Warface Global Operation Mobile version Review

Warface Global Operation is a popular and newly launched multiplayer First Person Shooter game based on the PC version of the Warface game. It is quite popular among pc players and has millions of players all over the world. Since mobile gaming is on a high trend. As we all know that Mobile gaming is now on-trend. Crytek Kiev, the developer of Warface, has finally brought this game to the Android and IOS. So here is our Warface review. If you haven’t downloaded the game you can download it here:

Warface Global Operation Review:

Warface Global Operation has finally released on Android and IOS. You can download it from the above links from the play store and AppStore. So let’s begin our Warface review.

Warface Mobile has quite a lot of unique features in for a free to play game. The game has many amazing graphics as well as gameplay. There are plenty of great guns and upgrades you can buy using in-game currency or by watching ads. Or if you are too lazy and have money to spare, you can buy the items using real money. There are levelling and points systems as well so that you can earn points easily.

warface global operation android review

So what we liked About Warface Global Operation:

  • Great gameplay

The gameplay is fun. The auto shoot is kind of gimmicky. I personally prefer the manual shoot. Other than that the game felt pretty solid. The gun also auto changes to secondary weapon instead of reloading, which is something I loved.

warface global operation android review

  • Great guns collection

The guns are amazing. They feel great. The collection of guns is also huge. You can use many upgrades and in-app purchases to get unique and crazy weapons. Overall the guns are one of the most standing points when it comes to Warface global operations.

  • Map quality

The maps are fun to play. They could have been more interesting, but the game is recently launched so I cannot complain much. I wish they would have done a better job with the design, though.

  • Graphics Quality

Great graphics quality. Honestly, I liked the graphics for the game. They look awesome, and the characters are great. The models and textures are quite good as well. Thus a thumbs up for Warface global operations

What we didn’t like about Warface Global Operation:

warface global operation android review

  • Lag and stutters

The game has a sudden stutter to it. There are times when the game lags during fights. The game graphics settings are also not really configurable in any way. That is something I did not like. Just like PC games, we need more control for graphics settings.

  • More Maps required

More maps would have been appreciated. The maps are good, but the number is low. Now when the mobile gaming industry is in the full bloom, the requirements by gamers are quite high. Hopefully in the future

  • Lack of better controls

Control customization is fairly limited. Maybe its because I have played many games like pubg and cod. But honestly, some more controls could have really helped gamers make their gaming experience much better.

  • Boring in terms of uniqueness

The game does not have anything new to add. The game is a good game, but I honestly did not find anything unique and groundbreaking. But it’s still fun to play with friends. And if you want to try something new this a definitely great option.

What can you do to fix lag in Warface Global Operations?

If you are getting a network lag, then try boosting your wifi network for gaming with this guide.

Since it is a mobile game, there is not much you can do to fix the lag. However, you can use the following guides to boost the performance of your mobile device so that overall you get a better gaming experience on your android device. An IOS guide is not available at the moment. If you put everything to max settings, your device might heat up. So don’t do that. If your game is still lagging, then try to turn your phone into a gaming phone.

Final Words: 

This game may be unknown to most mobile players, but it is one of the most underrated games out there. The game has great graphics and is free to play. You can get most of the things by watching ads which I think is a great approach for mobile gamers since they are not so keen on spending money on games.

Do check it out.
See you in-game

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