Get more views & subs on your Game stream? 25 methods that work

Now, this is a question that every streamer has faced and will continue to face in their streaming career. And unfortunately, a lot of streamers have a very misleading idea about how they can get views and subscribers. Now I’m sure you have thought about it or done it already. That is spamming groups and comments with your links and begging to get subs and viewers. And then you realize. It just does not work. That is not how streaming works. So how do you get long term subscribers who will do your publicity and bring you more subs and views?

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So after a lot of research, I have finally put together a guide for those gamers you want to have a career in gaming via streaming channels like Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, etc.

So what this streaming guide is and isn’t:

These are not hacks and tricks type solutions. If your looking for a shortcut hack or trick to suddenly get 10000 subs or 10000 views this is not it. I recommend you to close this page and search somewhere else. Nothing worth having is that easy. And if you are foolish enough to fall for clickbait posts. I’m sorry I cannot help you. My sincerest apologies.

For those who are still reading. I’m here to help you with learning how to get consistent views and subs. These are proven ways that work and will get your views and subs to your channels when you do them regularly and make sure you have fun doing it.

So let’s begin:

How do you get views and subs on stream?

1) Make unique content.

Make unique content. This is the number 1 deciding factor. What makes you different from all the other streamers. What is your unique selling point?

Many streamers forget this key point and end up in a situation where they initially do get some views and subs and then they never hear from them ever. Why cause you did not make a unique impression.

Now depending on the game, you play you can be quite unique by taking challenges no one else does. For eg. Some PUBG players only played with shotguns. Though difficult it is amazingly fun to watch. That was their selling point.

  • Choco Taco played with the VECTOR for some time and has become quite famous for it.
  • Wackyjacky makes amazing PUBG PC Guides to the extent that our physics teachers should be ashamed.
  • Tom Nick is another Youtuber who becomes famous with the idea of syncing PUBG sniping shots with the background music and beats. 

What are you doing that is unique and can viewer attention as well as be entertaining for the viewers.

This is something you have to first figure out so that you become successful. Why You?

2) Either make it very helpful or entertaining. (Or do both)

To get more views and subs on streams and videos you need to do at least one of the following. Make it helpful so that when people search for an issue they face in-game. Your channel helps them out. That is a helpful angle.

get viewers for your channel

The second is the entertainment angle. You need to make sure that your stream is entertaining. When people watch your stream you need to make sure that they have fun. Talk give a commentary. Be unique and funny at the same time.

  • The best example is Shroud. Have you checked his streams?

They are always entertaining and he is always having fun with friends or random strangers. Even when he is playing solo he is having FUN and being entertaining. That my friend is how you become entertaining.

My recommendation for new streamers is to play with friends so that you can be yourself and have fun while on the stream. Teasing each other, playing pranks, etc are great ways to have fun with friends. Even shroud does that. So does every other famous streamer. So why aren’t you?

3) Have fun (It helps you get subs)

The number one reason you became a streamer is to have FUN and make money at the same time. But if you ignore the fun part then you already failed. You know why?

Cause people can tell when they are watching your stream. If you are in a bad mood. Even your streams will be bad. Besides the whole point of gaming is to have FUN and let others have fun as well.

get viewers for your channel

Being positive and happy and playing with friends helps people who are watching have a good time. Make them your friends as well. Your Viewers are your friends talk to them. Have fun with them as well. Play Games with them. Trust me that is how you build long time subs.

4) SEO and Techy stuff matters.

Now for those who are new to streaming make sure you go to Youtube and check tutorials for setting up your gaming platform. Twitch, Mixer or Youtube Itself. Whatever you are using make sure you are doing it right. Take some time to set it up.

Using Hashtags and other platform-specific things can help you get more views and subs. Not only that. If you are always the one people choose you will get more than just subs. Your streaming platform will start recommending your streams to other people. Because streaming services make money based on how long people spend their time on the platform. If your streams are loved by people. They will definitely show it to more people so that they earn more. And now even you will earn more.

So don’t skip the tech stuff. You have youtube. Stop being lazy and study.

5) Work with other Streamers

This another mistake many gamers do. They never stream with other streamers because they are worried that their subs will leave them and go to the other guy or girl.

That negative mentality is what is stopping you from growing in the first place. You cannot have a million subs when you are worried about two subs leaving. Even the world’s top streamers stream together so that they grow both their viewers and subs.

stream with other streamers and get viewers

What makes you think that by not streaming with other people you will grow?

I will give you an example to show you how successful you can be:

Suppose you have 1000 subs on your channel. You can stream with people having 1000 or 10k subs.

Now I know that not all subs are always watching. But many do watch the video even if it’s later. There are also other viewers who are not subs but will watch your videos.

Now let’s assume you get only 1% of their subs. So

  • 1% of say 1000 subs are 10 subs.
  • 1% of 10000 subs are 100 subs.

You repeat the idea 100 times a year. So that’s

  • 1000 subs if you only streaming with other 1000 subs streamers.
  • 10000 subs if you are streaming with 10k streamers.

Now you tell me if that’s progress or not. Also, I said 1% that is a very low estimate. You will actually get around 5-10% depending on how good you are on your stream. So that’s a lot of subs and viewers just by networking.

Now if you cannot even convert 1% then you obviously messing up somewhere. To be blunt your streams are bad and you need to work on it. Complaining about it isn’t going to help. Get out there and work hard and improve your streams.

Help fellow gamers and streamers. Your goal is to entertain people and get views and subs. Share and earn guys. Its always better to have a small part of a very big pie. Rather than a big part of a small pie.

6) Stop being a salesman

Now, this is something new streamers do a lot and is annoying. It is just too annoying for your viewers. Stop trying to sell. 

You give them the vibe of a salesperson rather than a streamer. Screaming at every chance you get “subscribe” “subscribe” is annoying. If they like your stream they will. There is no need to annoy them. You just need to tell them to subscribe at the end of the stream or you tell them in a subtle way. When you give annoying fullscreen banners telling them to subscribe to your channel. Their stream viewing experience is put at risk. Trust me you don’t want that.


7) Continuity is key

For streamers, you have to be regular streaming once a week will not make you famous unless you are making guides and not streaming gameplays.

Make a timetable and stick to it. It should become a part of your daily routine. Choose a time that is convenient for the people you want to be watching your stream.

I mean if you are playing a game that is played mostly by college and school kids. Streaming during school hours ain’t gonna get you, viewers.

Be smart think ahead. Get into the habit of streaming every day. And make sure that you are always improving. Always be ready to learn new skills. Learn from fellow streamers. This will ensure that you become a successful streamer.

8) Get good gear. (Sorry you’re going to have to invest)

Now, this is hard to say but you have to spend plenty of money on good gear. You just have to. A good mic and a gaming rig is a must for a streaming career.

Viewers want everything in FULL HD. Your stream is no different. Getting the max graphics and visual experience for your viewers might not look like much but you will retain a lot more subs and viewers just because you are in FULL HD. 4K is even better but expensive too. So make sure to manage your money accordingly. Now everyone has fast internet so they prefer to watch in FULL HD. You can also optimize Windows for gaming.

gaming rig for streaming and getting subscibers

Also unless you have a good microphone your voice will make your viewers cringe. The noise caught by your microphone can result in a bad experience for viewers. Spend some money and buy a good one.

9) Communication is key

Talking with viewers and your teammates while playing the game is a must. You cannot be an introvert here. You just can’t. People love and respect streamers who are good talkers. You need good communication skills.

Shroud is the perfect example. Learn from him guys. He’s the best for a reason.

Talk to viewers and always lookout for opportunities. Questions asked by readers are generally great topics for a guide or a video. Don’t miss the golden opportunity.

Communication is key.

10) Host competitions and giveaways

When you reach plenty of subs you will get free stuff from gaming companies. They are always willing to cooperate with streamers who make awesome. Use that as giveaways. Talk to the company first about any legal issues. Otherwise, you can do that.

Or use your own money. This is also a type of investment guys. Make sure that you satisfy your viewers as well. Always gift your loyal subs and viewers. If possible keep a point system. That way your subs will be loyal.

Hosting Gaming events is another way how you can make amazing brand awareness. Work with other streamers as well. Gaming was never meant to be done solo.

11) Build your unique Brand

Make sure you have a catchy phrase, a great logo. A unique IGN and something unique about your style of making videos. By being unique you create a unique brand that is known by everyone.

get subscribers

Shroud’s logo is a good example. Even his gamer name. Dr. Disrespect is another great example. Even his persona is a unique style that has made him very famous.

So make sure you stand out and be unique. It takes time and effort but in the long run, you will become famous.

12) Share helpful and entertaining content on social media

When sharing on social media make sure you clip your videos and make them small and entertaining. Rather than linking your entire stream video. Make a highlights version of the stream. Upload and share on Facebook and other social media you are using to increase your subs and views.

share for subs and views

You need to use catchy titles and hashtags here as well. The more entertaining you are and the more helpful you are. The more your brand will become famous. If you made sure to follow point 11 then you will have an even bigger impact on the gaming community.

13) Share on groups and gaming communities (Not in the way you think.)

Many streamers tell me that when they share their videos on Facebook and other gaming communities they get rejected or banned. And why shouldn’t you be?

Honestly, those groups are not directly meant for you. Group admins are trying to keep their community spam-free. You posting links out of nowhere without adding value to their communities will always get you rejected. You deserve it.


So how do I post my streams on groups, forums, etc?

The correct way to do is to use the content you made in step 12. The highlights are entertaining. And you need to upload the video as a part of community content. Sharing your link is very different from uploading the actual video.

By uploading a short video you are adding value to their community. By being genuine and not spammy you will definitely get approved by them. In the rare case that you still don’t get approved, you can try other groups. There is no shortage of gaming groups.

Be respectful and honest. By making sure that your content is actually helpful for the community you will surely get approved. The end result you get more views and subs.

14) Be the First

By being the first person to make the video on a unique topic your views and subs will skyrocket. It is not easy. But it is definitely worth it. You need to do a lot of research on it. But it definitely gives you a big advantage over the competition.

The first update leak. The stream showing a new gun in pubg etc are examples of being the first.

subs stream

You need to be unique. By being the first you can the expose you want for your channel. Hard as it is. It’s definitely worth it. So be the first.

15) Make helpful content based on viewer feedback

As I previously mentioned making videos and streams based on what viewers want is much more important than you think. They are your customers so to say. Your job is to help them to the best of your ability.

When they are happy they will share your streams and videos on their social media. Without you even telling them. That’s free publicity guys. What else you want?

This is why taking polls and questions during streams help. Do learn the basics.

16) Learn how to use your platform properly.

Similar to SEO and tech stuff. Learning how to set up your streaming platform is a key part of success in your gaming career.

Your stream can be customized with bots and so many plugins and addons. You need to experiment and find out which are the best suited for you and your viewers.


When you make sure that your viewers are getting the best experience you will easily reach your goal of millions of subs and views.

17) I get this asked a lot so I had to include it “Pretty Girl gamers get a lot of viewers we don’t”. Isn’t that unfair.

Now, this is a controversial topic I know. But this does happen a lot. And many guys feel its wrong to them. Well, guess what?

There is nothing you can do because that’s how human behavior works. Men tend to buy things when pretty women are advertising. That is marketing 101. Just take a look at the marketing industry. You will understand.

streaming stream gamer girls

Now, no matter how much you complain about it there is nothing you can do to change the way people think. You just can’t. It may feel unfair but it’s actually a great opportunity for you instead. Instead of complaining about girl gamers. Play with them.

Playing with Girls gives you way more exposure and brand awareness than you would think. So use it to your advantage. If you can’t fight them join them. Lifehacks guys.

18) First impressions matter

Make sure you are always making amazing videos and streams. If you are sick or frustrated. Don’t stream.

Making a bad impression on a new viewer will ensure he never becomes your sub. Also, your existing subs may get annoyed and leave.

Be it on stream or real life. First Impressions always matter. So choose your words carefully. Make sure you are as professional as possible.

19) Use viral trends to your advantage

Many times you will come across viral trends. They are a great resource to get views and subs. Also being the first streamer to talk about a viral topic gives you an added advantage over the other streamers.

Being viral also gets you a lot of viewers and brand awareness for your channel. It is an opportunity to take advantage of. So make sure you keep an eye out for things going viral.

You never know the next million views viral stream might be yours. So don’t give up.


If you messed up everything I taught you in the last parts. You still might have a chance if you do number 1 and this step properly. That is how much this step is important.

User experience is what decides whether you will get a sub or not. It decides if you get a loyal follower or not. So what exactly is user experience?

The time he visits your stream to the time he leaves. All the experiences you give him are user experiences. Was he annoyed by your banners? Were you rude on stream? Were you boring and uninteresting?

To simply put you need to make sure that your user has the time of his life when he is on your stream. Streams by top players like Shroud, Dr. Disrespect, Chocotaco, etc are examples you need to learn from. Just check their streams. They are never boring. That’s what you need.

21) Create playlists

If you are making Guides for a particular game. Then make sure you make a playlist based on category. It makes it easier for people to see the videos and you get a lot more views and subs cause you gave them a great user experience.

A fun tutorial that can help your viewers is much more valuable then you think. Chances are if you do a really good video. It will become viral.

So always make sure you have properly arranged playlists. You never know who might save them and help you get hundreds of subs and views.

22) Play the Games people Love

If you have grand goals of reaching millions of subs and viewers then you need to make sure that the game you are streaming actually has that many viewers. Popular Games like CS: GO and PUBG are good options but also difficult cause it requires a lot of hard work. There are many people doing the same thing you are.

more views and subs

So you need to be unique and you need to be better. So choose wisely.

23) Be genuine while marketing products

If you have affiliate products than be a proper reviewer. Show them by using the product yourself. By just telling them to use your link and buy just to support you will not work as good as you advertising a really good product.

Work with advertisers you trust. Cause if your viewers have a bad experience with your affiliate products they will end up having a bad impression of you whether you like it or not. Also some times you might get into legal trouble for selling something that was not trustworthy.

Go with trusted brands like Amazon. Do your own due diligence when it comes to background research.

24) Always follow legal rules

For those who are new to streaming. You guys are the ones you end up falling into legal trouble. Whenever streaming always make sure you follow all the laws and legal procedures about products and games. 

Also, make sure that you are always ethical when streaming. Any sort of hate speech or politically wrong content can get you banned on your channels. Follow the rules. Read the terms and conditions of your respective streaming platform.

25) Never Give Up.

Now, this is for those lazy people who are going to complain in the comments below that you did this for one week or one month and it did not work.

Well duh. It takes time and effort for you to get good at something. Years to get better. Mastery takes decades.

You need to spend at least 2 years doing this and improving your videos. Then you will reach your goal of a million subscribers and viewers. Every new video you make will be better than your previous one. You need to make sure you are always learning and improving.

more views and subs

Don’t give up. Otherwise, you will be the same as those billion other channels that gave up.

Bonus: Use Moderation

Always use moderation for chats and comments. Why do you ask?

Cause there is no shortage of trolls and spammers online. What will you do when your sub is being harassed by such a troll on your channel and your stream.

Are you going to ignore it?

That’s why always use moderation. IT helps prevent spam and makes the community and the stream non-toxic.

Checklist for streamers to become successful. You need a whole lot of work and dedication to be successful on Youtube or any other streaming platform. But this will save you a couple of years of grinding:

  • Be unique
  • Be helpful and entertaining
  • Have Fun
  • Get a good Gaming Rig
  • Make your own brand
  • Choose the Right Games
  • Use Viral trends
  • Create playlists
  • Share properly
  • Make a great first impression
  • Stream with other Girl streamers
  • Take viewer feedback
  • Set up your streaming platform properly
  • User Experience is key
  • Network with other streamers
  • Follow legal procedures
  • Host Giveaways and competitions
  • Use moderation
  • Never Give Up
  • Keep making content


I hope this streaming guide has been informative for you. And I thank you for reading. Help fellow streamers and make awesome content. Looking forward to hearing about your success.

See you in-game

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