How to play Counter Strike 1.6 On your Browser : The Complete Guide

CS Online Club did something amazing for us Counter-Strike 1.6 lovers. They have made it possible for us to play CS 1.6 from our browsers. Yes, you read that right now there is a counter strike 1.6 browser game. You can now play CS 1.6 from your browser. You need to play from your PC and not your mobile browser. You need a mouse and a keyboard to play this game obviously but it is still amazing to play this awesome game for free right from your browser. If you have a claw grip mouse then you are sure to get easy kills due to ease of aiming. I personally loved playing cs online via my browser. So let’s start the tutorial:

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So how do we play CS 1.6 on our browser?

Step 1: Choose a good browser recommended by the CS Online club for playing cs 1.6 browser game. You can choose any of the browsers with 100% performance mentioned below. I personally recommend the chrome browser. Just for simplicity and security.

CS 1.6 BROWSER Gamers Recommended browsers
CS 1.6 Online Recommended browsers

Step 2: Now Visit the Main Play CS Website

Step 3: Select the Right Server Settings as shown:

You can select the location of the server, Game mode, etc. You can also use filters such as skill requirements, rating servers, etc to better suit your needs.

Step 4: If needed select the graphics and custom game/sensitivity settings from the game panel window:

Here you can adjust your sensitivity and graphics settings according to your personal preferences. You can also choose your name and knife models. You need to be logged in for you to save these settings.

Step 5: If you want to earn money and points then you need to register with one of the following accounts. This account will save your progress and ensure that you can always resume from where you left off.

You can use Google, Steam, Instagram, Facebook, etc to make your account.

counter strike 1.6 cs online club login
Login cs go club

Step 6: Now once you are ready, find an open server with fewer players and then click on connect. You need to make sure that the server is indeed empty otherwise you will get server is full error. There are many players playing so you need at least half-empty server according to me.

Click on the blue connect option to join the servers. The rest of the servers are full or you do not meet its requirements.

counter strike 1.6 cs online club

Step 7: Let the game load. For your first time, you will have to wait for around 3-5 minutes depending on your system. The browser needs to load the game and map models. It does take some time but after that rest of the matches will load faster.

counter strike 1.6 cs online club
counter strike 1.6 Loading in browser

Step 8: Once connected you can start playing and getting easy kills in CS 1.6. You can also play fullscreen which is great. The graphics are the same old 1.6

The controls are the same WASD and Mouse controls as the traditional CS 1.6. Check the image above for gameplay. Its pretty cool so you can have fun on your browser.

I hope to see you in-game. So make sure to play cs 1.6 from your browser whenever you get time. Do let us know how the game was in the comment section below.

How to Host Private Servers In Play CS Website?

In order to host a private server, you need to buy gold from the Play CS Website. Check the image below to see where you need to go.

cs 1.6 browser game
Rent a server

The conversion is 1 gold = 1$. So you need around 5$ to host a private server for one month. It can go as high as 21 gold (21$) if you want to try all the game modes with a lot of players. Once you have bought the gold you can click on the rent server and purchase the type of server you need. There are many types just choose the one you need. If you do not want to spend the money just look for an empty server and join with your friends.

Once you have purchased the server you can configure it as per need to host a private counter strike session with your friends.

CS Online Money Earning System:

How To Get Cash in CS 1.6 online?

You need cash to purchase skins and perks in the store. It will also be used for games in the Clan War mode.
Cash can be gained for these game actions:

Kill1 CashKill at the Ranked server
Headshot1 CashAdditional reward for a headshot kill at the Ranked server
Bomb Defuse5 CashReward for each defused bomb at the Ranked server
Bomb Explode4 CashThe reward for each exploded a bomb at the Ranked server
Bomb Plant1 CashPlant a bomb – spoil everything at the Ranked server
Hostage Rescue2 CashThe reward for each rescued hostage at the Ranked server
Kill VIP3 CashThe reward for each VIP killed
VIP Escape3 CashThe reward for each escape being VIP
Hide and Seek Win2 CashThe reward for all winning team players
Gun Game Win2 CashThe full reward for Winner and a half reward for his team members
Deathmatch (FFA) Win4 CashOnly one winner, only one reward
Death Run Win2 CashThe full reward for winning Terrorist or a half reward for all Counter-Terrorists if they win
Bonus0 CashGift or compensation from the owners of the game project.

What is the Premium Member System In Play CS Online ? What are its benefits?

CS Online has a premium member system that is obtained by spending gold. The cost of the premium membership is 2 gold (2$).

Benefits of Premium member system in CS ONLINE Club are as follows:

  • Get Double Cash (x2 Cash).
  • Play without limits in 20 rounds.
  • Your nickname on the scoreboard will turn yellow.

Personally I feel that it is not that great of a deal since the membership lasts only for 7 days. A month would be much more appropriate honestly speaking. The 2$ per week adds up to a lot for a game that is much cheaper even though counter strike 1.6 browser games is an interesting concept. And with CS: GO also being free on steam so I don’t think you should invest your money in the premium membership for the benefits. That’s my take on that.

I hope this guide has been informative for you and I thank you for reading. This is honestly a great idea since it is so unique. If you have any questions regarding how to play counter strike 1.6 browser game then let me know in the comment section below. We would be happy to help you out. Do share these posts on social media with the hashtag #noobs2pro to show your support. Happy Gaming

See you in-game


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