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High-quality Loot is a must to win in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Chicken Dinners, You can always have good skills and aim but at the end of the day Loot Matters. Having a High powered gun with Level 3 armor and vest is always better. So we made this guide for you to get the best loot locations on Erangel Map. So without further ado here are the best loot locations in Erangel:

Top 10 High-Quality Loot Locations In Erangel

The to top 10 high loot locations in Erangel are as follows:

The Pubg Erangel heat map is as shown below:

Best Loot Locations in Erangel pubg

1) Georgopol and Hospital

Located in the northeast of the map, Georgopol and Hospital are by far the best loot locations on the Erangel map. Georgepol is one of the best places to get premium loot. The only drawback is that most players know that there is a lot of loot so they tend to rush at Georgepol and Hospital. You can almost every time get a level 3 vest and a level 3 helmet at Georgepol along with a huge collection of guns. There are always vehicles nearby so you have no worries with regards to that. I hope you have good aim and skills because thats the only way you will survive in Georgepol.

Some players Loot hospital first and then go to Georgepol City for the fights which is an awesome strategy. The northern Georgepol city is also a great place to loot with relatively fewer players compared to the Georgepol Containers. Georgopol has many buildings and apartments to plunder and loot to your heart’s content. 

All in all Georgepol is the best Location for Looting on Pubg

Best Loot Locations in Erangel pubg

2) Miltary Base and Novorepnoye;

If you want the best Loot and are ready for a fight then Military Base and Novorepnoye are the best locations to drop. The loot quality is awesome and is sometimes even better than the loot you get in Georgepol. You are sure to find the best snipers and Level 3 equipment here. The drawback is obviously the huge number of players that also want the loot. You’ll almost certainly find high-quality loot like assault rifles, helmets, and bulletproof vests at the abandoned military base. 

The port of Novorepnoye is less risky and has more loot than the military base, but there is also risk involved since more players have started to prefer Novorepnoye after learning about the more loot.  However, there are three guaranteed car and boat spawns so you can easily run away. The boat is obviously safer than cars since bridge camping is a common occurrence.

3) Rozhok, School and Apartments;

Rozhok and School are a few of the most popular drop locations in Pubg. They are located in the Central area on the Erangel map, and thus you never have to worry about the play zone. It also has easy access to vehicles to its the most preferred drop location for many players. The School is a for pro players only since there are always way too many players. The same is the case with Rozhok and the School Apartments which are quite a good place to loot but with fewer players.

A good strategy is to loot the nearby buildings and go to school and Rozhok for kills. It’s better than directly jumping there especially if you are not a good aimer like shroud.

Best Loot Locations in Erangel pubg

4) Yasanaya Polyana

Probably one of the most high risk drop locations after Georgepol. Its recently become very popular because of its high quality loot and high number of buildings that can help you loot safely without exposing yourself.

Honestly, if you have a good team then you can easily win fights here as it comes down to sniping and teamwork in terms of Pubg. It is honestly an amazing drop location where you can easily find a bunch of level 2 vests and helmets for you and the team. You will also find snipers and rifles to equip your entire team but just be prepared for the firefight.

Best Loot Locations in Erangel pubg

5) Shelter Bunkers and Prison

Bunkers are underground military stashes filled with weapons. And the same is true for Pubg although the quality of the weapons is debatable. Sometimes you get really good weapons while other times it isn’t the case. That’s why one has to loot both Shelter and Prison for an awesome loot especially if you are playing squads. Solos can get plenty of loot at a single location, But for squads, there is no other option. You need to be fast though. You tend to find other players looking for kills especially by sniping from the top of prison area.

Its a Death Valley if you get caught by snipers and you don’t have one yourself.

6) Mylta Power and Mylta factory

My personal favorite place to drop in the game. It has decent loot but the key part is that all the loot is close together You can get fully armed in a couple of minutes and the loot is enough for a single team. You can gather even more loot if two players drop to factory and two players to the power plant.

Amazing loot and I’m sure you will have no shortage of guns and equipment here. Just beware its very rare that you will be alone here. Its a common drop location so make sure to take advantage of the plane path to arrive early.

Best Loot Locations in Erangel pubg

7) Mansion and Lipovka

The Mansion is a great place for loot especially if you are the only guys who drop there. It has plenty of loot and can easily fully arm a squad if you loot the nearby buildings as well. It is located in the southwest corner of the map. There are 8 main buildings and nearby smaller buildings that have a great quality loot. If the plane path was near mansion then there will obviously be players here. Nothing you can do about it. provide you or your team with some equipment and supplies. The main of this location is a guaranteed vehicle spawn on the roads or the mansion entrance. So no worries about traveling.

8) Severny

One of the most underrated locations with high quality loot. The loot is amazing but not as good as Georgepol. But the most important thing is to know that the number of players dropping here is significantly less.

You can easily loot from nearby locations as well and get decent weapons and armor. The bunkers also have level 3 armors sometimes. Though rare its always a good idea to check it. As long as the plane path is not too close this is an amazing location to drop in.

Best Loot Locations in Erangel pubg

9) Water Town

Water Town is the best location to get easy loot without much disturbance. The loot is decent but its hard to collect it since water town is filled with water. (Obvious from the name) So because of that you cannot loot fast and this location is not that preferred. The loot quality however is actually quite decent.

If you have time to loot then come here otherwise its too much of a hassle.

10) Pochinki

Probably the worst drop location to drop now. Because of its popularity the number of players dropping to pochinki is always high and the loot is always not enough. It use to have a lot of loot before but now after updates Pochinki is by far the worst place to drop. It also has the highest player count for players dropping in to the city.

If you have a great team and good aim this location is useful otherwise avoid it.

Best Loot Locations in Erangel pubg

That’s all folks. These were the top 10 drop locations on the Erangel map. Now you can get the best Loot and get easy chicken dinners on Erangel Map. If I missed any great locations then let me know in the comment section below. Get those chiken dinners and high quality loot guys.

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Credits to Pubgheat Map for providing HeatMap Data.

Happy Gaming. See you in-game


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