Pubg Real World Locations – Part 3 Sanhok Map

So, do you play PUBG a lot too? Whether you play PUBG PC or Pubg Mobile, you must be knowing all the popular locations present on each of the Maps. Well, guess what, many of the places in PUBG actually are real life locations in the world. Most of the iconic places in PUBG exist in real-life. And yes you can find many of them quite easily. So if you wanted to know the real world locations of PUBG locations, this article is for you. Here is a complete list of all the Real life pubg locations in the world:

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The post is divided into 4 parts based on each map. This is part 3: Sanhok

Part 1: Erangel

Part 2: Miramar

Part 4: Vikendi

1. Paradise Resort, Sanhok

Paradise Resort is a very famous hot drop location in the Sanhok map in PUBG. Players tend to come here due to the amazing loot. The real-life paradise resort is called Khao Sok Paradise Resort, which is located in Suratthani, Thailand. It’s almost an exact replica of the location. You can see the image below:

PUBG: Paradise Resort Sanhok

Real World Location: Khao Sok Paradise Suratthani, Thailand.

2. Ruins, Sanhok

Ruins are one of the most popular places to drop in Sanhok due to its ample loot. There are always some players dropping in ruins in Sanhok. The ruins are based on an actual location. It is an old temple ruin in Marauk U Ruins located in Myanmar, Asia. And yes, it is also a well-known spot all over the world. Check the image below:

PUBG: Ruins Sanhok

Real World Location: Marauk U Ruins, Myanmar, Asia.

3.The Cave, Sanhok

The cave is a small, rather unpopular drop location in Sanhok. It has decent loot but is not really popular. The cave might be quite small in Pubg, but in real life, it is quite a big cave. The real-life cave is called Phraya Nakhon Cave. It is located in Bangkok, Thailand, Asia. Most of the Sanhok map seems to be based on placed in Thailand anyway, so it’s not a surprise.

PUBG: Cave, Sanhok

Real World Location: Nakhon Cave, Bangkok, Thailand

4. Bhan, Sanhok

The location is called Bhan. This is the default lobby place for the Sanhok map. It is also a popular drop location preferred by stealth teams. The loot is scarce, but the quality is generally good. This Bhan actually exists in real life, and it is called Sai Nagm Banyan Grove, Phimai, Thailand. And yes, I know Sanhok is pretty much Thailand tourist spots combined.

PUBG: Bhan, Sanhok

Real World Location: Sai Nagm Banyan Grove, Phimai, Thailand.

5. Mongnai, Sanhok

Mongnai Sanhok is one of the preferred dropping locations of players who love playing sneaky peaky like. There are hardly a few players there. This location does actually exist in multiple places all over Thailand. It is a type of special farming method used in Thailand and other parts of Asia. It is called Coconut/Palm Ditch farming.

PUBG: Mognai, Sanhok

Real World Location: Coconut/Palm Ditch farming, Thailand, Asia.

Image credits: PUBG

These were all of the real-world locations of PUBG from the Sanhok Map. I hope you enjoyed learning about Pubg real-life locations from Sanhok. If you know any more locations do let us know in the comment section or you can mail us at

Note: We know that not all images look the same as in Pubg. The reason is that we could not find the exact images from the same position and climate. Also if you have better images then do send them to us on

This was Part 3: Sanhok of Pubg real Life locations:

Part 1: Erangel

Part 2: Miramar

Part 4: Vikendi

I hope this was informative for you and I thank you for reading. Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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