Best Settings for Super Mecha Champions to fix lag

Super Mecha Champions is a mobile game that is quite famous among mecha game lovers and mobile gamers in general. So here is a guide showing you the best settings for super mecha champions. Now even you can be a champion mecha fighter. These settings will help you fix lag in Super Mecha Champions.

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Super Mecha Champions settings

Graphic Quality: Balanced

The best setting I recommend for most devices is balanced. Unless you have a very low-end device. For low-end devices, you can go with energy-saving mode, but the cost is blurry guys. It will help fix the lag in Super Mecha Champions.

Resolution: Medium

The medium resolution is what you should use for phones. If you have a tablet go with a higher resolution. Higher is better for big screens. Don’t select low settings because the game becomes blurry, especially if you have a large screen.

Anti Aliasing: None

Anti-aliasing should be set to off for mobile games. It does not make enough of a difference. So turn it off, save some performance, and get a good FPS boost.

Shadow: off

Turn off shadows you will get much better FPS and performance in the game. Also, shadows have no in-game advantage, so no turn it off. It will help fix the lag in Super Mecha Champions.

HDR: off

HDR is only useful if you have a very high-quality, vibrant screen. Now unless you bought a top-end device, you will generally not have that. So turn it off.

If you put everything to max settings, your device might heat up. So don’t do that. If your game is still lagging, then try to turn your phone into a gaming phone.

Save the settings and restart the game.

That’s all folks I hope you liked this guide for settings in Super Mecha Champions. If you have any questions, do tell us in the comment section below. The game is still fun to play so don’t miss out, download Super Mecha Champions. At least I sure am looking forward to it. Do share and subscribe to the notifications to get daily updates.


  • I did my every settings into lowest quality. But still lagging during the speedy movements and explosion effects. And what is the minimum require RAM for this game sir.

    Saw Yan Naing
    Posted September 5, 2020

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