How to Download Paid Android Games for free – 7 ways

Paid Android Games for free is probably one of the most searched terms on Google when it comes to downloading Android games. Be it GTA Vice City or San Andreas for Android or be it a racing game like NFS Most Wanted. These Android games have been at the top of the paid games list on the Android Play store for quite a while. Well, now you can download these paid Android games for free without any worry. Here’s How:

  1. App sales
  2. Google Opinion Rewards
  3. Playstore sales
  4. Aptoide
  5. Apkmirror
  6. Apps free
  7. Apkpure

7 Methods to Download Paid Android Games for Free

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App sales

App sales in an Android app that tracks when games go on sale. Every day you will get a paid game for free. Along with other games that will be as cheap as a cent. I personally bought NFS Most Wanted for free using this app. In-app purchases are not included, however. But the main sales are always present for apps. You can see the sales shown below for today(Time of writing):

appsales games

Click here to visit the Appsales Website

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Google opinion rewards

This is an easy way of earning Google Play credits on the Google Play Store. The credits are in your native currency mine is rupees since I’m from India. You only have to answer some single-question surveys. And you get paid. In the USA you get a lot more surveys and a lot more money. One can easily earn around 100$ from surveys itself. Which is more than enough for most paid games on the Google Play Store. Combining this with the first method you can get the best games for a very cheap price. Paid Android Games for free is now possible thanks to Noobs2pro.

google opinion rewards
google opinion rewards

Click here to visit  Google opinion rewards app

[ps2id id=’playstore-sales’ target=”/]Playstore sales

A great website that shows all the lists of games that are available for free on the Play Store. As the name suggests it’s only for the Android Playstore. But the list is pretty extensive and can satisfy your need for paid Android games. Not my first recommendation though.

playstore sales

Click here to visit Playstore sales website

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Aptoide is the best place to download paid Android games for free. You can download games like GTA V, Vice City, San Andreas, etc for absolutely free. The only drawback is you need to install their Aptoide app to download the apps and games from the Aptoide Store which is annoying. Check the images below to see how I could download the Paid Android Games of Grand Theft Auto series for free.

aptoide download android games
aptoide download android games

Click here to visit the Aptoide website

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Apk mirror

It is the most used repository of Android apps which are not directly accessible on the Google Play Store. It has the largest Android games collection on the internet. Only the Google Play Store can compete with it. You can download any APK without any registration or any account. All games are free and easy to download without any headaches. I personally download all my apps from here. The best part is you can download any version you want. Not only the latest version. Lots of benefits for Game testers.

apkmirror download android apps and games for free

Click here to visit Apkmirror website

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Similar to App sales this is an app that has a list of paid Android apps that be downloaded for free via Play Store. It keeps track of all the sales and lets you get the best deals on games. It is very similar to app sales. You can get all the paid Android games you love for free. Hope you love Android Gaming.

paid games for free

Click here to visit the Appsfree website

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Another website is similar to Aptoide but its collection is lacking when compared to Aptoide. This is the last place on my list where you need to check for games. There may or may not be enough games. But there are some paid Android games for free that you can enjoy.

download android games

Click here to visit the Apkpure website

I hope you liked the article and have downloaded paid Android games for your mobile gaming adventures. If you know more legal ways then do let me know. I will be glad to help fellow gamers. Happy Gaming

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See you in-game

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