Katowice 2021 is taken By Gambit – A Surprise No One Expected

IEM Katowice 2021 was full really full of surprises this time around. Many People had placed their bets on Navi, Vitality and Astralis since they were one of the favorites to win. Afterall they had one of the best CS:GO players like zywoo, s1mple, dev1ce Niko, Ropz. But the expected happened when the some of the most unexpected teams ended up leading the charge in Katowice 2021. The teams who were in the forefront were Spirit, Gambit and Virtus.Pro.

The playoff matches of IEM Katowice 2021 started on Friday, February 26. The semi finals saw Gambit Esports, Virtus.pro, Team Spirit and Liquid as the final teams. The biggest surprise for the semi finals was Astralis getting beaten by Team Spirit. in 16 : 1 in the final round. This actually caused quite a commotion since many people had placed their bets Astralis to be the winning team. Many people who had read the sports betting guides were only surprised to see them losing their money with the unexpected result that had occurred.

Many sponsors such as GG.BET and predicted their AI based outcomes only to be completely surprised by teams like Team spirit and Gambit Esports. I mean even a AI can only do so much. Many people actually lost quite a lot of money since they had completely bet their money based on the system provided calls. Apparently, Virtus Pro was a pretty well rounded team so people were not really that surprised to see it in the finals. But the biggest dark horse of the Katowice 2021 was none other than Gambit. No one expected Gambit in the final. The young players played really well with amazing skills and clutches that made the audience lose their minds. Especially Sh1ro and Hobbit made some spectacular plays that made history in CS:GO.

Even The rise of Team Spirit was quite unexpected. This was the first time an underdog team had beaten a team

If you want to check the highlights then checkout the video below:

We can’t wait for more Esports Tournaments coming up in 2021. With CS:GO becoming even more popular since the lockdown. The Esports scene is only going to get that much more competitive. Interest in esports has risen in recent times and spiked a lot from the summer of 2020 when many sports schedules were hit by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. More people than ever before are now playing and following major esports titles online.

Hopefully with titles like LOL, DOTA, CS:GO, VALORANT, FIFA etc the esports industry will soon become a billion dollar industry. At least thats what our gamer community hopes for.

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Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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