Top 10 CS:GO AWP Skins you can Buy under 100$

Now this section is only for the elite buyers who are willing to spend up to 100$ for their favorite AWP skins. These skins are the best of the best and cost a lot in the steam market. You can get it at much cheaper in trading markets. So without further ado here are the Top 10 AWP skins you can buy under 100$:

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1) AWP Wildfire

This is the best looking skin according to me under the 100$ range. If flames are your thing then just buy this. It looks dope in-game

2) AWP Containment Breach

One of the rarer and better looking skins for AWP. It honestly looks beautiful if you ask me.

3) AWP Asiimov

One of the best looking AWP skins in the game. Many pro players love to use it and its quite common to see this skin in Esports tournaments. If you wanna look good with a AWP this is the skin for you

4) AWP Oni Taiji

Oni Taiji means Demon Extermination in Japanese. A perfect name for an awesome AWP skin if you ask me. Although it ranges in the 105$ range it is avaibale for 100$ on trading sites. Let the AWPing begin

5) AWP Graphite

A rather unique and minimalistic skin that looks great in-game. Not everyone likes it but for those who like it this is for you. It can go quite expensive at times since its quite rare

6) AWP Neo Noir

Its its one of the most loved awp skins in cs:go. Neo Noir looks really good in-game and the cost is quite low compared to other skins.

7) AWP Hyperbeast

Hyper Beast is one of the cheapest and awesome looking skins you can buy in-game. For under 100$ you can even get the star trek edition which is quite rare.

8) AWP Boom

AWP Boom might not be everyones cup of tea. But it is a great AWP skin under 100$ nonetheless. If you like this skin make sure to but it from the link below.

9) AWP Redline

AWP Redline is the skin you need to buy if you plan on adding stickers. The skin looks OP in-game and is one of the most loved minimalistic AWP skins in the CS:GO market.

10) AWP Atheris

This is the cheapest and best AWP skin you can buy under 10$ in CS:GO. You can get a rare Star Trek Factory new skin under the 100$ range and this skin looks too good for the rather cheap price. I use it myself.

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That’s all folks. These were the top 10 skins under 100$. Except for Assimov all skins are available in minimal wear and factory new which is what I recommend. Star Trek Factory new can get real expensive real fast. Assimov is awesome skin but it is only available in field-tested version. Thanks to CS: GO devs. They seem to have messed up the float values for some reason or maybe they intended it that way. You can use my referral code: Noobs2pro for special offers. or use the referral links below:

Skinsport Referal Link

I hope this guide helped you to buy the right AWP skin in your 100$ budget. If I missed any skins then let me know in the comment section below. Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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