PUBG Mobile Best Settings Guide for Max FPS

Pubg Mobile is the world’s most-played battle royale on a mobile device. With its massive player base and engaging content, it has become the favorite of all mobile gamers.

Unfortunately, they have not yet spent proper time optimizing Pubg mobile settings for performance and FPS. So many people face issues such as lag and low FPS in-game. For gaming and getting chicken dinners, FPS is the key. So here is a special Guide for Mobile gamers playing PUBG mobile.

PUBG Mobile Settings for Max Performance and Lag-Free Gameplay:

There are three types of settings you can change for PUBG mobile and get the best FPS and lag-free gameplay. The first one is device settings which mostly vary depending on the device you’re using. Second is the gameplay Settings in PUBG Mobile that are common to all devices. The third is the graphics settings which need to be adjusted based on your phone/device and preferences.

1) Device settings

For Android devices, I made a guide on how to make phones faster for gaming.

It covers all the general points so I will not explain those. But one thing is for sure. If your device has a game mode or a boost mode included by default, then make sure you use it. I cannot stress that enough. On some devices, it is called a performance mode. Make sure you enable this for playing PUBG Mobile.

Note: For those facing network issues and high ping go to your device Settings and Disable Background Data. It will be available in your network settings. The location will vary depending on the device model.

2) Gameplay Settings

PUBG mobile Best Graphics Settings Guide for max FPS

You can download the low-spec resource pack for gaming. It will give you the best fps. The high-end pack is only for high-end gaming phones with really good specs.

PUBG Mobile Audio Settings:

Music: Disable

SFX Quality: High or Ultra.

Go with the Highest setting you can select for your device. Has a huge advantage in gameplay and spotting hidden enemies as long as you have good headphones.

PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings

There are many Pubg mobile settings. I will show you how to set each one of them. Step-by-Step.

PUBG mobile Best Graphics Settings Guide for max FPS
  • Graphics: Smooth

Smooth is the best setting for almost all devices. You will experience the “smoothness” in terms of gameplay. The quality will be slightly low, but you won’t notice it. Unless you suddenly switched from High to Low.

  • Frame Rate (FPS): Extreme

High or Extreme. Whatever your device can select go for it. Higher FPS means smoother gameplay. You will get Significant advantages in a gunfight. While Rushing, you will go faster, and you will be able to kill enemies easier due to smoother gameplay.

PUBG mobile Best Graphics Settings Guide for max FPS
  • Style: Colorful

This is the best color setting since you can spot enemies easily. It is difficult for them to hide. If you do not like the colored PUBG Mobile experience, switch to Classic, which is the default. That is also a good choice. I, however, prefer Colorful.

  • Anti-aliasing: Disable

It is not required and takes a lot of processing power and graphics memory. It’s not something we can afford unless you have a gaming phone. Also, anti-aliasing is only for High-end phones and tablets with larger screens.

  • Auto-adjust graphics: Disabled

Disable this setting. If your graphics change during a game. You will suffer lag issues or desync due to the change of graphics. My recommendation is to turn it off.

I hope this guide has helped you find the right graphics settings for PUBG Mobile. The settings need to be adjusted according to your requirements and preferences. I hope this has been informative for you.

And I thank you for reading. Do share with fellow gamers. Happy Gaming!

See you in-game!


  • I think there frame setting is be like smooth low and classic there is no lag in this setting please try and than please say me

    Posted June 9, 2020
    • FPS matters for competitive gaming. The same applies when you want more easy kills. You can set the settings to low but then your FPS is capped. Higher FPS allows you to spot enemies faster and hit them more accurately. Low FPS results in missed shots since the screen frames change slower slowly (low fps). Technically speaking you need the same FPS and your screen refresh rate. So 60hz display needs 60fps and so on. Especially for online games.

      Posted June 9, 2020
      • Thanks.It helped

        Fahim Einstein
        Posted July 10, 2020
  • PUBG in a21s graphic max?

    Posted January 31, 2021
    • Depends which a21 kindly provide specs of your device

      Posted February 15, 2021
  • I need aimbot and aimlock

    Posted March 8, 2021

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