Top 10 M4A1-S CS: GO Skins to buy under 5$

M4A1-S is undoubtedly one of the sneakiest guns in cs:go. Although it has lower damage than AK-47 it is still the best choice for sneaky CTs. So for those who love the sneaky m4a1-s here are the best skins you can buy in cs:go under 5$. To be honest m4a1-s skins are quite rare and expensive. So there are only a few good skins under the 5$ range. So without further ado here are the top 10 m4a1-s cs:go skins you can buy under 5$:

Minimal wear is recommended over factory new. The difference in hardly noticeable and you can easily get two skins for the price of one. The difference is sometimes that big in cost.

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m4a1-s cs go skins under 5$

1) M4A1-S Nightmare

One of the most expensive and overpowered skins in cs:go. Its one of the rarest skins in this price range. It is my personal favorite . The minimal wear version goes around 7$. The field tested version goes for around 4-5$ so I have included it in the list. Factory new is way too expensive.

m4a1-s cs go skins

2)M4A1-S Decimator

One of the coolest skins in cs:go. It looks amazing and for the price it is totally worth it if you ask me. It looks great and is a cheaper option to the nightmare skin

m4a1-s cs go skins

3) M4A1-S Leaded Glass

It is quite the stylish skin and looks amazing in-game. Although its not my cup of tea it certainly looks great with its yellow texture and design.For the price definitely a great skin for your m4a1-s

4) M4A1-S Flashback

One of the cheapest and best skins to buy for your m4a1-s. If you like the rebel army type skins then this is the best skin for you. You can buy the minimal wear version under the 1$ and factory new under 3$ price range. It looks even more amazing in-game.

5)M4A1-S Nitro

This is another one of cheaper m4a1-s skins that you can buy for a couple of dollars. Its quite minimalistic but if you low on budget and need a decent skin for your m4a1-s then this is the skin for you.

6) M4A1-S Blood Tiger

Many gamers like this skin even though its not my cup of tea. Its actually a great skin the the color contrast is not visible unless you are in direct light. Its a pretty decent skin if you the dark red patterns

7)M4A1-S Vari Camo

If you want to really stand out in-game then this is the one skin you need to buy. It looks amazing and is quite beautiful with its camo effects. A truly well suited skin for CT`s

8)M4A1-S Briefing

A cool and minimalistic skin you can buy for your m4a1-s. There are better options like the decimator and lead glass but if you want a unique skin then this one is for you.

m4a1-s cs go skins

9)M4A1-S Basilisk

Basilisk is probably one of the overrated skins. It looks okayish but for the price I don’t think its worth it. Other than the minor details the skin doesn’t really stand out much

m4a1-s cs go skins

10)M4A1-S Boreal Forest

I personally am a fan of this skin. Its the cheapest and most decent skin you can buy for your m4a1-s boreal forest in factory new condition under a 1$. Thats why its at rank 10. Minimal wear is around 30 cents. It looks amazing in-game and for that price you can’t complain.

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That’s all folks these were the best cs go M4A1-S skins you could buy under 5$. I only recommend minimal and factory new skins for playing and streaming. If I missed any great m4a1-s skins under 5$ then let me know in the comment section below. Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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