Blitz Brigade Settings To fix Lag and Boost FPS

Blitz Brigade is the unofficial mobile version of the famous Steam game Team Fortress 2. We have already made a settings guide for Team Fortress 2. You can check it out. For those playing the game already, you know how much fun the game is. Unfortunately, many players are unable to enjoy the game due to lag or having low-end devices. So we have made a settings guide to fix the lag and help you enjoy the game. If you haven’t already download Blitz Brigade Below:

Download Blitz Brigade for Android

Download Blitz Brigade for IOS

Since Blitz Brigade is a mobile game, it does not have many graphics settings you can change. I recommend reading the guide: How to make your Android Faster for Gaming.

Best settings for Blitz Brigade

best settings blitz brigade

There are only two settings for the game when you open the settings menu.

Render Scale: Disable

Disable this option. On some devices, it does give a performance boost but at the cost of blurry textures. The option also does not show a scale where you could adjust the render resolution. So I suggest disabling this.

Optimization Mode: Highest Performance

This is the preset optimization feature for the game. Choose the Highest performance mode in order to get the best performance and smooth gameplay. Higher FPS means smoother gameplay, so optimize for high performance.

Apply the settings and restart the game. I am sure you will get more fps and smoother gameplay.

For the internet lag, check out how to make your wifi faster for gaming.

I hope this guide has been informative for you. And I thank you for reading. If your lag issue is still not fixed then check out this guide on how to make your phone faster for gaming. If you have any suggestions for Blitz Brigade settings, do mention them in the comment section below. We would be happy to help if you have any issues as well.

See you in-game

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