How to Enable Developer Console on CS:GO

Many gamers have started playing CS:GO after it became free. After many countries banned pubg mobile, many of them migrated to CS:GO since it can be run on any pc with the right graphics settings. So for those new CS:GO players here is how you can enable the developer console in cs:go

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Enabling Developer console in CS:GO

Step 1: Open Game settings in CS:GO

When you open CS:GO you will see a gear icon as shown below click on it to open cs:go settings.

Step 2: Go To Game section in CS:GO Settings

Now to enable the developer option you need to open the game section of CS:GO settings. Check the below image for more info.

enable developer console cs go

Step 3: Enable the Developer Console option

As you can see in the image below there is a Developer console option. You need to set it to yes as shown.

enable developer console cs go

Step 4: Press the console key to open CS:GO Developer Console

Now when you are in-game and want to open cs:go developer console, enable the console using the “~” or “`” key. This key below the escape button on most keyboards.

enable developer console cs go

That’s all gamers. This is how you can enable the developer console and use advanced CS:GO commands.

enable developer console cs:go

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