Top 10 Safest Loot Locations in Sanhok: Pubg Safe Loot Locations

Sanhok is the perfect map for quick action. But if your aim is not good or if you are trying to rank up you need to know the safest and best loot locations on the Sanhok Map. Afterall aim is important but so is loot. The best loot locations in sanhok are always filled with players. So for all my fellow pubg players noobs2pro will show you all the safest loot locations on the sanhok map in pubg

Here are the Safest Loot Locations in Sanhok:

Safest Loot Locations On Sanhok Map

1) Mongnai

The northern corner that all players avoid. Funny enough everyone avoids Mongnai since the loot is spread out a bit. Ironically making it the safest place to be on the Sanhok map. The loot is a bit spread out but as long as you have patience you can easily get it. The nearby small houses are also ripe with loot and equipment so getting fully equipped is easy.

2) Cave

Another great location to loot safely is the underground Cave. It has plenty of loot that can easily arm a squad of 4. This location is starting to get popular since its so safe and the risk of getting sniped is far less underground. If you have a good team then you can loot here within 3 minutes and start looting nearby houses for extra loot.

safe loot locations sanhok pubg

3) Lakawi

My personal safest location which has been exposed from the looks of it. Nowadays I see someone dropping with me. But this is undoubtedly the best location to loot within 2 minutes and get for ready for fights. The best part about Lakawi that loot is arranged in a straight line on the walkways. This can significantly increase the looting speed in pubg. If you can loot faster then you get a lot of time to go hunting later in-game. Though this idea is probably known to some players so they too come at lakawi hoping for loot.

safe loot locations sanhok pubg

4) Ban Tai

Another great location for safe uninterrupted looting is Ban Tai. I have yet to see players drop here for looting and well there is a bit shortage of loot if you are in a squad and everyone wants a sniper. But for a duo team its more than enough. It’s quite the remote location hence you won’t find other players here.

5) Quarry

A great place to loot with your teammates. You need good teamwork for this location. Two guys go to the actual quarry. One guy to one set of buildings and the other guy to the remaining set. This will ensure that your team will completely loot quarry under 3 minutes making you perfectly ready for a fight. Unless the plane is close people rarely come here.

safe loot locations sanhok pubg

6) Na Kham

Na kham is the perfect covert drop location on the sanhok map. With plenty of loot and buildings that are close you buy you can loot start fighting pretty quickly. There are nearby buildings which you can also loot for more equipment. You need to keep an eye on the time though. Don’t get caught out of the playzone.

safe loot locations sanhok pubg

7) Tat Mok

I will be honest people don’t come here because the loot is not that great especially for squads. If you are just starting the game and want to loot freely without worrying about enemy players, then drop here. I don’t recommend this location for squads. For duos there is plenty of loot.

8) Tambang

The loot location most people have never heard about. Its so rare that I don’t know if people actually know about it or not. The loot in Tambang is perfect for a duo. A full squad might find it difficult to get great loot nevertheless if you want to survive in the top 10 then is a safe loot location in sanhok.

safe loot locations sanhok pubg

9) Bhan

The starting spawn point of sanhok. The loot here is enough for only a single player and thus is best for solos. This is probably one of the most stealthy drops in the game since no one comes here. If you are just looking to survive and raise your ranks then this ais a great place. The zone is always close by and you can always stealthily go via the jungle avoiding the dangerous locations.

safe loot locations sanhok pubg

10) Little Buildings around the Map

If you really just want to play safe then stick to the small buildings on the map that have no names. These buildings have decent loot and as long as you are not close to any of the major locations on the sanhok map you will be safe. These the best safe loot locations in pubg especially for new players. Personally loot locations in pubg sanhok map have plenty of loot compared to other maps. You won’t have to worry about any shortage of loot in sanhok.

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That’s all folks. These were the top 10 locations for the safest loot locations on the Sanhok map. If You know any more locations that have awesome safe loot locations then do mention them in the comment section below. Make sure to practice your aim and teamwork so that you get easy chicken dinners.

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