13 Tips to make your Android Faster for Gaming

Learn how to make your Android faster for gaming with these 13 easy steps you can take. Now even you can have a gaming phone without spending any extra money.

We want phones with high RAM, high storage capacity, and whatnot. But not everyone can afford a gaming phone.  So help my fellow gamers here is a guide to help increase your Android phone performance for gaming and give you the gaming performance you need in games such as pubg and Call of Duty mobile. Afterall the Nightmare for all people (especially gamers) is a SLOW LAGGY PHONE..!!!!

So here is what worked for me:

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So let’s go into detail as to why and how you can make your Android phone faster for gaming. See the steps below:

1) Game mode or performance mode

Certain Phones have game mode or performance. Make sure to set the game mode to the best performance so that you can get the best gaming experience your phone can deliver. Unfortunately, not all phones have this mode. But those who have it make sure to use it.

2.  Uninstall unnecessary apps

We install a lot of apps probably for some menial task and then eventually forget about those apps. So by uninstalling them, we could gain lots of free storage space as well as ram since many apps run in the background. So go ahead and take the trash out of your phone. Remove all the unnecessary apps on the device. This will stop all the background activities and significantly increase the performance of your phone.

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Check all apps section for the list of all apps.

uninstall apps
uninstall apps

The more free space you have the better your phone performance will be.

3. Free up internal storage

When you implement TIP 1 of uninstalling apps, all the data regarding the uninstalled app is not always deleted. So make sure to delete those files with a cleaner app. FilesGo by google is a great option to free up storage.

When you open files go You will options as shown below to clean up files:

free storage space files go
files go

You can also read our article on how to save space on your mobile device.

You can clear app data as well for apps that you don’t need or aren’t using at the moment.

4. Disable live Wallpapers & Animations

Turn off your live wallpapers and disable animations (or lower them) from the developer’s settings. Developers setting is hidden by default so you gotta go to Setting > About Phone and click (probably 8 to 9 times) on Build Number. Then the developer options will appear at the bottom of the settings. Find Window animation scale Animation duration scale Transition animation scale, the default value would be 1.0x so you have to change it to 0.5x or animation off option. You will find its effectiveness immediately.

change animation scale to make android faster
animation scale

5. Install Games on Internal Memory Only

Games require fast memory storage since they tend to have a lot more read and write of data. The cards we buy from the market are not as fast as the internal memory of a phone. So if you want a lag-free performance while gaming on your Android device you need to make sure you have installed the games you want to play on the internal memory of your device.

6. System and OS updates

Update your android phone and play store apps to the latest versions. These updates have better optimizations and security fixes, which can significantly improve the speed and performance of your phone.

increase performance android phone faster for gaming
system updates android

The higher the version, the higher the security and performance optimization for each device. That is why many people recommend buying Android one phones due to their regular updates and bloat-free interface.

Currently at the time of writing Android 14 is the latest and Android 15 is in beta.

7. Use lite versions of Android apps

Switch to a lite version of android apps such as FB lite, Skype lite, etc. They consume fewer resources and offer almost the same functionalities and services with tiny size. It might take some time to get used to it though

For eg., Facebook lite is only 5mb and has all the functions of the main Facebook app. It also requires much fewer resources which we can allocate to gaming.

android phone faster for gaming
lite apps

8. Find bloatware and uninstall it (Or disable it if you cannot uninstall the apps)

Most android phone manufacturers add a lot of bloatware apps when shipping the android phone to the users. This bloatware takes up a lot of space and runs in the background consuming more and more resources. Disable the apps you cannot uninstall. Clear and disable these background apps.

Many companies tend to install multiple bloatware apps. Removing them will get you the extra performance you need for gaming. It will also free up storage space for gaming

9. Turn off auto-sync

Turn off the auto-sync feature. It Drains battery and is hardly used. Note with this disabled you will save a lot of resources and battery, but you might have to sync emails manually. I don’t usually recommend this because manually syncing could be a pain. But if you are short on processing power for gaming, then this can do the trick for you.

sync android phone faster for gaming
auto-sync disable

10. Turn off unnecessary services

Turn off unwanted services such as Bluetooth, ambient display, location services, printing services, and auto-rotate, vibration, and unnecessary sounds. This does run in the background and affects your battery life as well as performance.

phone faster for gaming
turn off services

You want to use this power for gaming so make sure you turn off all the unnecessary services and functions

11. Scan for Viruses and remove them

Many apps and ads we click on tend to be malicious. I have seen it a number of times on my parent’s device where the device was really slow. And the culprit turned out to be a malicious ads app or a virus app. The moment I uninstalled the app the phone was back to lightning fast.

Scan your device using good antivirus software from the Play Store. If you really want to make sure your Android phone is faster for gaming then make sure your device is virus-free.

12. Wipe cache

Reboot to recovery and wipe Dalvik and cache. Generally, the volume down and power key while booting will take you to recovery. Hold for 5 secs. Search the specific key combination for your device. Use youtube and xda forums for learning how to clear cache for your specific phone. Its different based on device.

Do this by following the proper steps for your device.

android phone faster for gaming
wipe cache

These are a few tips that could help you out as it did to me.

13. Factory Reset your phone

If all else fails, perform a Factory reset. Note backup all your data since the factory reset will erase all your data from the phone. This is the last option and it always works since your Android device at stock will be much smoother and faster. Android devices need to be reset at least once a year. It helps remove the junk and free some storage space from all the junk files that are created in the system and which cannot be deleted by the user.

free storage space by reset

A good system reset can easily improve your gaming performance and take your gaming to the next level.

Bonus Tip: Custom ROM

Custom roms are by far the best way to improve performance on old Android phones. If you have an old Android phone that has already lost its warranty and no longer receives any Android updates. You can go to xda and find yourself a high-performance bloatware free custom from.

They come with advanced options such as performance mode and kernel level performance optimization for gaming.

Note: Installing custom ROMs for new users can be difficult. Make sure to use proper guides on youtube and XDA and only then install the custom ROMs. Take a backup of all your data as well. The more thorough backups you can take the better.

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I hope your Android is now faster for Gaming. This Guide will surely increase the performance of your phone. Do let me know what worked for you in the comments below. If you know any more methods to make your Android faster for gaming then definitely let me know. Happy gaming

See you in-game

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