Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Game Best Graphics settings

Ark Survival Evolved is one of the most popular games on the planet and is quite popular on steam as well. The amazing graphics and truly mesmerizing survival gameplay has made gamers fall in love with the game quite easily. And now this game is available on mobile devices. Although the game is available free to play. Many Gamers were unable to enjoy the game due to lag and incorrect graphics settings. So here is a guide to fix the lag and enjoy the Ark Survival Evolved Mobile game. If you haven’t already downloaded the game then click the button below:

Ark Survival Evolved For Android

Ark Survival Evolved For IOS

Since its a mobile game there are not many settings you can actually control. I recommend reading: How to make your phone faster for gaming.

Also, this game is huge in size. You might want to free some device storage space.

Best Settings for Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Game:

ark survival evolved mobile graphics settings

Graphics Quality: Low Or medium

The graphics quality can be set to Medium. The game looks really good even in medium settings. You can use low if your device is lagging a little too much. But Medium is good for most.

Resolution: Medium

Set the resolution scale midway. That is probably the bests settings for your device. Unless you are playing on a tablet, there is no reason to go for the max resolution on a mobile device.

So For tablets: Take the slider to max

For Mobile Devices: Set it at 50% or Medium

Enable Recording button: Disable

Disable this button. Unless you are a Youtuber, you have no use for this.

Preserve Battery Mode: Device Depended

Now if you are low on battery or have a really low-end device, then you can use this preserve battery mode. This mode is made for slow devices, so do not expect great graphics.

Click on apply and restart the game to apply the graphics settings for ark mobile.

I hope this guide has been informative for you and I thank you for reading. These were the best settings for ark survival evolved mobile game. If you have any questions or have more to say. Tells us in the comment section below:

See you in-game


  • I have minimized graphics, set the resolution to 200p in adb but still unplayable

    Posted November 15, 2020
    • Kindly share your device specs.

      Posted November 16, 2020

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