Special Forces Group 2 Best Settings To Fix Lag

Special Forces Group 2 is the unofficial mobile successor of the famous Counter-Strike Game. With the easy availability of the internet and high powered android devices, many players have started playing Special Forces Group 2 with hopes of being the best players. So to help those gamers here is a setting guide on the best settings for Special Forces Group 2 to fix lag and get easy kills. If you haven’t already downloaded the game, then click the button below.

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Special Forces Group 2 Graphics Settings

special forces group 2 settings

Texture Quality of Weapons: Low

When playing a competitive game like Special Forces Group 2. You need all the performance and FPS you can get. So the best suggestion is to lower the texture quality of weapons. Go with low or medium. This will make sure you get the FPS Boost you need.

Texture Quality: Medium Or High

Texture quality can help you spot enemies and get easy kills. Also, the game looks really good with high texture quality settings. So try High settings. If you still lag then lower it to low texture quality settings.

Shadow: Low

Shadows have no advantage in a mobile game like special forces group 2. By setting it to low, you will get the best performance and FPS. Shadows must be set to low.

Dynamic Shadow: Off

Turn it off. Shadows are not important. FPS and Texture Quality are more important for winning the game.

Ragdoll: Off

Ragdoll effects look great but come at a great cost. Disable them; otherwise, you will face lag issues while playing Special forces group 2.

special forces group 2 settings

Quality of weapons: Low

The quality of weapons has no significant impact on the actual gameplay. You can set it to low so that you get some EXTRA FPS and enjoy smoother gameplay.

Impact: On

Now generally I would tell you to turn this setting off. But this setting has an important gameplay advantage. You can tell the location of the player based on the impact. So keep it on so that you can spot enemies.

Shells: Off

Shells are not important. They do look cool but are not worth the extra lag you get. You can disable it.

Particle: On / Off

Similar to Impact setting. The particles and blood splatter can tell you how the enemy moved and their locations. So I suggest keeping it on. If your device is still lagging, then you turn it off.

Skins: On

This is a personal choice. The game looks pretty with skins on guns. So I like to keep it on. If you have a very low powered device that constantly lags, then I suggest you turn it off.

Save the settings and Restart the Game. Now you should be able to play the game without any lag.

I hope this guide has been informative for you. And I thank you for reading. If your lag issue is still not fixed then check out this guide on how to make your phone faster for gaming. If you have any suggestions, do mention them in the comment section below. We would be happy to help.

See you in-game

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