Rogue Company Settings for Max FPS

Rogue Company is Hi-Rez studio’s latest game meant to take on games such as Valorant and CS:GO. The game is honestly amazing and you can get it free by using the Twitch farming trick. Some people said that they were facing lag in Rogue Company so we decided to create a lag fix guide with the best settings for Rogue Company. So without further ado lets begin:

The most important reason for High pings and network lag is the wrong region selection. Make sure you are playing in the region closest to you.

This setting can be found in Social > Region > Your region

rogue company graphics settings

Best Graphics settings for Rogue company

rogue company best graphics settings to fix lag

Screen Mode: Fullscreen

If you want to enjoy rogue company then you have to play this game in fullscreen mode. The game looks much better and more resources are allocated to fullscreen applications in Windows.

Resolution: Max

Higher resolution is better for your eyes and you can also spot enemies better. Always play the game at the maximum native resolution your system supports.

Vsync: Off

In all online games, you need to turn off Vsync. Even more so in shooting games. Vsync adds input lag. So I recommend you disable this.

Motion Blur Enabled: Off

An obvious thing you need to do. Turn off motion blur you need clarity for better aiming and easy kills.

Save Frame: 100%

Keep this at default. You can lower it for higher FPS but the graphics quality significantly decreases and thus I don’t recommend using this option.

Advanced graphics settings in Rogue Company

rogue company best graphics settings to fix lag

View Distance: High or Ultra

At high or Ultra you can spot enemies better and can see them from far away. If you want the in-game advantage you need to keep it at ultra. Especially if you are a sniper.

Shadows: Low or Medium

Shadows make the game look good but at the cost of FPS and GPU resources. If your system does not have a high-end GPU then stick to low or medium settings.

Anti-Aliasing: Low or Medium

Keep this setting at medium, This can help remove the edges in-game and make the game look much cleaner for those with big screens. For higher fps go low.

Textures: High or Ultra

This setting is more dependent on your VRAM so choose a setting accordingly.

For 2 GB VRAM go with medium settings

For 4 GB VRAM Go with high settings

For 6GB and Higher go with Ultra settings

Visual FX: Low or medium

This can help systems having low FPS issues. Set this setting to low which will slightly lower visual quality but will give a great boost to FPS. everyone else can select medium settings for a decent balance between quality and performance.

Post Processing: Low or medium

Medium is recommended for most systems. If you have low VRAM then go with low settings. If you have 4GB or higher graphics card then go with medium settings. It makes the game look much better.

Foliage: Low

The most obvious setting that needs to be lowered. This will lower grass and other unnecessary foliage in the game making it easier to spot enemies as well as give you higher frame rates. Set this to low, to fix lag in the rogue company and boost performance and FPS in-game.

You can also speed up your PC for gaming and fix internet lag which can significantly improve your gaming experience.

That’s all folks. These were the most important graphics settings in rogue companies. I hope that your lag issues are fixed and you can enjoy rogue company at high FPS. If you have suggestions then do let me know in the comment section below. Happy Gaming

See you in-game

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