Retract Game Settings for Max FPS

Retract is one of the most played online battle royale mobile games available in the market today. But just like all online games, many gamers kept getting lag while playing the game, especially those on low-end devices. So to help those fellow gamers here are the best Retract graphics settings to fix the lag. If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, you can download it below. It’s free to play.

 Download Retract for Android

 Download Retract for IOS

So to help those fellow gamers fix lag in Retract here are the:

Best Graphics Settings for Retract Mobile Game

To do this, go to game settings and edit the following options:

retract graphics settings to fix lag

Overall Quality: Low

For most devices, LOW quality is the best setting. For high-end devices and tablets, the medium is a better setting. You will find it easier to spot enemies and kill them easily.

Resolution: 50% for phones 70% for tablets

Render scale deals with the resolution at which the game is rendered on your mobile device. For the best quality, you need the highest rendering resolution. However, for mobile devices, since the screen is smaller in size, higher resolutions have minimal impact on graphics. By lowering the render resolution, you get a huge boost to fps. Boosting FPS helps you fix lag in the game.

For tablets or phones with a very large screen, I recommend 70%-100% render scale so that you get a great gaming experience.

Low FPS Mode: Enable for low-end devices

This is only for low-end mobile devices. Use this setting as it will greatly boost FPS and fix the lag issue in retract.

retract settings to fix lag

What else can you do to fix lag in Retract Mobile Game?

If you are getting a network lag, then try boosting your wifi network for gaming with this guide.

Since it is a mobile game, there is not much you can do to fix the lag. However, you can use the following guides to boost the performance of your mobile device so that overall you get a better gaming experience on your Android device. An IOS guide is not available at the moment. If you put everything to max settings, your device might heat up. So don’t do that. If your game is still lagging, then try to turn your phone into a gaming phone.

That’s all folks I hope you liked this guide for settings in Retract Mobile Game to fix the lag. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comment section below. Do share the post with fellow gamers and subscribe to the notifications to get daily updates.

See you in-game

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