Dead Frontier 2 Best Settings for max fps

Dead Frontier 2 is free to play a multiplayer game with amazing zombie action. It’s one of those games that are perfect for killing time with your buddies. But some players faced lag and stuttering issues in Dead Frontier 2. So to help our readers here is a guide on Dead Frontier 2 Graphics Settings:

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Dead Frontier 2 Graphics Settings to fix lag

increase fps dead frontier 2

Multiplayer Server: Closest To Your Location

An obvious setting. The closer you are to the server the faster will be your connection which can help you enjoy a lag-free gaming experience.

Screen Resolution: Max resolution

Always play games with the max resolution settings your system supports. You get a much better gaming experience when fighting with zombies.

Also higher resolutions help reduces eye strain. So play at 1080p at the very least.

Fullscreen: On

Always play games in fullscreen mode. Unless you have special requirements fullscreen is the way to go. Especially if you have low FPS. It can help increase fps in dead frontier 2

Graphics Quality Profile: Custom

Since we will setting everything manually this option will be set to custom.

Shadows: Disabled

If you want the highest FPS Boost possible for Dead Frontier 2 then simply disable the shadows. It does make the game look a bid bland but you will get around 10-20% increase in FPS Guaranteed.

So if you are lagging then simply disable shadows.

Texture Resolution: High

In order to truly enjoy the best graphics make sure you play the game in medium or high texture settings. I recommend high since it makes the game look really good.

If you have less than 4gb vram then go with medium settings.

Shader Quality: High

Just like Textures shaders play a key role in graphics quality so I recommend medium and high settings for Shader quality. Medium if you are on a low end system.

View Distance: Far

With Far settings selected, you can spot players as well as zombies quite easily. If you have a large monitor then it’s an added bonus. So make sure to use far settings in dead frontier 2.

Target FPS: Max

Go with the same FPS as your monitor refresh rate if you are on a laptop. If you are on a PC then simply set it to the max setting.

Movie Bars: Off

Unnecessary movie style effects. turn them off and you will get a slight FPS boost with better gameplay experience.

Hud: On

Obviously you want the HUD otherwise you won’t be able to keep track of things.

Anisotropic Textures: Off

If you have a good GPU then turn it on. Otherwise turn it off. It needs a good GPU but does make the game look good.

Soft Particles: On

This in-game effect of soft particles make the game look much cleaner especially on large screens. I recommend you Keep it on.

Rain Effect: Off

Obvious reasons. Unnecessary waste of resources turn it off.

dead frontier 2 settings to fix lag

Remove Bodies: On

By removing bodies more GPU VRAM is freed up which can be used for other tasks.

Anti-Aliasing: Off/On

If you have a large monitor then enable this setting. It will help remove the blurriness in games. On low res small monitors always disable this since it over smoothens textures.

Chromatic Aberration: Off

Unnecessary graphics effect. Turn it off.

Eye Adaption: On

Keep it on. Helps you better spot enemies and also helps reduce eye strain. Always keep it on.

Ambient Occlusion: Off

Disable this unless you have an RTX. Disabling this option will increase fps in dead frontier 2 slightly.

dead frontier 2 settings to fix lag

Depth of field: off

Minor graphics improvement. If you want you can enable it but if you want the lag free gameplay then disable this to increase FPS in dead frontier 2.

Bloom: Off

Add a blinding flash effect in certain areas of the game. I recommend turning it off. It makes it harder to see things in daylight.

Volumetric Light: Off/ On

If you have a good GPU then enable this otherwise disable. The effect is minor compared to the other settings so you can easily disable it.

Motion Blur: Off

An unnecessary effect that only lowers FPS. Turn it off.

Vignette: Off

An unnecessary effect that only lowers FPS. Turn it off.

dead frontier 2 settings to fix lag

Color filter: On

Keep this setting on. You can see better and colors are more detailed.

Contrast filter: On

Similar to above make sure to enable this. It makes it easier to spot things. The game is a bit too dark and this contrast can help spot items as well as enemies.

Reflections: Off

If you want a better gameplay experience then keep this enabled. The game looks quite good but if you are lagging then disable reflections.

Lighting: On

The game is a bit dark. So with lighting effects the game looks really good and you can spot objects better. So keep this option enabled.

Deferred Rendering: On/ Off

If you have a 6GB or Higher graphics card then disable this option. If you don’t have a graphics card with 6GB VRAM then enable this option

dead frontier 2 settings to fix lag

Environment Effects: Off

If you want a better gameplay experience then keep this enabled. But if you are lagging then disable environment effects.

Blood Effects: On/off

If you want more FPS then turn if off. But a zombie game without blood is no fun so I recommend keeping it on. Just my personal preference.

That’s all folks. These were Dead frontier 2 Best settings to fix lag and increase FPS. If you liked the post then please do share and support the gaming community. If you were still unable to fix lag issues then checkout how to optimize windows 10 for gaming.

Happy Gaming. See you in-game.

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