How to use Safe Mode in Dying Light and fix game errors and issues

Many gamers had issues with the dying light games where they either corrupted the game or were not able to start the game properly. If you are encountering any such issues with the dying light games especially in launching the game then you can try launching the game in safe mode (minimal settings) that will fix a lot of the major issues. Here is how you can start dying light in safe mode:

Using Safemode in Dying Light Game

•Launch Steam app

•Right-click Dying Light game

•Choose Properties

•Click Set launch options as shown in the image

steam launch options dying light

• Enter -safemode, as shown in the image below:

safe mode dying light


This will set the game in minimal default settings to run the game. The game is faster but has lower quality settings in this mode. You can use this to safely start the game and troubleshoot dying light. Do note this is mostly useful for testing. You can play the game in this mode but you will have to play with low graphics.

Once you are done troubleshooting remove the -safemode command from the steam launch options.

If you want to boost FPS using steam launch options and graphics settings then check the guide below:

Boost FPS and Fix Lag In Dying Light

Steam Launch Settings Dying Light


Happy gaming. See you in-game

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