Top 10 CS:GO Factory New Knife Skins Under 100$

Getting stabby with knives is a lot of fun. It’s hard to find amazing looking knives when your budget is low. But if you are a twitch streamer or YouTuber then a sexy knife is a must to show off. So for our dear readers, we have decided to make a list of the best CS:GO Factory new Knife skins Under 100$:

The prices are around 100 for factory new. Minimal Wear knife skins and Field Tested knife skins will be much cheaper in the 50-80$ range.

factory new knife skins under 100$

1) Navaja Tiger Tooth Knife

If you love flashy skins then you will definitely love this knife skin. I mean if you ask me this is the best budget skin for streamers.

2) Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth

My personal favorite shadow daggers set. If you love shadow daggers then don’t think this is the one you need to buy.

factory new knife skins under 100$

3) Doppler Phase Gut Knife

The price of this knife goes upto 100$. Its more expensive on steam but on trading sites you will be able to get it for cheap. There are 4 phases to this knife so make sure to buy the right one. The phase 4 is the best according to me.

4) Navaja Knife Slaughter

Slaughtering and stabbing is best done with the slaughter skin. probably one of the best cs:go knife skins ever made for budget gamers.

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5) Gut Knife Tiger Tooth

When it comes to showing off tiger tooth and slaughter are my best picks for a great knife stab while streaming. Its quite the good looking skin so make sure to check it out.

factory new knife skins under 100$

6) Falcion Knife Safari Mesh

If you wanted a factory new falcion knife under 100$ then this is probably the only one you can buy. Its pretty decent but I would rather buy others.

7) Gut Knife Slaughter

One of the cheapest and coolest looking skins on the market. Its much cheaper compared to the other names on the list and thus makes a great buy.

8) Gut knife Freehand

One of the cooler looking gut knifes that’s worth the money. This skin is cheaper on many of the trading sites.

9) Shadow Daggers Damascus Steel

Nothing beats getting sneaky kills with Shadow Daggers. If you want to stand out these are the cheapest factory new shadow daggers you can buy that actually look good.

factory new knife skins under 100$

10) Gut Knife Brightwater

Brightwater is the most common and cheaper type of knife skin pattern available to buy. If you want a cheap skin that is sure to sell well in future this is the one I would recommend.

That’s all folks. These were the cheapest factory new knife skins under 100$. If I missed any great factory skins then do let me know in the comment section below.

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