ukraine.

5. Sosnovka Military Base, Erangel

The military base is the popular hunting ground for pro players. The sniper tower is one of the most used sniping locations in PUBG. It turns out that the tower actually exists in real life and is present in Duga, Russia. Many players love hunting at the military base, so drop carefully.

PUBG: Military Base, Erangel

Real World Location: Duga, Russia

6. The Bridge, Erangel

The two bridges in Pubg are quite famous, especially since many people camp those bridges and hunt for players trying to cross the Bridge. It is quite popular for trolling players, and there are many good locations to take cover and attack. This bridge design is taken from a bridge called Howrah Bridge. This Bridge is located in Kolkata, India, and is a very popular tourist spot.

PUBG: Bridge, Erangel

Real World Location: Howrah Bridge, Kolkata, India.

7. Quarry, Erangel

The quarry is a rather sneaky drop spot used by players who want to avoid the main hot drop zones. It has plenty of guns and can lead to amazing firefights if the final zone ends up here. It is an actual location in West Roxbury quarry, Boston, Massachusetts. You can see the image below:

PUBG: Quarry, Erangel

Real World Location: West Roxbury quarry, Boston Massachusetts

8. Mylta Power Plant, Erangel

Mylta power is quite a famous hot drop location due to the ample loot and resources perfect for a 4-man squad. This location is inspired by the infamous Chernobyl nuclear power plants located in Ukraine. As you can imagine, it’s’s quite well known all over the world for the nuclear accident and the Chernobyl tragedy.

PUBG: Mylta Power Plant, Erangel

Real World Location: Nuclear plant Chernobyl nuclear power plants.

9. Georgepool, Erangel

Georgepool is the most infamous hot drop location for too many firefights and great quality loot. This location exists in the real world at Kaliningrad, Russia, and is quite a popular port for containers and transport. Georgopol is one of the most crowded places on the map in terms of players. Only pro players should drop here.

PUBG: Georgepool, Erangel

Real World Location: Port at Kaliningrad, Russia.

10. Novorepnoye, Erangel

Novorepnoye is located near the military base and is always a crowed location if the plane path is near. Many people come here due to the ample loot. You are always going to find 5-6 squads here if the plane path is above Novorepnoye. The real-life location of this place has been taken from the Novorossiysk port situated in Russia.

PUBG: Novorepnoye, Erangel

Real World Location: Novorossiysk port situated in Russia.

11. Paddy hay, Yasnaya Polyana, Erangel

The Yasnaya Polyana city is the most preferred location for many players, especially in Pubg mobile.  It has great loot, and plenty of houses to hide and play from. On one side you will find an open paddy hayfield. This paddy hayfield is an actual location called Golden Grass Valley is taken from the Slovakia province in Russia.  It is one of the most popular and well-known places for players to drop in Erangel.

PUBG: Paddy hay, Yasnaya Polyana, Erangel

Real World Location: Golden Grass Valley, Slovakia province in Russia

12. Hospital, Erangel

Hospital is the place to go when who mess up the Georgepool drop. Many players who want to play it moderately safe drop to the famous hospital. It has a low loot and can only help one team fill its requirements at best. It has no doors only windows and a lot of rooms. The real-life hospital location is taken from Norwich state hospital situated in Indiana.

PUBG: Hospital, Erangel

Real World Location: Norwich state hospital situated in Indiana.

13. Yasnaya Polana, Erangel

Yasnaya is one of the largest cities on the Erangel Map. The array of buildings parallel to a road just to the north of the mansion. It is a great hunting ground for players with plenty of sniper as well as ambush locations. It is based on one of the abandoned cities of Russia. The city was abandoned due to the nuclear disaster Chernobyl.

PUBG: Yasnaya Polana, Erangel

Real World Location: Abandoned cities of Russia province.

14. Mansion Erangel

The mansion is the go-to spot when playing Duos. There is plenty of loot and plenty of action as well since the place is such a popular drop location. There is plenty of loot as well as ambushes. The real world location is an Abandoned children hospital Ukraine. A must drop location for Pubg players.

PUBG: Mansion, Erangel

Real World Location: Abandoned children hospital, Ukraine

15. Dry Red Forest Near Mylta Power Erangel

The forest is always one of the most unvisited spots on the Erangel map. There is almost no loot here. And the only reason players end up here is because of the zone. This is a great hiding spot if you want to reach the Top 20 players alive. The real world location of the dry forest is the dry Red Forest in Chernobyl which is surrounded by nuclear power plants.

PUBG: Dry red forest near Mylta, Erangel

Real World Location: Dry Red Forest in Chernobyl.

16. Farmhouse, Erangel

The farmhouse in Erangel is one of the most repeated spots all over the Map. The one near Pochinki is always known to have good loot as well as a good action. The same farmhouse is present on other locations the map as well. It is located near the school, in Zharki, etc. The real world location of such farmhouses is in Nashville Indiana.

PUBG: Farmhouse, Erangel

Real World Location: Farmhouse, Nashville Indiana.

17. Georgepool Northern Buildings, Erangel

The beautiful array of buildings with a similar structure are the specialty of Georgepool Northern city.  Beware of campers since they tend to hide among the buildings waiting to ambush unsuspecting players. There are always a couple of squads here. The real life locations are in the form of an Abandoned Town in Cleveland.

PUBG: Georgepool Northern city buildings, Erangel

Real World Location: Abandoned Town in Cleveland.

18. Ruins, Erangel

Ruins are one of the most avoided locations for dropping on the Erangel map. Only solo or duo players tend to go here. The entire area is a risk zone since there is limited cover and even more limited loot. Unless you want a headshot, you might as well avoid this place. The real world location is the abandoned mountain city of Dagestan Russia. 

PUBG: Ruins, Erangel

Real World Location: Abandoned mountain city of Dagestan Russia. 

19. Observatory, Erangel

The observatory is one of the more unique structures present in Erangel. There is one near Novorepnoye and the military base. There is one in Stalber and the other is hidden near Gatka. The real world location of the observatory is Seoul Gwanaksan Mountain Observatory South Korea. 

PUBG: Observatory, Erangel

Real World Location: Seoul Gwanaksan Mountain Observatory South Korea. 

20. Stalber, Erangel

Stalber is one of the furthest locations on the Erangel map. Being at the top right corner inaccessible to outsiders makes it the perfect camping location. You can find plenty of loot. The cover is limited, however. But there are no sniper locations to target you from. The pubg real life location is taken from Alberty, Rocky mountain region, Canada. 

PUBG: Stalber, Erangel

Real World Location : Alberty, Rocky mountain region, Canada. 

There are a few more Pubg real life locations that I am trying to find but unable to get pictures of. If you know any more pubg real life locations do let us know in the comment section or you can mail us at

These were all of the real world locations of PUBG from the Erangel map. I hope you enjoyed the Pubg real life locations from Erangel.

This was Part 1: Erangel of Pubg real Life locations:

Part 2: Miramar

Part 3: Sanhok

Part 4: Vikendi

I hope this was informative for you and I thank you for reading. Happy Gaming. See you in-game


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