Top 10 Best Guns in PUBG Mobile | The guns you need to master

Every PUBG Mobile player wants to know which are the best guns to use in PUBG. Well, this guide is tailored for beginners since they need to get easy chicken dinners. And want to master Pubg mobile guns as fast as possible. These are the easy and most required guns you need to master in PUBG:

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What are the best guns we need to get easy chicken dinners?

There’s assault rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, pistols each with different attachments. Here are our picks for the best PUBG Mobile guns and the ones you should use to get the best chance at winning chicken dinners.

  • Best Sniper Rifles
  1. Kar98k

The Kar98k is by far the best common sniper rifle, but the bolt action nature means that hitting more than one shot in a row requires a lot of time and adjustment. With a good scope you can get easy kills and headshot with the Kar98k. It becomes incredibly lethal and one of the best weapons in the game.

KAR98K Best sniper rifle pubg

Kar98k is compatible with 3 attachment types i.e. Muzzle, Scope, and Stock. The best attachment as recommended by us is 8x or 4x Scope, Suppressor, and Bullet loop. That makes Kar98k much faster while sniping as well as makes it more accurate. 

The other alternative is M24 but it has slightly lower damage then kar98.  So between Kar98 and M24. Kar98 wins.

  1. SLR

In terms of an all-round weapon, the SLR is undoubtedly the best semi-automatic sniper. The SLR is truly a tier-one weapon and one you should always get your hands on if you don’t already have a Kar98k or an AWM from the airdrop.

Best SLR GUN in Pubg

For medium-range, the best attachment for SLR is a compensator, 4x Sight, and extended mag+quickdraw. With these attachments, SLR recoil will be reduced and with its high damage, you can easily get more kills.

For the longer range, we recommend you use an 8x Sight Scope in place of 4x. Also, use a sniper suppressor so that you can get easy kills.

  • Assault Rifles
  1. M416

It is capable of some serious damage and it is the easiest gun to control in terms of recoil. recoil for those who like to spray. It is one of the best all-round weapons available in pubg mobile. If you find the right attachments then M416 is unstoppable. It should be on the top of your wish list.

M416 assault rifle
M416 assault rifle

M416 is compatible with 5 attachments types i.e. Muzzle, Scope, Foregrip, Magazine, Stock. The scope is a personal choice but the red dot is my personal favorite.

The best attachments are Compensator, Quickdraw. Ext Mag, Tactical Stock.

  1. AKM

The AKM has is one of the highest single-shot damage guns in the game. It’s one of the most common assault rifles found on the map. The problem is the high recoil which can be mastered by training in the practice session and using the right attachments. Just two shots to the face will be enough to take down anyone who isn’t rocking a level three helmet.

AKM Best rifle gun in pubg

AKM is compatible with 3 attachments types i.e. Muzzle, Scope, Magazine.

This is the best 2 attachments that AKM is Compensator, and is Extended quickdraw Mag. This makes the gun more stable and helps control AKM recoil.

  • Light Machine Guns
  1. DP-28

DP 28 is the most underrated gun in pubg mobile. It fires 7.62mm rounds with 43 bullets per Mag. DP 28 only has a full auto mode but you can use a 6X scope and make it an excellent sniper with very low recoil. With such a large magazine you can easily gun down multiple enemies. Well, DP-28 is Erangel exclusive weapon which means that you can only find DP28 in the Erangel map. Because the dp28 location is random so you can find dp28 in any towns, cities, houses, and every other loot spot in Erangel.

DP 28 Light machine gun
DP 28 Light machine gun

There are no attachments other than scopes. Most people prefer using it with a red dot in close range. And for long-range use 4X and 6X scopes.

  • Pistols
  1. Skorpion

Now you should not really be using pistols during a rifle fight in PUBG. But Skorpion is by far the best Pistol type gun you can use in PUBG mobile. This gun is technically an SMG but pubg classifies it as a pistol type gun. The gun is a submachine gun and thus can do a lot of damage in fights.


You can add the following attachments to Scorpion: Vertical foregrip, extended mag, Suppressor, Stock.

The other option and an actual pistol P18C.

P18C best pistol in pubg

The only autofire pistol in PUBG can pack quite the punch, and with an extended mag can be really quite useful for clearing outbuildings. You still shouldn’t use it that often, but if you spot one it is always worth picking up.

In other to get the best loadout of P18C you need to attach this weapon with Pistol Suppressor, Laser Sight, Red Dot Sight, and Pistol Qck.Ext mag.

  • Submachine Guns
  1. UZI

UZI is the strongest close-range weapon in the game. The rate of fire is so high that you can easily knock anyone in close combat. But make sure you don’t use it in long-range. It has low recoil and high firing capacity.  With its attachments in place, you can easily knock down multiple players. A red dot with uzi is an amazing combo.


In other to get the best loadout of UZI you need to attach this weapon with SMG Compensator, SMG Qck. Ext Mag, and UZI Stock and red dot

  1. Vector

Vector is one of the most stable guns in the game. If you love moving and shooting then the vector is the gun for you. The only problem is that it has slightly lower damage. So if you are hoping for 1 V 4 clutches then you better hope for a headshot. Vector is a very fast and stable gun, so it’s perfect for hit and runs tactics. But make sure you add an extended mag to secure your kills otherwise its game over for you.

The best submachine gun in PUBG Vector

In other to get the best loadout for Vector you need to attach the following attachments: SMG Compensator, Vertical Foregrip, Red Dot Sight, SMG Qck. Ext mag and Tact stock.

  • Top Air-Drop Weapons
  1. AWM

All of the airdrop weapons are amazing. They are generally better than their counterpart guns. AWM is by far the best sniper in the game. With its incredibly high damage, its almost always a confirmed kill. A headshot is always a confirmed kill. You need two body shots if the target has a level 3 armor.

The best sniper gun in pubg AWM

According to us, the best attachment for AWM is 8x Scope, Suppressor, Quickdraw Extended Mag, and Cheek Pad.

  1. Groza

If you are looking for the best gun in pubg mobile then the answer is Groza. Technically speaking this is the most overpowered assault rifle in pubg. Hands down. It has an extremely high fire rate and thus is the best gun in pubg to get easy kills. You only need to find 3 attachments (suppressor, red dot and extended QuickDraw mag) to make it a perfect killing machine in pubg.

The best gun in pubg groza

The gun does have a slightly high recoil in mid and long-range but in close range, you can just Spray and pray while watching people getting knocked down.


Hopefully, this list of the best guns in pubg mobile helped you improve your game. These top 10 guns are powerful but nothing beats practice and hard work while playing pubg. You can check out how to become a conqueror in pubg mobile. If you are facing lag issues then I recommend the PUBG Lag Fix Guide.

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