Pro Gamers’ Guide to Becoming Conqueror in PUBG Mobile

Being a conqueror in PUBG Mobile is the most trending goal of every PUBG Mobile player.

With more than 400 million players across the globe, many people can only dream of being conquerors. But very few actually reach that goal of being conquerors on PUBG Mobile servers and get hundreds of chicken dinners

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There are tiers in PUBG like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Ace, and Conqueror. All the tiers are based on the rating except for the Conqueror tier. Only the Top 500 players in each server, each mode (first person or third person) and in each team style (solo, duo, squad) can claim the title of Conqueror.

This guide will show you how you can be the conqueror in PUBG Mobile with hidden methods and tricks every gamer would want to know.

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1)Style of Gameplay

1) Be a Killer before the Crown Tier.

Being a killer is simple in PUBG Mobile. Simply engage in all possible firefights and eliminate all the other players. Keep in mind that the higher the kills, the more points you get especially if you get in the top 10. This is useful only when used on levels before ace. It can be difficult, even in the crown tier since you will get killed a lot often and lose a lot of points. But your game/skills will improve significantly sooner rather than later.  Get those kills and chicken dinners and set your goals on the conqueror title.

2) Be a Survivor after the Crown tier.

Being a survivor means you playing smart, taking advantage of locations and avoiding fights unless absolutely necessary. You should engage in combat only after you are in the top 5 or top 10 players alive. This may give you fewer points even if you don’t get Chicken Dinner, but still, something positive is better than negative points which you will get a lot at crown tier. This method should be used only when you are in the crown tier or higher. At this point, gaining points is much more difficult.

2) Game Mode

1)TPP- Third person perspective

There are three game modes in PUBG Mobile: TPP Mode – Solo, Duo, and Squad.

If you are aiming to become Conqueror, choose solo or duo. The reason for this is that it’s much easier to rank up in solo and duo after you reach Ace level. Before that, it may take you longer to rank up in solo and duo compared to squads. But later it’s much faster and much easier to become a conqueror. The reason is the number of players playing solo and duo is fewer compared to the squad players.

2)FPP- First-person perspective

Just like TPP, FPP Mode also has – Solo, Duo, and Squad.

If you are aiming for Conqueror, choose solo or duo in FPP. FPP has higher chances of becoming a conqueror than TPP – Not many players play FPP Duo Or Solo. Because of this, the chances of you reaching in the top 500 increase dramatically. Most people play TPP rather than FPP, so your chances of becoming a Conqueror is higher in FPP.


If you still want to be a conqueror in PUBG Mobile by playing in squads, then you must be ready to put in a lot of hours in gameplay. Ideally, play FPP squads. It’s much easier to become a conqueror compared to TPP mode. Make sure you have an excellent team. Only when all four team members are good and all want to reach conqueror can you reach the top 500 in squads.

3) Find The Best Gun and Master It

There are lots of guns in the PUBG Mobile, but instead of mastering many guns choose 3-4 guns that you are comfortable with, (i.e., you can control its recoil, can get its attachments easily, and you can aim with it accurately) once you get those guns. My personal favorites are M416 and Groza in rifles. And kar98 and AWM in snipers.

chicken dinners

Make sure you master the high damage guns and select two rifles guns from the list below then master those:

  • Groza
  • AKM
  • DP
  • M416

Choose any two snipers from the list below and then master them:

  • Kar98
  • SLR
  • M24
  • AWM
  • MK14 

4) Attachments For Conquerors:

Choose the right grip:

There are five grips in the game half grip, thumb grip, angled grip, vertical grip, and laser sight.

Unless your an ADS player Always go for a vertical grip. Thumbgrip is only for ADS players.

Choose the right muzzle:

Unless you’re using a sniper, always go for a compensator

I recommend you guys to use compensators for AR and suppressors for Snipers. Well, that’s because the AR has more recoil than Snipers, hence reducing recoil for accuracy is kind of important for AR than suppressing it’s shooting sound. Always choose the compensator. In PUBG Mobile people playing to be a conqueror have great earphones, having a suppressor doesn’t really help.

For snipers though, suppressors are the best.

5) Learn The Map 

When I say learn the map, I mean literally learn to read the map! You should be able to predict the next safe zone based on the current safe zone and plan your game accordingly. is the best site as far as I know for finding all the detailed data about loot and vehicle positions:

Here is a heatmap of loot:

pubg mobile loot map

For more detailed info on each map visit:

This will help you to avoid unnecessarily running hundreds of meters or driving the vehicles and attract unwanted attention. Learn the places where people are less and loot is more. Usually, these nameless places with some buildings have great loot.

There are also some fantastic sniping locations and places that can be used to ambush. Checkout Youtube gameplays of famous Pubg mobile players and see their ambushes and styles.

6) Know When To Fire

If you spot a player running across the field then  you most likely be firing, but there are a few things you should consider before doing so. If you have scope and suppressor then go for it but if you don’t have either of them then think about your location. Check if you have cover or if you are exposed.

Firing will put you on the radar, and other players will spot you on the map, and it is literally giving your location away. Make sure you have a cover. You might be alone, and they might be in a squad or a duo. That would be a huge tactical mistake.

Your position is important. Never shoot from an open field unless you have no other choice. Get a ridge or a stone to use as cover.

7) Rush & Play Strategy-

Until you are in the Crown tier, Rush & Play strategy works good because even if you get in the top 10 easily and having plenty of kills, you will get positive points. But avoid this strategy as you climb up to Ace tier as these tiers need top 3 rankings for positive points and you don’t want to lose your precious points and lose the chance to be a conqueror in PUBG Mobile this easily.

Learn the proper way to rush by always clearing corners. Look for places where players will hide. Throw grenades, flashbangs, and molotovs to make them come out of the buildings. Flank buildings by entering from unexpected locations. Sometimes you can just shoot from the windows.

This requires experience and thus make sure you learn from playing.

8) Gaming Setup-

A good phone and some great earphones are a must for gaming. POCO F1 is the most recommended phone for budget gamers. For professional players, ASUS ROG 2 is the recommended device.

Take professional earphones which have outstanding clarity. These can help you find the enemy locations anywhere in the PUBG Mobile. These are a key requirement for being a conqueror player.

Learn the best settings for pubg mobile

The earphones are a requirement for being a conqueror. You cannot be a conqueror by being a half-hearted effort gamer.

9) Explosive Weapons-

Keep three smoke grenades, 2 Frag Grenades, 1 Molotovs, and one flash grenade if possible. Smokes will help you cover if you’re healing or reviving your teammates. Frags and Molotovs are the best when rushing a house for flanking the enemy’s position and making him vulnerable to ambushes. Flash is the most useful in the last circle, and when every survivor is playing prone to prone, just flash ’em and kill all of them to win easy chicken dinners.

Go to training and spend some time training with all the throwables. Learn how to use them efficiently.

10) Protection Gear

You often get Lvl 2 Vest and helmet while looting so make sure you find it. Level 3 is the best no doubt there. When your gear is damaged, find another one. Like 80% damaged level 3 vest is worse than level 1 undamaged vest. So make sure you choose accordingly. In most cases, auto pick up will choose the best anyways.

Keep an eye on your vest and helmet. Engage enemies accordingly. Do not go into firefights with broken vests and helmets.

11) Control Setup

Learn four-finger claw setup. Customize it according to your needs. You will find many good setups for your phone on YouTube.

Once you have done that, adjust all the settings according to requirements. Especially sensitivity. Play around and explore your preferred style of gaming. Once you master the controls, you will be able to aim and kill players with ease.

“Enable peek” settings and practice using peek and quick scope. It is not possible to become a pro player without practice.

You will not be a conqueror with a regular setup. Conquerors are required to shoot dodge move peek quick scope very quickly. Quick scoping requires practice so make sure you train for it.

conqueror pubg mobile settings

12) Traps and Throwables-

Players often lay the traps in any buildings with attractive loot like medkits, Lvl 3 vests or helmets, and whatnot. They also camp a lot in houses. So if you spot any of these or hear any enemy sounds, then clear the area first or throw some grenades and flash smokes then rush the building. Flash grenades do an excellent job while rushing into a building. To minimize the flash effect on you, just face the opposite direction of the flash, giving you an edge over the enemy.

13) Squad

This is most important of all, pick some good players to play with. It is difficult to win a Squad match if all team players are going solo. The squad you choose will directly affect your results. Good squadmates can cover for you, while you are healing and provide backup when rushing and executing strategies. You want a good team that has coordination and teamwork.

Throwing smokes for cover. And flashbangs, when you are rushing, are things good squadmates do.

conqueror pubg mobile squads

14) Practice Practice Practice

Go to the training area and practice daily. You heard me, do daily warm-up exercises before starting the match so that you are in the best condition to play. Practice daily to improve your aiming. The path to becoming a conqueror in PUBG Mobile is not easy.

Learn how to shoot and knock many players. There will be many 1v4 situations. Practice peeking quick scoping and long-distance headshots. The training ground is the place you need to be most of the time.

conqueror pubg mobile practice

15) Camouflage and Camping

Make sure you wear the right clothes depending on the map (e.g., for the vikendi snow map, white clothes are perfect). You become almost invisible and difficult to spot. This can give you a significant advantage in camping and ambushing players. You get a much-needed advantage.

chicken dinners chicken for conqueror

Similarly, you can wear green clothes for Sanhok and Erangel. Brown or sandy clothes for Miramar.

chicken dinners for conqueror

Erangel Green

pubg mobile camouflage chicken dinners for conqueror

There are many sniping locations as well as fantastic camping locations which can give you the edge in defeating enemies. I’ve listed some locations make sure you explore and find your own.

16)Avoid Sanhok – Play Miramar or Erangel

Sanhok is difficult to play because you’ll find it challenging to spot players. That is the reason why people playing Sanhok don’t level up very fast. There is always a chance you will die early.

On the Sanhok map, playtime is less so whenever you play it you don’t earn as many points as you do in other maps. The longer the map more points you will get. Also, chicken dinners on Erangel are worth more points than Sanhok.


Always keep vehicles nearby. Vehicles can help you escape as well as go long distances and avoid the blue zone. They can also be used as cover.

Here are PUBG map locations: Credits to

pubg vehicle locations chicken dinners for conquerors

By destroying the vehicle, you can get a solid cover when you’re stuck in open grounds. By destroying the tires, the vehicle height will lower, and they won’t be able to shoot at you from below. This can be very helpful if you are pinned by sniper fire.

18)Jump Properly Away From The Plane Path

You need to have proper loot in order to be a pubg mobile conqueror. Stay away from populated spots, loot properly get good guns, scopes, and attachments. Then, once you have enough supplies, you can rush to the center and take plenty of fights.

Go as far away from the plane path as you can. Being able to loot freely can help to become a conqueror. Since the best loot is equal to easy kills and chicken dinners

conqueror pubg mobile dropping

Also, learn how to drop correctly. Reaching the ground first and getting guns is the priority.

The angle you drop determines the speed. Adjust accordingly.

19) Survival Time Matters

The longer you survive, the more points you get. So try to survive as long as you can. Even if you don`t get the chicken dinner, you will get points.

That’s why I  previously mentioned playing Miramar and Erangel rather than Sanhok.

Survival is the key to winning PUBG Mobile and being a conqueror with chicken dinners on PUBG servers.

20) Damage Matters

The amount of damage you give and receive as well as kills are counted for points. Having plenty of kills at lower levels will help you rank up very fast and make the task of being a conqueror in PUBG Mobile very easy. The damage you take and heal also helps to gain some points but mostly on lower levels.

You can actually do it in a week if you play 8 – 10 hours daily. Not recommended though.

On higher levels, getting kills is much harder so be careful. Getting chicken dinners becomes very difficult on the Ace level.

21) Airdrops

Get the first two drops. Many people are either busy fighting or looting, so they don’t pay attention to the first drop. Hence it is easier to get it. Afterward, when the zone is small, it will be challenging to loot the airdrops.

Also, even if you have all the items you need. Loot and drop the items from the drop on the ground. Many times players don`t bother looting it thinking that it is already looted. It is a great advantage for you. Every little advantage counts to get chicken dinners

22) Flare Drops

Fire the flare from top of a mountain. The higher the altitude faster the flare drop will arrive. Make sure to take advantage of mountains such as stalber. The drop will reach instantly.

If you are playing solo, then an armored UAZ (BRDM) is the one you want. It’s efficient for survival and getting the chicken dinners. Mastering this can help you become a conqueror in PUBG Mobile.

23) Damaging Vehicles

Always shoot the tires of vehicles so others cannot use it. The only weakness of the armored UAZ (BRDM) is the tires which can be damaged easily.

Take advantage of everything and every situation you can. That is the only way to be a conqueror. No point in working harder when you can play smarter and get chicken dinners.

winner winner chicken dinner

24) Be Unexpected

Always enter buildings from unexpected locations. This will scare the enemy and help you get the advantage in tricky situations. If you come from unexpected locations, the enemy will not be positioned properly. And you can kill them quickly. Don`t forget to clear corners though.

chicken dinners for conquerors

Windows on second floors are a good example where no one expects enemies to come from. How you reach there is up to you. Be creative and get the chicken dinners.

The more unexpected you are, the more advantage you have in PUBG Mobile.


This is difficult for many players, but once you master this, then you can peek and fire and peek out very quickly. Your accuracy will improve significantly. And you will get lots of headshots with rifles. M416 is the best since its very stable. This can play a key role in getting you chicken dinners.

Make sure you set the peek option to hold Mode. This makes sure you have a faster zoom in and zoom out time. Using the thumb grip makes you even faster. Make sure you take some time to train for ADS in the training arena.

26) Use Gyro mode

Using gyro mode, you can play puPUBG Mobile with almost zero recoils while firing guns. Take note that you need to practice and get used to it. Combining claw and gyro is what professional players do to get the best of their devices and get those clutches. As you know, Mortal is also one of those players. Learn from the best! Gyro is not a compulsion but is recommended for many players. Also, make sure you are sitting properly. You cannot play Gryo in a lying down.

27) Sniper Locations:

There are many known and unknown sniper locations which can be perfect for those who like winning chicken dinners by sniping. In order for you to become a conqueror in PUBG Mobile, you need to make sure that you know the sniper locations and that you can take advantage of it.

Sniper locations heat map: Credits

28) Healing Items

The right healing items can save you while the wrong ones can kill you. What I mean is you need to save the right amount of healing items of each type. First aid kits are best during fights. It can give you a fast boost.

Bandages at other times. Make sure you’re boosted during the last circle as well as before going into fights. By doing all this killing you will be a lot harder since now you are already prepared like a conqueror.

29)Avoid Bridges

Many players tend to camp at bridges and ambush players coming by. The perfect way to break their camp is either to go using a boat and ambush them from behind. Another strategy you could use it to go below the bridge by walking and making as little noise as possible then flanking their position and attacking. Depending on how you move, you can easily break the bridge camp.

30) FPS, Ping, and Display

Having a fast FPS and a very low ping gives you a lot of advantage in fights and when sniping. You can predict and aim better and faster. You can also react faster and spot players easily.

To get chicken dinners High FPS and Low ping is a MUST. Otherwise, no matter how skilled you are, you will die because of lag.

A good display can help you spot enemies, get easy kills and become a conqueror in PUBG Mobile.

I hope these tips help you achieve the conqueror title in PUBG Mobile. These are the most important tips for being a conqueror in PUBG Mobile. I will keep updating as much as possible.

If you have any suggestions make sure you mention them in the comment section below. Being a conqueror in PUBG Mobile is not easy so make sure to practice and work hard. Happy gaming.

See you in-game!


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    and if your answer is yes, is 4500 points enough?

    Posted October 11, 2020
    • Yes, you can but play FPP instead of TPP. You are already playing duo which is good. Lesser players in FPP so your chances of being a conqueror increase quite a lot. You need to check your server ranking to ensure that 4500 points are enough. check what are the points for the top player on the server and decide accordingly.

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