Top 10 Tips for Playing Horror Games without getting scared

If you are the type of gamer that wants to play Horror Games but is so scared that they cannot. Don’t worry we have your back. Not everyone likes ghosts and blood-sucking monsters. We understand. Many gamers loved our list of Top 20 horror games. Also, some were too scared to play games. So here are 10 tips for playing horror games without getting scared.

Tips for not getting scared while playing Horror Games

1) Play during the day

Horror Games are quite scary to play at night. And no rules say that you should. So be smart play during the day. That way, the fear factor of horror games is reduced to a minimum. If you just want to play the game for the story and not the scary experience. I recommend playing it in the day. Ghosts don’t come out during the day after all.

2) Turn off the volume or lower it

Lower the volume or turn it off completely. Use subtitles instead. A real scream is scary for most people. A subtitle reading “arrrrrhhhhh” is not that scary. In some horror games, you can turn off SFX without turning off the character’s voice. This makes a huge difference you get to listen to the story without the ghost interfering. Do check the settings.

Try it. You will notice that the game is no longer scary.

3) Play with friends

Playing horror games alone in a bad idea. Always play with friends or family. That way you can joke around and feel relaxed to have some fun even though you are playing a horror game. Being alone and playing at night is one of the most common reasons for people getting scared by horror Games.

4) Play with the lights on

Playing at night and in the dark is an obvious no-no. To play the horror game without getting scared you need lights and lots of them. With enough brightness, you can play horror games and not get scared. Playing during the day and playing with lights on is definitely the best solution for horror games scare.

Ghosts stay in the dark after all.

5) Pick easy Games

Don’t go with the scariest game on your first try. Like everything in life, you need to master the basics and then go to the expert level. Start easy. Get used to horror games. And then play the scariest horror games.

For you not to get scared of horror games, you need to first master playing horror games in general. The more you play the less scary the experience will be.

6) Play on the easy difficulty

Playing the game on the easiest difficulty is the best recommendation. The horror experience is slightly less. You don’t die as easily. And the game is easy to play in general. Not all games have this option. But for those games with this option. Use it. It will make it a lot easier to play the game.

Play on the easy level.

7) Let the monster get you

As counter-intuitive as it may sound. After dying a couple of times in-game you get used to it. You really do. Why you ask: Because you already know whats going to happen. It takes the fear factor away. Also after a couple of encounters monster is not that scary.

playing horror games without getting scared

So let him come. It’s okay you are not alone. Get used to the monster or ghost.

8) Take breaks

Never play a horror game for long hours. Take breaks. Listen to music. Watch stand up comedy. That way the fear factor is quite easily reduced. Horror games are not that scary when you have breaks in between.

playing horror games without getting scared

A coffee break is also good.

9) Make the characters dance and give monsters cute nickname

This is fun when done with friends. You give the ghost a funny name. So that you never feel scared. Whenever you see the ghost you remember the funny name or funny picture as shown below and you don’t get scared.

playing horror games without getting scared

A cute monster isn’t exactly scary. You can also make doodles as shown above. The monster doesn’t look that scary, does it?

This is a simple but effective way to ensure that you do not get scared while playing games.

10) Remember its just a game

The most important thing to remember is that its just a game. You will get scared and it’s okay. But remember its just a game. Its good to be scared at times. Have fun with friends. getting scared is part of it.

I hope these tips helped you get over your fear of horror games. If not you can’t really help it. You just need to drop the game or watch the youtube gameplay of the same game. Youtube always has walkthroughs if you are just interested in the story.

If you know more ways on how to play horror games without getting scared comment them below. Do share it with friends who are scared of playing horror games.

See you in-game

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