13 Ways to Free Storage Space for Gaming on Android

Tired of low storage on your Android device? Learn these 12 ways to ensure you get plenty of free storage space on your Android device. So if you are one of those, then read till last, and I am very sure this will definitely help you to solve your problem. Learn how to free storage space on your phone..!!!

Phone Storage technology has been improved in the latest generation of smartphones, and that’s because of the high internal storage capacity of like 64 GB or even 128 GB. But many people still have an Android phone with 16 GB, or even 32 GB phone storage facing an issue like “Storage Full”, and they have to clear memory or transfer the data to other devices often. Moving app data to an SD card doesn’t always work. So here is what works:

  1. Delete duplicate files free storage space
  2. Use Google Photos or Drive to free up storage by saving content online
  3. Clear app data and clean caches
  4. Delete temp files from your phone
  5. Delete the pics downloaded from social media. 
  6. Uninstall apps that you don’t use and don’t need
  7. Uninstall or Disable Bloatware
  8. Copy files to a PC/Laptop or buy a memory Card
  9. Use lite applications
  10. Move apps to SD Card
  11. Use a high-speed memory card as internal storage
  12. Factory reset

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Solution 1- Delete duplicate files free storage space

There is a high chance that your phone storage is getting used up by duplicate files. Files like images, videos, or even audio files created by your phone. So clearing them up will make a small but significant memory space. There are lots of apps that can be used for deleting duplicate files like Files Go, CCleaner etc

free storage space on android
files go

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Solution 2- Use Google Photos or Drive to free storage space

Google Drive provides a storage space of 15 GB. If you sync your google account and with which it will auto-upload all pictures to Google Drive. This will definitely save a lot of internal memory. Also, there are many similar services like mega sync, etc.

free storage space on android
store data on the drive

Best of all if you have an Amazon Prime subscription you can get free storage space for Android via their Play Store app.

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Solution 3- Clear App data and cache memory

Every app you install has specific data that is stored in your Phone > Android > data/obb. This data may remain even after uninstalling the app, so deleting the unnecessary app data before uninstalling any app may prove helpful. The same goes for cache memory.

free storage space
free up space

In the phone settings section, you can delete the cache memory, as shown above:

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Solution 4- Delete Temporary files of uninstalled apps to free storage space

Many apps have leftover temp files after uninstalling. The temporary files are mostly internet files, so deleting cache memory or cleaning most files that are with extensions of “.tmp” is recommended. Use the CCleaner app from the android store or Files Go from Google. Both work great.

You can manually clean by using es explorer to get the extra storage space you need.

Do note: Do not delete temp files of apps that you use.

free storage space
delete temp files of apps you don’t need

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Solution 5- Social media data cleaning to save storage space

The files of WhatsApp and Facebook take large space for their junk and downloaded files. So taking them out acts like taking out trash from your phone. Having many images and videos makes the phone cluttered and also makes the phone very slow filling valuable storage space with videos you do not watch.

So just delete all the auto-downloaded files and posts.


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Solution 6- Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

There are many unnecessary apps or bloatware on your phone which you don’t use but still haven’t got rid of it. Get rid of that and see the difference in performance as well as storage. If saving space is your end goal, then make sure you remove all the unnecessary apps and files you do not require.

free storage space
uninstall apps

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Solution 7- Uninstall or disable Bloatware apps

Many Android phones come with apps preinstalled. These are what you call bloatware apps. Many of these apps can be disabled or uninstalled. Take some time and remove all those apps. Some apps cannot be removed. You can disable those apps instead.

This will speed up your Android phone as well as free up storage.

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Solution 8- Copy files to PC/Laptop or buy a memory Card

If you don’t want to delete the data then you can move and backup all the data on your desktop or laptop. That way you don’t have to delete anything. And you can free storage space on your Android device.

If you do not have a desktop or a laptop then buy a good memory card.

Due to the increase in technology, you can buy 64GB and 128GB memory cards at a dirt-cheap rate. So save some money and get yourself a good SD card.

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Solution 9- Use lite Applications

There are lots of applications that come in their lite version, which takes less space and consumes less data (FB lite, Uber lite). These apps are tiny in size. They require fewer internet data as well as processing power.

free storage space lite apps
Facebook lite

If you want to get the maximum free storage space, then uninstall and replace apps with their lite versions

For, e.g. Facebook app is over a 300MB

But Facebook lite is only 5 MB

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Solution 10- Move app data to the SD card

You can transfer app data to the SD card, thus freeing more space to install any other app. This method is limited to a few branded devices because the newer phones either don’t support memory cards or do not support the move feature. If your device supports it, then you should definitely try this one out.

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Solution 11- Use a memory card as internal storage

In the Phones running Android latest or higher have a feature/functionality to use SD card as internal storage. This will clearly solve a lot of problems with internal storage.

Especially if you have a high-speed and large sd card says a 32gb or 64gb card which is class 10 or above.

By using this card, you can free storage space for all your favorite apps and games without any additional costs.

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Solution 12- Factory Reset

If all the answers given above doesn’t prove as fruitful as you expected, then you can reset your phone to factory settings. Do not forget to take the backup of your device data before proceeding. This method is a last resort and should be used with caution.

free storage space by reset
reset android phone

13: Bonus Tip: Rooting and Custom ROMS:

If you have a device that comes with a lot of bloatware factory installed which cannot be removed. rooting your device or using a custom Rom like Pixel OS or Lineage OS may help free storage a lot. It will also make your device faster and have many other positive benefits for your device.

Rooting and using custom roms removes warranty from devices. So always use this as a last resort.

You can also use apps like SD Maid Cleaner to remove data from apps that you have previously uninstalled etc. SD maid can easily save you a few GB of data if not more.

Thanks for reading. I hope you liked this Guide and were able to free storage space on your device. Make sure you share and help fellow gamers.  See you in-game.

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