How to trade Voidbent Armor ( Voidbent Trade Error Fix)

New world is undoubtedly one of the most played games on steam at the moment. Sadly though the game has also made quite the reputation due to numerous bugs and glitches that seem to break the game more often than not.

The recent 1.0.5 update fixed a lot of bugs but still many remain. The one we will be fixing today is with the popular voidbent armor. When a user makes a voidbent armor it should be tradeable and it is but when u actually go to trade the armor this happens

Step 1: You start the trade of voidbent armor

new world voidbent armor trade error

You click on confirm as shown in the image below:

Voidbent armor trade issue

Step 2: You end up with the following Error “something went wrong”.

Do note if you traded something else along with voidbent armor the item will disappear from both inventories. I lost scar hide while trading so trust me I know. This is a known bug and is yet to be fixed. For the time being, we have found a workaround that lets you trade as well as sell voidbent armor in the market/trading post.

Voidarmor does not disappear but anything else taken from the receiver in exchange for voidbent dissappears.

new world voidbent armor something went wrong error fix
Voidbent Trading error fix

Step 3: To fix this error you need to do the following

  • First step: Salvage lock the item
  • Second Step: Unlock the salvage lock
  • Third Step: Exit the game and Restart the Game

Once you restart the game the item will be tradeable and sellable on the trading post.

Note: Be careful not to salvage or equip the item by accident.

new world voidbent armor error solution
new world voidbent armor error fix

That’s how we can trade voidbent armor. We can use the same method to post the voidbent armor for sell in the trading market. Until the bug is fixed this is the only way to trade voidbent armor. You might have to relog a couple of times.

That’s all folks if you have any questions just mention them below in the comments happy to help you guys out. Peace

Happy Gaming.

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