10 Best CS:GO AWP Skins you can Buy under 10$

Everyone loves AWP. There is no shortage of AWPers in CS:GO. And every CS:GO Awper must have an AWP skin to show off. But not everyone can afford to spend a lot on skins. So here are the Top AWP skins you can buy under 5$

1) AWP Atheris

Undoubtly the best cs:go AWP skin under 10 $. If you go with minimal wear version you can even get one under 5$ if you are lucky. If you wanna look like a cool awper then this is the skin you need to buy.

2) AWP Fever Dream

If you like pink or gothic themes then this AWP is made for you. It looks cool and is amazingly affordable inspite of being a rare AWP skin.

3) AWP Corticera

If you are into Dark colors or like Dark Blue for your AWP then this is the skin you need to buy.

4) AWP Mortis

Honestly Speaking this skin is liked by a lot of people even though I don’t personally like it. But since its a fan favourite it deserves to be rank 4 on the list

5) AWP Paw

Another great skin that many gamers like to use. Its is a not a rare skin and but many gamers love it. If you love flowery patterns then you buy this one.

6) AWP Elite Build

If you love black then this skin is sure to make your day. The elite build skin is one of the most sought after skins in the under 10$ range.

7) AWP Sun in Leo

This a skin that looks amazing in-game especially if you like the blue colors. This is not for everyone but the skin does look amazing in-game.

8) AWP Acheron

Now there aren’t many good skins that you can buy under the 10$ price range for AWP. But this a one that might suit your fancy. Not everyone likes it. I personally am a Atheris fan but if you are looking for other options you can consider this.

9) AWP Worm God

Now this skin does look good in images but the actual design is not that great. I personally didn’t like it but if its your thing you can buy it.

10) AWP Phobos

The cheapest and most budget option for AWP lovers. If you are in the market for a AWP under 5$ this is the one you need to buy.

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That’s all folks. These were the top 10 skins under 10$. I hope this guide has been informative for you and I thank you for reading. If I missed any great AWP skins under 10$ then let me know in the comment section below. So these were my top 10 picks for AWPS Skins in CS: GO under 10$. Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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