How to fix lag and Boost FPS in New World Game – The complete guide

New world is one of the hottest MMORPG games that was recently released by amazon. The community has been going wild for the game. Even I am quite addicted to it. You can always find me in-game with the username noobs2pro. I am still a low-level player though. Anyways many people wanted a guide to fix lag and boost fps in the new world so here is a complete guide to do just that. I managed to get 175 fps in-game with max settings. If you are still having issues then you can try the following two guides that will fix both lag and low fps issues.

This Guide Has 3 parts as shown in the table of contents. Kindly make sure to follow the steps in all the 3 guides. You need to do all the 3 Guides to get the best gaming experience in New World

1) Best Graphics Settings to Boost FPS in New World

The most important factor impacting the FPS in New World Game is none other than graphics Settings. The right graphics settings can make or break your Game. So to help out my fellow new world denizens here are the best settings for the new world:

New World best Graphics settings for max FPS
New World best Graphics settings for max FPS

Window Mode: Fullscreen

The game must be played in fullscreen for the best FPS. You can also run this game as admin if you want it to have higher access and priority while running the game. Game lags if you alt+tab a lot so avoid it as much as possible. Also, an immersive game like the new world just should be played in Fullscreen mode.

Resolution: Same as your Monitor Resolution

Keep the game resolution in new world the same as your monitor resolution. Lowering it will make the game blurry especially on large screens. Only potato pc players should lower the resolution. Everybody else, keep it at max.

Brightness: Default

Does not impact FPS. Choose as per your requirements

Contrast: Default

Does not impact FPS. Choose as per your requirements

Field of View: Low for High FPS

Lower FOV gives higher FPS but your FOV will be smaller. Higher FOV will show increase your viewing area but lower FPS slightly. I recommend 50 but you can lower it to the lowest setting on potato pcs and laptops.

FOV is a personal choice but don’t go for max FOV since it can cause lag in some systems.

Video Quality: Custom

This setting will be custom since we will be setting each one of those manually. If you have a potato pc and you are lazy then set this setting to low and skip to part 2 of the guide.

Effect Details: Low Or Medium

Effect details make the game look really good but lower the FPS significantly. Depending on how good your GPU is select. Low or Medium settings are the best for playing the new world game.

Lighting Details: Low or Medium

Similar to effect details lighting details impact various lighting effects in-game. Keep the setting at low or medium for the best FPS.

Object Details: Medium

Keep object details at medium since it will be easier for you to spot objects of interest in-game. I recommend medium settings for all players except those having a potato pc.

Post Processing: Medium or High

Keep this setting at Medium or High. Helps render the game world properly. If you have 4GB or Higher GPU VRAM then go for Medium or High settings for post-processing in the new world.

Shadow Details: Low

This setting has the highest FPS impact. Keep it at the lowest for the best FPS Boost in the Game. Shadows are the real culprits in lag issues in the new world.

Terrain Details: Low

Keep the terrain details low so that you can spot items easily. You can spot items easier since other unnecessary game items are not rendered unless you are close.

If you have a good GPU and want a good graphics experience then set it to medium.

how to fix lag and increase fps in new world
New world Best Graphics Settings

Texture Details: Medium or High

Texture details are the most important settings that decide how good the game will look. I recommend medium settings for most systems. If you have a good GPU from RTX or Navi series then go for high settings.

You will truly enjoy the gaming experience.

Water Details: Low

Water details are one of the most unnecessary settings in the game. Set it at low for the max FPS in-game.

Show FPS: On While testing Settings. Then You can Turn Off

Enable this setting to test the fps in-game. You need at least 60 fps to play with zero lag on most systems. Since it’s an MMO even 30 is fine for PvE. But for PVP I recommend a 60 FPS minimum.

Once you have tested the FPS and the game is running properly disable the show-off option.

V-sync: Off

Causes input lag and stuttering. Disable this option for all systems. The online game should not have Vsync especially for PvP

Max FPS: Uncapped or 60 FPS (30 fps for potato PC and low-end laptops)

For High-End Gaming PC keep it uncapped. For Laptops keep it at 60 Fps to avoid heating issues.

Potato pc users 30 FPS is the only option for you.

That’s all folks. These were the best graphics settings to get max fps in the new world. You will definitely get a 30-50% FPS boost with the above settings.

Now let’s go on to the next guide where I will explain the PC settings to boost fps in a new world game.

2) How to fix low fps in new world: Step by step guide

Since we are done with the graphics settings now we will set the best system settings to boost FPS in the new world. You need to set each of the steps as shown in the guide below.

Do note: Update your graphics drivers to the latest version. That’s one of the main settings that will help you get high FPS in new world.

Most of the steps are easy so will go through them in short below. You can check the complete guide by clicking on the options.

Here are the steps you can take:

If you want a complete guide on each of the above steps then simply click on the above link or visit this guide to boost fps in gaming

I have already made a 3000+ words guide on the best pc settings for gaming so I won’t be repeating all the steps here.

Make sure you do each of the above settings. You will get a good fps boost that will work for all games not only new world. You are welcome.

Disclaimer: Certain GPUs such as RTX 3090 have issues with the game itself that the devs need to fix. I cannot fix those completely but these guides might at least help you get playable FPS in-game. Only the dev updates can truly fix the overheating issues in new world game.

Nvidia and AMD Graphics Settings for New World:

DO NOT CHANGE these settings as of now. The game has issues with drivers since it is in beta. When I tried testing the settings the game crashed and sometimes I wasn’t even able to log in to the game since it kept crashing.

When the game is released and the settings are stable for all systems I will add them to this guide. You are free to test the settings but as far as I have seen the game crashes on RTX and NAVI graphics cards from my testing results. It May or may not work for you. If you want to test feel free. Do let me know your results. Make sure to take backups just in case.

That’s all for the PC settings to boost fps in new world. Since we are done with pc settings and graphics settings for new world we will now take on the biggest issue in new world. INTERNET LAG

3) How to Fix High Ping Issues in New World

Internet lag is one of the major issues in-game. The game is still in beta while I am writing this guide so when more servers are added we won’t have this issue hopefully. But we will try the best possible way to fix lag from our end.

Now here is what we can do from our end to fix lag and internet issues in new world:

New World Game settings to fix internet lag:

Go to Game settings in new world and then in preference section select High Bandwidth Mode as shown below:

Now there is no other way to control internet settings and usage via game settings in new world. So here are some pc settings to fix internet lag in new world

Best PC Settings to fix Internet Lag In New World

These are all the things you can do to improve your internet speed and pings in-game. Some of them are advanced so make sure that you know what you are doing. And take backups of important data.

For the complete Guide on how to fix lag in the new world game and gaming in general check out the guide on how to make your internet faster for gaming

The above guide is over 2500 words and will solve most of your internet issues for new world. not only that it will pretty boost your internet speed overall in all games and regular usage.

Disclaimer: Server Location determines the ping for the game. If there is no server near you then you will get higher pings and lag/ Stuttering. Currently, the servers and limited, and honestly they are quite buggy. I guess amazon underestimated how popular the game would be. If you are very far from the servers or if the servers are facing issues then you will get lag and stuttering in-game. That cannot be fixed from our end and instead is completely on the dev and server-side. Hopefully, they will add more servers, especially in Asia.

That’s all for the new world internet settings guide to fix lag in the new world. We have already done what we can

Here is the proof of high fps. Check upper right-hand corner. My ping is a bit high compared to other players since I am playing from India. I am playing in Europe EU Central server. (Slaekk Ultra). It shows me 200-300 ms on the main menu screen. No Asian or Indian Servers yet. Here is to hoping for more servers in the new world game. But I can still play the game lag-free due to my settings and good internet connection.

Here is a screenshot from my end to show that it works. I am actually using all max settings (vsync: off) still I am getting 170-180 FPS.

How to get high fps in new world game
How to get high fps in the new world game

Bonus tip: Use steam launch settings to boost fps even further.

Steam launch options:

+r_ColorGrading 0 +r_DetailTextures 0 +r_fogShadowsWater 0 +e_Gl 0 +r_SSReflections 0 +r_ssao 0 +r_ssdo 0 +r_FogShadows 0 +r_silhouettePOM 0 +r_TessellationMaxDistance 0 +r_HDRRendering 0 +r_PostProcessEffects 0 +r_MotionBlur 0 +r_AntialiasingMode 0

Here is a full guide on steam launch options for new world.


That’s all folks. This was my complete guide to fixing lag and low fps issues in the new world. Do share the post on forums and your fellow friends playing New World. If you are on my server feel free to reach out. I am on the EU Central server Abaton

See you in New World (Aeternum)

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