Pubg Real World Locations- Part 2 Miramar Map

So, do you play PUBG a lot too? Whether you play PUBG PC or Pubg Mobile, you must be knowing all the popular locations present on each of the Maps. Well, guess what, many of the places in PUBG actually are real life locations in the world. Most of the iconic places in PUBG exist in real-life. And yes you can find many of them quite easily. So if you wanted to know the real world locations of PUBG locations, this article is for you. Here is a complete list of all the Real life pubg locations in the world:

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The post is divided into 4 parts based on each map. This is part 2: Miramar

Part 1: Erangel

Part 3: Sanhok

Part 4: Vikendi

1. Hacienda del Patrón, Miramar

Hacienda del Patrón is one of the most dropped locations preferred by players. It is located in Miramar near San Martin. It is a large villa surrounded by rolling hills, the value of the loot located within is very high. The name in English meaning is “The Boss estate”. The real-life location is taken from a place called Stone Mansion, Paradise valley, situated in Arizona.

PUBG: Hacienda del Patrón, Miramar

Real World Location: Stone Mansion, Paradise valley, situated in Arizona.

2. Los Leones, Miramar

It is the largest city on the map Miramar. Los Leones features the biggest city in terms of building. There are new constructions everywhere and a City Center. The real-life location from which it is inspired by Mud Scraper city, Yemen. It is called Desert Manhattan.

PUBG: Los Leones, Miramar

Real World Location: Mud Scraper city, Yemen.

Image credits: PUBG

These were all of the real-world locations of PUBG from the Miramar Map. I hope you enjoyed the Pubg real-life locations from Miramar. If you know any more locations do let us know in the comment section or you can mail us at

Note: We know that not all images look the same as in Pubg. The reason is that we could not find the exact images from the same position and climate. Also if you have better images then do send them to us on

This was Part 2: Miramar of Pubg real Life locations:

Part 1: Erangel

Part 3: Sanhok

Part 4: Vikendi

I hope this was informative for you and I thank you for reading. Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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