Critical Strike Best settings to play lag-free

The Critical Strike mobile game is the unofficial mobile version of the famous counter-strike games. Over the years, due to overpowered mobile devices, we now have the power to play Amazing Games right from our Android and mobile devices. But not everyone has gaming phones. So here are the best settings to play Critical Strike without any LAG. If you haven’t already Downloaded the game click the button below:

Critical Strike for Android

Critical Strike For IOS

Since it’s a mobile game it does not have that many settings. So I recommend you read: How to Turn Your Phone into a Gaming Phone.

Best settings to play Critical Strike 

graphics settings critical strike

AUTO Quality Settings:

For very low-end devices turn this on. If it still does not work then try all other methods mentioned in the post. Your goal should be to get a constant high framerate.

Graphics Quality: Very Low or Low

Graphics settings should be low or very low. This mostly depends on your device, but you need to touch the 60 FPS mark in order to enjoy true lag-free gameplay. This is the main goal of best settings so that you have a gameplay advantage and get easy kills.


FPS should always be as high as possible. Rather higher FPS means smoother and faster gameplay. A high FPS will make sure that you do not lag due to slower frames. Also, high fps does require more power, but the cost is worth the gameplay advantage. 60 FPS in Recommended

Vibration: Disable

Vibration has no gameplay advantage, and it will drain your battery. Turn it off to save more battery and performance. You need the extra performance for the game.

Save these graphics settings and restart the game.

That is all my friends. I know it’s not a lot but those are all the settings that are available. You can also read how to make your phone faster for Gaming. Hopefully, these guides will help you enjoy lag-free Gaming in the Critical Strike Mobile Game. If you have any questions or suggestions, do mention them in the comment section below.

See you in-game

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