Top-ranked Mobile Legends characters – List of the best heroes

The popularity of Mobile Legends has been growing steadily since its introduction. Currently, the game has amassed 100 heroes. You need to select the most competitive characters to increase your winning chances. Here is a list of the top-ranked characters.

Attempting to assess the performance of Mobile Legend characters by looking at data may take a lot of time. Also, trying out all the characters may cost you a lot of money. This is the case because purchasing the characters is costly. You have two options: accumulate game points or use your diamonds. Accumulating game points is not easy. Using your diamonds is costly because they are expensive. There are some services like mobile legends boosting which some people use to climb up the ranks.

The Top Ranked Tank Characters

A good gamer knows how to select the right device for gaming. Similarly, while playing Mobile Legends, you must know how to select the right weapons for warfare. Tanks are quite useful weapons of warfare. When you drive them to the front of the team, they can be quite devastating to the enemy. Once they start firing their heavy artillery, the enemy finds it impossible to move too close to your team. Therefore, if you plan to use tanks, it would be good to get the characters who understand how to fight using these powerful but bulky weapons. Here is a list of the top-ranked tank heroes in Mobile Legends. The list is organized according to the different tiers of the characters.

·         Tier S: Khufra, Tigreal, and Grock

·         Tier C: Belerick and Barats

·         Tier A: Esmeralda, Atlas, Alice, Uranus, Lolita, and Gloo

·         Tier B: Franco, Hylos, and Hilda

Top Ranked Assassin Characters

There are stunning similarities between the assassin characters in Mobile Legends and those in actual warfare. For example, in both, assassins can easily change the course and outcome of warfare. They can be used to target the most important assets of the enemy and eliminate them. But assassins can be unusually valuable. This is true in the game as it is in real warfare. While playing Mobile Legends, you must ensure that your assassins are properly concealed. They use their natural surroundings as cover. Once exposed, it is easy for the enemy to neutralize them. This is because they do not have units providing cover, as with other classes of heroes.

But if you understand how to select and use assassins, you can easily have the upper hand in an engagement. Here is a list of some of the best assassin characters in Mobile Legends.

·         Tier D: Lesley

·         Tier C: Helcurt and Selena

·         Tier B: Natlia, Lancelot, and Kadita

·         Tier A: Benedetta, Hanzo, Alucard, and Fanny

·         Tier S: Ling, Wukong, Saber, and Aamon

Top Ranked Fighter Characters on Mobile Legends

Fighter characters are commonly referred to as brawlers. Their best position is just behind the tanks. The fighters can inflict a considerable degree of damage on the enemy camp. This can happen if you use the fighters well. For example, they are very good at crowd control tactics. You can take advantage of this feature to deal with different situations during the game. Also, the fighter characters are quite sturdy. This feature fits when you need to change your tactics during warfare. Moving tanks is difficult once you are committed to a particular strategy. However, it is easy to adapt the fighters to the situations that may occur during the game.

·         Tier S: Pacquito, Yu Zhong, Khaleed, and Roger

·         Tier A: Chou, Gatotkaca, Zilong, Aulus, Hayabusa, and Sun

·         Tier B: Freya, Lapu-Lapu, Hilda, Terizla, Alpha, and Alucard

·         Tier C: Dyrroth, Ruby, Kaja, Balmond, and Barats

·         Tier D: Aldous

Top Ranked Mage Characters in Mobile Legends

Think of mage characters as the secret card of the game. You can keep it secret until late in the game. You can then unleash it against your enemy to catch them unawares. The mage characters usually lurk behind the other characters of your team. They then begin to unleash their spells against the lanes of the enemy team. Their spells are supposed to undermine all the war effort of the enemy camp. So, if you understand how to use your mage characters, you can secretly undermine the ability of your enemies to fight. Once you have undermined the strength and power of your enemy, one can then unleash the other characters to finish the foe off.

Source: Unsplash

Here is a list of some of the best mage characters in Mobile Legends. One can select them from their respective tiers and change the course of the game in their favor.

·         Tier S: Valentina, Xavier, Kagura, Pharsa, and Lylia

·         Tier A: Yve, Vale, Gord, Cyclops, Alice, and Lunox

·         Tier B: Valir, Selena, Kadita, Harith, Faramis, Aurora and Zhask

·         Tier C: Angela and Nana

·         Tier D: Vexana

Top Ranked Support Characters in Mobile Legends

Support characters play critical roles in a game of Mobile Legends. Although they are not actively involved in combat like the fighters and assassins, they can easily change the course of a war. The support characters usually stay behind tanks and among the fighters and other characters. A player can use them to help the entire team progress during a battle. Progress is critical because a team is on the verge of victory when it occurs. Also, the support team helps to keep the other characters in the team out of danger. This kind of support is important because no player wants to start losing fighters unnecessarily. It is an unwritten mantra of any war game that you preserve your army and attempts to destroy the enemy camp.

·         Tier S: Estes, Rafaela, and Mathilda

·         Tier A: Lolita, Minotaur, and Diggie

·         Tier B: Angela

·         Tier C: Carmilla and Kaja

·         Tier D: Faramis

Final Thoughts

There are many other steps you can take to excel in Mobile Legends. These strategies for improving one’s gaming performance apply to nearly all warfare games. For example, you need to take time and watch how the best play. You may also need to check for cheats and tips in your games. All these tactics complement the right selection of your heroes in Mobile Legends. 

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