Best Settings for GFX Tool Pubg Mobile – The Ultimate Guide

Many Pubg mobile players wanted to know which are the best settings to play pubg mobile using the GFX tool. If you don’t already know the GFX Tool is: It is a graphics optimization tool for PUBG Mobile that can help you get the best performance and graphics balance and fix the lag issue in pubg mobile. But since it has so many options, it is confusing for most people in general. So here is a guide showing you the best settings in GFX Tool to play pubg mobile:

You can download the latest versions from here:


Note: The GFX Settings tool does not cause any ban. I have been using it for quite a while so I can confirm that. However, if there is any update from Tencent or Pubg Corp I will let you know. The most important thing to remember is always to use the latest version of the GFX Tool. They update regularly and make sure that there are no issues of a ban.

Best Settings for GFX Tool Pubg Mobile:


  • Resolution: 1280(HD) or 1440(HD+)

The resolution has a big impact on graphics. I recommend 1440(HD+) for most people. If your game is still lagging, then switch to 1280(HD). Do not go below that as the graphics will be really unplayable.

  • Graphics: So smooth or smooth

Smooth is the best quality setting you can select in the GFX tool for Pubg mobile. Unless you have a gaming phone. Smooth can fix the lag issue as well as get your game the FPS boost you need. So smooth is even better, but the graphics will drop significantly. So only low-end devices should use this.

  • FPS: 60

Higher FPS smoother gameplay. All mobile devices come with a 60hz refresh rate. So it is always recommended that you have a 60 FPS limit. If you are lagging a lot then select 30 FPS only as a last resort.

  • Antialiasing: Disable

Definitely Disable it. Unless you have a very high-end phone, you should not enable antialiasing in GFX Tool settings for Pubg mobile.

  • Styles: Classic or Colorful

This is a personal preference. There is no impact on FPS as such. Classic is the most used. I prefer Colorful. It’s up to you. Colourful can help spot enemies better for some people.

  • Rendering Quality: Low

Set it at low. Unless you have a gaming phone like POCO F1. Or at least a snapdragon 730g or equivalent.

  • Shadows: Disable

No advantage in games. You never really notice shadows while playing pubg mobile. Also, shadows have a lot of impact on FPS. So turn it off.

  • Shadow Distance: Low

When shadows are off this setting makes to difference. I recommend you turn off shadows. If you want shadows than at least turn this setting to low. It will help you get the FPS boost you need to play pubg mobile.

gfx tool settings for pubg mobile


  • Moving Shadows: Disable

Anything setting related to shadows can be safely disabled. Shadows cause lag. You can disable these settings which I feel is the greatest advantage of GFX settings for pubg mobile

  • Texture Quality: Default

Texture quality should be kept default or high because so that you can spot players easily. Low makes the game look really bad. So use it as a last option. I don’t recommend it personally.

  • Effects Quality: Low

The effects are best set to low. You can get the best performance increase at a very low cost. Set this to low. For snipers, you need this set to high.

  • Improvement for Effects: Low

Similar to the above setting. Set it to low.

  • Objects LOD Distance: Low

This setting deals with the level of detail (LOD). Higher settings require more resources and lower settings require less. For snipers, you need this set to be high

  • Foliage LOD Distance: Low

Same as above just instead of objects it deals with foliage settings in the gfx tool.

gfx tool settings for pubg mobile

  • Colour Format: 32bit or 64bit

Set this to 32bit if you want an FPS boost. Set it to 64bit if you want better quality.

  • Detail Mode: Default

Set it to default if you are a close range and a mid-range fighter. If you are a sniper, set it to high. You will be able to spot players better.

  • Light Effects: Disable

You do not need light effects. They cause FPS issues. You will also have difficulty spotting players. So set it to none in GFX Tool

  • Graphics API: Vulcan

Vulcan API is recommended for devices with android version 8 and higher. You can test with OpenGL if you get better performance.

  • GPU Optimization: Enable

This is a must-have. Thanks to the GFX tool in Pubg mobile, you can enable this setting. With this, you will have a better GPU performance while playing Pubg Mobile

  • Sound Quality: Low or High

Better the sound better your chances of hearing the footsteps. So get good headphones or earphones and set this setting to high or ultra if possible.

  • Save Controls: Enable

Saves your current controls, so you do not have to edit them again and again.

I hope this Guide has been informative for you and I thank you for reading. If you any questions regarding gfx tool settings for pubg mobile feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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See you in-game


  • Will this reset my sensitivity settings everytime?

    Posted July 29, 2020
    • No. It does not change sensitivity in any way. You can always take a backup.

      Posted July 29, 2020
  • 1 will i get ban after a while using this tool?
    2 can it be used on Cod mobile rather than pubg?

    Posted August 2, 2020
    • Ans 1: No bans using this tool.
      Ans 2: No you cannot use it for COD.

      Posted August 2, 2020
  • Thank you so much, i clearly see a big fps difference!

    Posted August 2, 2020
    • We are happy to help. Do share the post with friends and fellow gamers

      Posted August 2, 2020
  • What version should i pick in this current updates, im from Philippines, SEA.

    Posted August 7, 2020
    • Choose the one you get from playstore. If Pubg recently updated to a new version wait for a week and then download the latest version of gfx tool

      Posted August 7, 2020
      • does this work well with Pubg Lite.

        Posted October 8, 2020
        • Yes they have added pubg lite option in GFX Tools

          Posted October 8, 2020
  • It’s asking me to choose a version:
    0.19.X (GLOBAL)
    1.18.1 (CW)
    0.19.X (KR)
    0.19.X (VN)
    0.19.X (TW)
    0.18.X (LITE)
    1.0.X (BETA)

    Posted August 26, 2020
    • Select the version you are playing. Global is the international version the rest are country-based versions.

      Posted August 27, 2020
    • Select the version which you are using. It will depend on your country. Most likely it will be the global version

      Posted September 1, 2020
  • Find out which game version u r using yo may be using global and

    Posted August 31, 2020
  • In gfx tool it doesn’t save the setting always

    Posted September 30, 2020
  • does this also apply on pubg mobile lite

    Posted October 24, 2020
    • Yes many of the same settings apply to pubg mobile lite

      Posted October 25, 2020
  • what is the difference between resolution 1280 hd and 2160×1440

    Posted March 28, 2021
    • Quality and Render Resolution of Game. If you want to play pubg mobile in 2160×1440. You need at least a 3070 8GB graphics card for lag free gameplay.

      Posted March 28, 2021
  • Thank you pro for this amazing guide, I have some questions to ask, and i will be grateful if you will answer me

    1. Should I enable GPU Optimization for a  Qualcomm snapdragon 623 / 4 RAM phone?

    2. How do I know if my phone supports Vulcan? And if is it the best option for me or not?

    3. GFX tool doesn’t show me the actual PUBG mobile storage size. My PUBG mobile storage size is 2.5 GB. When i went through the GFX tool to clear the data and cache to run the game, it shows me that PUBG storage is only 314 – 311 MB (despite that, when i run the game, the 60 FPS unlocked, and the resolution and graphics are changed as I customized). But I feel worried, does this mean that GFX tool doesn’t work properly on my phone? Does it affect the game performance? How could I fix this problem?
    I re-installed both PUBG mobile and GFX tool but the problem remains the same.

    Posted May 11, 2022
    • GPU optimization: yes
      Check fps with and without vulcan. If u get better fps switch to that. It depends on os and GPU. Hard to say since every piece is different
      The cache does not matter that much. Ignore that. As long as the settings are properly applied its fine

      Posted May 14, 2022
      • Thank you for your help

        Posted May 20, 2022

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