Top 10 CS:GO AWP Skins under 50$

If you are an AWP lover and are looking for the best AWP skins under 50$ you have come to the right place. Here you can find the best AWP skins that look cool and will not put a hole in your wallet.

Note: I suggest minimal wear for buying over Factory new since the difference is hardly noticeable. The cost difference can sometimes be double just because its factory new. So check both prices and buy accordingly.

1)AWP Wildfire

AWP wildfire is actually slightly higher than 50$ but you can buy the minimal wear version on trading sites for around 50$ so I have included it in the list. Its the best skin according to me.

2) AWP Hyper Beast

A cool colorful skin that will make you stand out. Its one of the best looking skins in the game and is sure to suite your fancy.

3) AWP Snake Camo

If you love camo then this is the skin for you. It looks amazing especially the snake camo effect. Its one of the best AWP skins under the 50$ range.

4) AWP Neo Noir

Neo Noir is one of the most sought after skin in CS:GO. It looks amazing and many streamers are always on the look out for it. You can always buy one for under 50$.

5)AWP Redline

AWP redline is one of the coolest and minimalistic AWP skin. If you love the red and black combo like me then this is the skin you need to use.

6) AWP Boom

AWP Boom is on of the coolest skins you get get under the 50$ range. Its not for everyone but it does look great while streaming.

7) AWP Atheris

This is my personal favorite and the most budget AWP skin for every gamer. You can actually get it under 10$ from trading sites. Its my personal recommendation.

8) AWP Electric Hive

An amazing skin pattern that is hard to find and streamers love to show off. This skin looks amazing in-game and honestly its quite a feast for the eyes.

9) AWP Man O war

AWP Man O war is a skin I personally didn’t like even though many gamers love it. If you love it then this is the AWP skin for you.


Pink Ain’t really my color but for those who love Pink Camo this is the skin for you.

Bonus: AWP Assimov Field Tested

One of the best skins in CS:GO that looks too awesome. The only reason I kept it on bonus section is because this skin does not have minimal wear and factory new versions. But its awesome.

That’s all folks. These were the top 10 skins under 50$. Except for Assimov all skins are available in minimal wear which is what I recommend. Factory new can get real expensive real fast. Assimov is awesome skin but it is only available in field-tested version. Thanks to CS: GO devs. They seem to have messed up the float values for some reason. You can use my referral code: Noobs2pro for special offers. or use the referral links below:

Skinsport Referal Link

I hope this guide helped you to buy the right AWP skin in your 50$ budget. If I missed any skins then let me know in the comment section below. Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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