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Welcome to the Jungle of Sanhok! The Sanhok map is one of the best maps to play if you like fast-paced action. Sanhok was created specifically for fast matches, higher loot, and faster playzone circles.  The map is small and filled with players. Obviously, with that in mind, you need the best drop locations in Sanhok to get the best loot in order to get the chicken dinners. So to help my fellow gamers and you need to know where the best loot is. Know the map with detail and gain the advantage to win the matches.

Sanhok Loot HeatMap

Sanhok Map Best Loot Locations

1) Bootcamp (Military Base)

There are several military zones dotted around Sanhok, but this is the best loot location in the game with the largest collection of equipment and guns  You can get the best snipers and rifles along with level 3 vests and helmets. The main building has the best loot but since this location is well known it will be always filled with players. At least 30% of players drop in Bootcamp. You can also be a bit stealthy by dropping near the Bootcamp and then going to the main buildings later.

best loot locations sanhok pubg

2) Paradise Resort (Holiday Resort)

A Holiday Resort Filled with Loot and players. It’s truly a paradise when it comes to weapons and loot. There are multiple locations for ambush and honestly, this place is filled with enemy players at every corner.

You will get a lot of loot as long as you have good aim and a good team. There are plenty of nearby small buildings if you want to loot there and ambush nearby players.

3) Ruins

A temple full of loot would be an understatement. It has the easiest and highest quality of the loot in-game. It is supposed to be an abandoned temple but you will always find players here. It is a great place to loot in Sanhok as long as the plane path is further away. The longer it takes you to reach here the safer you will be.

best loot locations sanhok pubg

Plenty of Loot and plenty of action. Make sure that you have a good team when you drop here.

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4) Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Camps

These are old military bases, in different points of the map, but of very similar construction and buildings. They have some fine loot and they are always close to the play zone. The buildings are quite similar to the military base and have great potential for ambushes and sniping. You also have good vehicle spawns nearby so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck out of the play zone. Very rarely you will come across a case where there is no vehicle spawn nearby.

best loot locations sanhok pubg

5) Sahmee

A big village with many two-story houses, tight streets, and loot. Compared to other locations like Bootcamp the number of players here is quite less. It has vehicle spawns nearby and is a great place for easy loot and easy kills if you come here early. There are vehicles on the road if you wanna run towards the airdrops as well.

6) Ha Tinh

A friendly village, or so would you think. The village of Ha tinh is filled with loot and if the plane path was close then it’s filled with players as well. The number of players is less hardly two teams will drop here. But the loot is enough for around 3-4 teams to fully equip themselves. So a single team will never have any shortage of guns and equipment on Ha Tinh. Drop fast loot and start killing enemy players that’s the only way to survive in Ha Tinh. Honestly it’s one of my most favorite loot locations in Sanhok. The houses of this village are clearly inspired by the villages of Vietnam and are perfect for ambush and firefights.

best loot locations sanhok pubg

7) Kampong

One of the largest village on the sanhok map. Its located on the edge of the map and is thus safer than other locations. Be careful though it has good loot so many players end up dropping here just for the loot. Some go out of the way to find a vehicle and come here just for the safe loot. If you were looking for the best loot location in sanhok that is safe then this is the one for you.

loot locations sanhok pubg


Khao is a small village with good loot to equip one or two teams. It’s a small village near the upper northern edge of the map and goes mostly unnoticed making it perfect for looting. The heap map also shows that it has higher quality loot than other small locations on the map. Well a few players do know about this place so you will get a few players dropping here every now and then.

9) Pai Nan

The village is situated on both sides of the river and is a popular battleground for fights. There are always players camping here and if you get caught in the water then well god rest your soul. Its much harder to move in water as you call know and the houses in perfect for ambushes making the location a death trap if you get caught in the water.

high loot sanhok

10)Docks (Sea Port)

A beautiful seaport, with docks that are stuffed with loot. It is in the southwest corner of the island, with a high probability of a good loot and occasional players. Loot the two cargo ships first and then loot the warehouses. You will get plenty of loot to arm around 3 teams properly. The containers between the warehouses and the ships also have good loot but are a bit risky since they are open and will make you an easy target if there are enemies nearby..

high loot sanhok

That’s all folks. These were the top 10 locations for best loot locations on the Sanhok map. If You know any more locations that have awesome high-quality loot then do mention them in the comment section below. Make sure to practice your aim and teamwork before going to these locations otherwise you will be killed.

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