AC Valhalla – The First Taste of Ubisoft’s New Epic Story

The latest edition of Assassin’s Creed is finally out for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC and fans are already going crazy about it. Ubisoft did everything in their power to make sure that the game would get the exposure it needed, by bombarding the media and streamers with information and video walkthroughs of Valhalla that have taken the internet by storm. In one of those videos, producer Julien Laferrière speaks about everything the development team took into consideration while developing the game and about the elements that make Valhalla special. Even though a bit of marketing can never hurt, the Viking addition to the AC universe is a strong selling point by itself. It is also the first AC game, where dual-wielding is the primary way of fighting. Which goes against the traditional assassin creed way.

A Well Deserved “Thumbs Up” From Critics and Players alike. I honestly loved it myself since the game reminded me of the true wild Viking nature.

The majority of the Assassin’s Creed titles have received really high scores from both game critics as well as from players, and it would have been a surprise if Valhalla got anything less than 9 out of 10. The developers worked wonders creating the characters, recreating the topography, and improving the already impressive AC gameplay mechanics. Controlling Eivor in AC Valhalla’s 3D open-world environment is extremely easy, and players will enjoy every quest and every conquest battle. There are of course a few things missing in Valhalla. Unlike Odyssey, Valhalla offers less in terms of cosmetic adjustments, as the outfit and the weapon availability is more limited than that of its predecessor. Nevertheless, the weapons and the outfits you will find during the game will be more than enough to give Eivor everything he/she needs to take care of business.

Who Is This Game For?

AC Valhalla and every Assassin’s Creed title for that matter is a game that will be enjoyed by most players of all categories. Even a lot of female players have started loving Assassin’s Creed titles after being able to play as their favorite female characters. It is a game both for AC newcomers as well as for those who have played all 23 editions of the game are going to love.

The game is honestly a good mix of some MOBA elements as well as RPG. If you are a regular player exploring grand features with the Kingdoms Rise slots which is a slots game or if you love RPG games like kingdom come deliverance. You will find that many elements feel similar. It might be a bit harder if you are somebody who picks up a controller for the first time in their life. But by simply starting the game on your console or PC, you will have the opportunity to assume the role of an amazing Viking warrior and to be part of his/her journey from the coasts of Norway all the way to England. The level of difficulty can be adjusted at any time, so if you feel like you could use some practice, then you can take things easy and start at a level that makes things enjoyable for you. Challenging games are great, but one should not forget about the players who simply want to focus on the story. Additionally, Assassin’s Creed games can be played over and over again, so you can always try playing at a higher difficulty on your second attempt. 

Comparing PC Quality to That of 9th Generation Consoles

The release of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla came more or less at the same time with the release of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and from the videos, we have seen up to now, Valhalla and many other games look great on 9th-gen environments. The PC graphics will of course not be as good as the ones you get with a PS5 and an Xbox Series X unless you are playing on the latest overpowered RTX. But they will be at a similar level to those of the PS4 and the Xbox One versions of the game.

We will soon be making a more indepth review of the game soon. Look forward to more amazing gaming news.

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