50 Best CS: GO skins Under 1$ – Cheapest CS: GO skins that you can buy under 1$

CS: GO skins are amazing and every CS: GO players want to show off their great skins. However, not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on CS: GO skins. So to help my fellow noobs2pro readers here are the best and cheapest CS: GO skins you can buy under a 1$. There are a total of 50 skins that we choose which are cheap and look amazing in-game.

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Note: I recommend buying minimal wear over factory new for most skins since the difference is hardly noticeable and you can save a lot of money and buy more cs go skins for the same price.

1) SSG 08 Abyss

Probably the best skin scout skin ever. For this price point its best and most badass looking cs go skin for SSG 08.

2) AWP Capillary

This is the only good AWP skin you can buy under the 1$ range. If you can spend more then go for Phobos or worm god which look better but cost more as well.

3) UMP-45 Arctic wolf

This is the coolest skin for UMP-45. I know many people do not use UMP-45 but for those who do use this gun, it is probably the one CS:GO skin you need to buy.

4) P90 Grim

This skin represents the grim reaper and rightfully so. It looks awesome and is probably the best skin for P90. Hands down according to me.

5) Aug Ricoshet

The best AUG skin under a tight budget. The only skin I liked better than this was Arctic Wolf but its expensive and goes for around 2$. But under 1$ this is the best AUG skin you can buy.

6) Mac 10 Oceanic

My personal favourite skin for MAC 10. There are a very few skins that look as good as Oceanic does on a mac-10.

7)MP9 Bioleak

This is one of the most good looking skins for MP9. Not everyone is fond of this color but the number of MP9 skins is quite low when it comes to the under 1$ range. This and poison ruby are your only bets.

8) P90 Chopper

One of the coolest flame skins for P90. P90 is the best gun if you want easy headshots when rushing. I personally prefer grim but this too is a great option for P90.

9) MP7 Cirrus

One of the best MP7 skins ever made. It looks amazing in game and is quite cheap. You can easily buy it under a 1$.

10) UMP 45 Exposure

One of the best skins you can get for UMP 45. Its my second favorite after arctic wolf and honestly does an amazing job by standing out from the crowd.

11) AK-47 Uncharted

This is the only AK-47 you can afford under a 1$ and it looks pretty good. Most AK-47 skins are expensive and if you were looking for a budget option than this probably a good one.

12) M249 Spectre

Not many people can control M249 well. But for those who can this is the best skin you can buy for M249. It looks clean and amazing and I really doubt you will find a better option than this.

13) Mac 10 Carnivore

This is also one of my favorite Mac 10 skins. It looks great and makes you stand out from the crowd. The skin is fairly cheap and can make your day quite easily.

14) Five-SeveN Violent Daimyo

If you love five seven then this is the best skin you can use. Its great and stands out the most. I hope you like the color though.

15) M4A4 Urban DDPAT

This is the one of the cheapest and good looking skins for M4A4. It is a fairly decent skin and under 1$ this is your only option.

16) FAMAS Neural Net

The only one good Famas skin you can buy under a 1$. I honestly liked it. It stands out. If you love FAMAS or use it regularly then this is the skin you need to buy.

17)SSG 08 Necropos

The only other SSG option for the Abyss skin. If you love undead characters and themes then you will definitely love this skin. Its not for everyone but for those you like it its awesome.

18) SG 553 Aerial

One of the best skins ever made for SG 553. If you love playing with this gun don’t think twice buy this CS:GO skin. Its worth it.

19) Glock-18 Off World

Honestly speaking this is the best and most affordable Glock skins you can buy. Its quite cheap and even though it has a slightly rusted look its looks awesome in-game compared to the other glock skins in CS: GO

20) Dual Berettas Cobalt Quartz

The best dual elite skins you can buy at cheap. It honestly looks amazing espcially in-game. Many of dual berettas skins look good while buying but not in-game. This is the exception and the one you need to buy.

21)P250 Nevermore

One of the coolest skins for P250. If red is your color then you will definitely love this skin. Its great for those easy headshots.

22)Desert Eagle Blue Ply

The deagle is one of the few guns that cannot get a good skin under a 1$. This is the best option if you were looking for a deagle skin. The other is bronze deco but I personally didn’t like it as you cannot really see any difference in-game.

23) P2000 Oceanic

If you love using P2000 then this is the skin you need to buy. It looks great and costs less. It stands out and there are very few good options to this skin.

24) Sawed-Off Origami

Probably one of the most underated skins in CS:GO. You can buy this for fairly cheap. And if you like using the sawed off shotgun then this is the gun skin you need to buy.

25) MP9 Ruby Poison Dart

With this skin you can start off awesome right from the get go. It is one of the cheapest and most good looking CS:GO skins for MP9. If you love rushing headfirst in danger than this skin is made for you

26) CZ75 Auto Eco

The coolest and most awesome skin if you love using CZ75. Many people don’t and I get it but for those who use it this is the best choice.

27) MAG-7 SWAG-7

The gun that can give easy headshots needs a proper skin touch. Swag is a must when getting kills with the mag 7 so here are the skins you need.

28) UMP-45 Scaffold

Another great UMP skin you can buy under a 1$. I prefer the arctic wolf but for those who like the skin you can always get it.

29) Negev Lionfish

The machine gun that can stop enemies in track deserves a special skin. Its the lionsfish. Time for some spraying.

30) MP7 Powercore

MP7 has a few great skins. This is one of them. This looks decent and is sleek. Its not all bright colors so some people might not like it but its a good skin according to me.

31) CZ75-Auto Pole Position

This is a great skin and probably the best skin for CZ75 the only problem being that it is expensive and almost touches a dollar.

32) Galil Firefight

Galil does not have any amazing skins other than this under the 1$ range. This is a good compromise and the skin looks fairly good.

33) Sawed-Off Limelight

A truly sleek skin for the sawed off shotgun. I honestly love it and it looks really cool. Buy if you love using this in-game

34) P2000 Handgun

Not everyone likes this gun but almost all will love this skin. Its amazingly simple yet elegant. If you use P2000 in cs:go then this is the skin you need to buy.

35)Tec-9 Isaac

Tec-9 is loved by many so a cool skin for Tec-9 is a must. the Isaac is the best one according to me since its much more visible that ice cap tec 9. You can always buy ice-cap if you didn’t like isaac

36) Nova Exo

For those who like to use shotguns this a skin that is cheap and can make your day. Wanna look cool with a shotgun then buy this skin now.

37) Mac 10 Lapis Gator

This is a great skin to buy for MAC-10 lovers who love blue color. It stands out quite a bit and is honestly one of the best skins in-game for mac-10

38) SCAR-20 Blueprint

One of the most hated guns in the cs:go community and rightfully so. If you don’t mind the hate than this a great skin you can show off.

39) Galil AR Signal

If you love using Galil than this is the only skin I would recommend. It actually looks really cool in-game and if you want to stand out this is the gun for you.

40)XM1014 Seasons

If you love using shotguns then this is the skin for you. It stands out and is honestly quite good looking. If you are looking to make some great videos this is a great skin to buy.

41)G3SG1 High Seas

If you use this gun then I am sure you will get a lot of hate from the cs:go community. But the skin is awesome and at under 1$ this is one of the few good ones that I liked.

42) SG 553 Triarch

Other than aerial this is a great skin you can buy for your SG 553. Even though the gun has been nerfed now it still packs quite the punch. Make sure to get this skin to make it look more awesome.

43)AUG Radiation Hazard

This is another great skin for AUG. There are few skins that are so cheap that you can afford them under a 1$. I prefer ricochet but if you like a darker skin then this is the one for you.

44) Dual Berettas Dualing Dragons

If you love dualies then this is the second best skin according to me that you can buy for your dual berettas. Hope you get those headshots.

45)SSG 08 Dark Water

This is another great skin for scout. If you love using scout then you can invest in it. It looks classy and the black and white color combination is perfect as always.

46) Desert Eagle Oxide Blaze

There are very few deagle skins in cs:go that are cheaper than a dollar. But this is probably one of the best ones. I personally don’t like the rusty look the blaze covers up the flaw.

47) Glock-18 Weasel

This is another great skin for glock that looks great and having a cute weasel on the gun makes it worth while.

48) Tec 9 Cracked Opal

This is one of the cheapest and most good looking skins for Tec-9. There are some better skins but they tend to touch the 1$ mark which I feel is too much for a tec 9. Isacc is a good skin option if you can get it under a 1$

49) PP-Bizon Osiris

Now I know no one really uses PP-Bizon that much. But if you were looking for a skin for your Bizon then this is a great choice for you to show off.

50) CZ75-Auto Tigris

The most awesome CZ275 skin if you ask me. Although I don’t use this gun for those who do this is proabably the best skin you can buy under 1$

That’s all folks these were the top 50 skins under a 1$ that can make your cs: go experience awesome. If you know any more skins that I might have missed let me know in the comment section below. You can get the entire set of all these skins under 30$-40$ dollars depending on where you buy them. I hope you liked the guide do share it with friends. Happy Gaming. See you in-game.

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