Doom Eternal Best Settings for Max FPS

Doom Eternal is one of Bethesda’s latest creations that is climbing the steam ladder faster than ever. An amazing FPS game for those who love alien action. The game is a single-player campaign with online PVP for those who love online battles. So to help fellow gamers set the right settings and boost fps as well as fix lag in online gameplay. Here are the best Doom Eternal Graphics settings:

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Doom Eternal Graphics settings to Boost FPS


Window Mode: Fullscreen

Fullscreen is the best mode to play PC games. That is how games were meant to be played. You get better performance and an immersive gameplay experience. So unless you have a multi-monitor setup go with fullscreen.

Monitor: Choose your Main Monitor

This setting is Self-explanatory.

Aspect Ratio: Default

The newer games are optimized to detect the right aspect ratio. Generally, unless you have a unique monitor, it will be 16:9 or 21:9 depending on whether you have a regular screen or a widescreen monitor.

Resolution: Max

Higher resolution means better graphics. Lower resolution can help with a performance boost, but the cost of FPS is high.

Vertical Sync: off

The biggest reason for the FPS drop on low and medium-end systems. Vertical sync is only useful if you have an overpowered graphics card and a really good monitor with Gsync or free sync.

Turn it off.

Enable HDR: Monitor Based

If your monitor supports HDR, then go ahead. Otherwise, turn it off. For most systems turning the HDR setting off is a better option.


Field of view: Default

The default setting is the best for most users. Others can use higher settings if they want. You can see more of the screen, which helps you locate enemies faster.

Motion Blur: off

Disables the blur effect when moving. Boosts fps and fixes lag. Besides, why would you want motion blur?

Performance metrics: off

Overall Quality: Custom

Since we will be editing each setting individually, this setting will be set to custom automatically.

Texture Pool Size: High

This setting deals with the graphics card VRAM. So if you have 4GB or higher VRAM go with HIGH. Otherwise, go with medium or low.

This has a considerable impact on the graphics quality of the game.

Shadow Quality: low

This is one of the most graphics-intensive settings of Doom Eternal. Shadows make the game look more realistic but at a very high cost of performance. So to get the best FPS and lag-free gameplay in Doom Eternal I recommend keeping this Doom Eternal setting at low.

Reflections Quality: Medium

This setting deals with the quality of the reflections of the models in the game. Go with medium settings. By going low, you will get a bad graphics experience. I recommend medium settings.

Motion Blur Quality: Low

Quite obvious that this setting is unnecessary and does not help you in any way. Motion blur is a fancy distraction that will only hamper your gameplay. Turn it to low.

Directional Occlusion: off

Turn it off. The directional occlusion does not have a significant impact on graphics. You can turn it off to get some extra FPS.

Lights Quality: Medium

I personally recommend always keeping this off. With this option off you do get an FPS boost, but the game looks bad, and the colors are quite bland. Unless you are using an Intel graphics card, I suggest keeping this option on.

Particles Quality: Medium

In-game particles are controlled by this setting. Go with medium settings. You will get a good gameplay experience. There is a minor FPS drop, but I feel it’s worth it.

Decal Quality: Low or medium

Decals are not really that important for the gameplay, but they do make the game look cool and enjoyable. Try medium setting first. If you get lag, then switch to low. You can always choose a low setting to get an fps boost.

Water Quality: low

Water quality is one of the things you can compromise on to boost FPS and fix lag in Doom eternal. You should set it to low. The fps boost helps a lot when getting kills as well as PVP.

Volumetrics Quality: medium

The best setting for Doom Eternal is medium. Simply because of the graphics difference. Medium looks way better. And unless you are getting lag, you can stick to medium.

Texture Filtering Quality: Low or medium

Depending on the graphics card, you can select the texture filtering quality setting in Doom Eternal. If you have 4GB or higher go with medium. Or you can select low for everyone else.

doom eternal graphics settings to fix lag boost fps

Geometric Quality: High

This setting deals with the shape of objects in the game. If you want to enjoy great gameplay, then you need to set it to high. You can set it to low to save some performance, but high is recommended for most.

Chromatic Aberration: off

This setting does improve image quality when there are losses due to the chromatic aberration effect. However, the graphics resource cost is not worth the improvement. So I recommend turning it off.

Sharpening: 30-50

This setting can help sharpen images of Doom Eternal. So depending on your requirement, you can control the strength of the image sharpening effect. I prefer keeping it between 30 and 50.

Film Grain: 0

This gives a filmy look to Doom Eternal. Not required and frankly saves a lot of FPS when disabled. Turn it off and enjoy clear gameplay. Film grain has no advantage in games.

Resolution Scaling: static

Static if you have a low-end system. The constant changing of resolution can result in FPS drops, so I recommend static for most systems

Resolution Scale: 100

This is the best for all devices. If you want better quality, you can increase it, but the performance loss is huge, so be warned. Do not lower this setting as you will end up with blurry textures.

Resolution Scaling Target FPS: 60 or 144

The right FPS you need is the refresh rate of your monitor. So if you have a 60hz display then set it to 60. If you have a 144hz display, then set it to 144hz.

Depth of field: off

It gives depth effects to the objects in-game. It does make the game look good. But it requires a good graphics card to truly shine. If you have a graphics card above 4 GB then, by all means, use it otherwise turn it off.

Depth of field Anti-aliasing: off

Uses anti-aliasing to improve depth of field effects in doom eternal settings. Again use it only if you have a good graphics card. For everyone else turn it off.

Accessibility Settings


doom eternal graphics settings to fix lag

Weapon Bob: off

Unnecessary weapon shake effects that have no gameplay advantage. It takes graphics and CPU resources that can be used elsewhere for more graphics quality and performance improvement.

Environmental screen shake: off

Similar to the weapon shake. It gives the environment a shake effect when sprinting. Causes FPS drops. Turn it off.


doom eternal graphics settings to fix lag

Motion Blur: off

An obviously unnecessary setting that needs to be turned off for better FPS and performance. Motion blur hampers vision and also causes FPS drop. The best thing you can do to boost FPS.

Save and apply the settings and restart Doom Eternal in order to apply the graphics settings and fix the lag in Doom Eternal.

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That’s all folks I hope you liked this guide for settings in Doom Eternal to fix the lag and boost fps. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comment section below. Do share the post with fellow gamers and subscribe to the notifications to get daily updates.

See you in-game

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