How to Date & Impress a Gamer Girls

 Gamer girls are hard to find since very few girls actually love gaming but I am sure you can manage to find a few gamer girls if not many on the most popular games. But now comes the main problem of what to do next? What can you do to impress a gamer girl and make her your girlfriend?

Gamer girls are girls just like all other girls. Ironically Pro gamers have a lot of pretty gamer girlfriends who stream with them. Shroud is one of the best examples for the same. Women respect alpha males and pro gamers are alphas in their respective fields. Pro gamer’s who are confident, well settled, and are respected in the gaming community tend to be the guys girls chase. So you need to master those skills. Girls won’t fall in love with a noobs. I think that’s something we can all agree on.

1) Learn to play well

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An undeniable fact for gamers is the skill. You need to be a good gamer in order to impress her. If she is a gamer, then she will appreciate your skills and respect you for it. Its good to be on the top. Just check out all the top players on YouTube and Twitch. Check out their girlfriends; it will blow your mind. Ask her to join you on your stream. ‘That’s a damn good pick up line if you ask me. If you’re also earning money from games, your life is pretty much set. You need to be dependable after all only alpha males get the girls. So be a good Gamer

2) Learn to be a good supporter

In games, learn to support her. Throwing the timely smoke to cover her. Defending when she is reloading. Or helping her learn how to play are good things to do. Teach her but don’t be a simp. Support her but don’t carry her. Many girls are new to the gaming field, so be understanding.

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3) Learn to flirt gamer style

Flirting is one of the skills every guy including gamers must master. The more skillfully you can tease, the better your chances of wooing her. Flirting while gaming is an art. It will take a lot of practice, but the results are worth it. So keep practicing fellow gamers.

4)Play and help her win

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If she is having some difficulty with a game. Offer to teach her. If she stays close by, then ask her to meet and show her how to play. It can be a gamer’s date. Trust me it’s the best if you manage that properly. Innovative and intelligent plays are recommended they show off your intelligence and can help you gain a lot of brownie points from her. Be unique and make sure to plan the date properly. Clean your gaming room guys.

5)Ask for her number

Once you have gotten close to her, ask for her contact info, especially her number and set a date. Don’t be a puppy here. Be a man and ask her out. After all, you want to play with more than just games right. Dating is also just another game guys learn to play. Learn all the skills and gain experience that’s how you will level up. Its okay to fail. But don’t quit.

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6) Start chatting and playing games

Start playing with her. Play duos if possible. ‘That’s the best-case scenario since you don’t want other guys to interfere. Teach her, flirt have fun and make it a habit. Call her to your house for Gaming sessions where you can set a romantic date as well. Gaming and romance should go hand in hand. Have fun gaming. Steam, Discord, and social media are some of the best places to keep in touch and flirt with her.

flirt with gamer girls

7) Being creative and daring when playing

Showing off helps as long as you are not being needy. You can show your skills and not show off at the same time. Self praise is bad. Other people praising you in good. Learn from the pro gamers and show off your amazing skills during games and dates. Do practice beforehand; otherwise, you will find yourself having an epic fail moment. Make sure you are having fun with your friends as well. Don’t be a SIMP.

I hope this guide has been helpful for you and I thank you for reading. If you know more ways to woe gamer girls then let me know in the comment section below. We would we happy to help fellow gamers in the dating world. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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