How To fix GTA Online Strict NAT Type Error & Change NAT Type

GTA Online is always full of connection issues the most common being the Strict NAT Type error. This is quite a common error and can be easily fixed provided you follow the proper steps. In order to fix the Strict NAT Type error in GTA Online, you need to first understand the cause of the error.

What is a Strict NAT type?

Answer: NAT stands for Network Address Translation. It is a network function of your router or internet gateway device that translates your PC’s private IP address and port to a public IP address and port. Your NAT type describes which method your NAT device uses to perform this translation, and how the device filters incoming packets.

Strict NAT Type issue GTA Online
Strict NAT Type issue GTA Online

Essentially, your NAT type determines how easily GTA Online can connect to the Rockstar Server and connect to other players over the internet.

So Strict NAT Type is bad since it will cause problems such as higher latency (lag), smaller session sizes, longer wait times, and more frequent disconnections. When connection conflicts occur, the game may choose to drop the player with the strictest NAT type. That’s how the servers are configured.

There are three general classifications of NAT types:

OPEN: Can play games with any other NAT type.
MODERATE: Can play games with open or moderate NAT types.
STRICT: Can only play against open NAT types.

If your NAT type is Strict, you will be unable to make a direct connection with most players and thus you can imagine the types of issues you will face. So make sure that you change your NAT Type from strict to moderate or open.

How can I change my Strict NAT type to open or moderate?

Step 1: To check you are facing the strict NAT Settings issue in GTA Online. Do the following steps:

Step 2: To check the status:

  1. Press Home>
  2. Go to the settings option in Rockstar Games Social Club (Gear Icon)>
  3. Now go to network information:
GTA Online strict NAT Type errors fix
GTA Online strict NAT Type errors fix

As you can see in the image above you can check your NAT Status. I have moderate NAT status which is fine. But if you have a strict NAT then you will face issues while playing GTA in multiplayer mode. Especially while joining player sessions in multiplayer mode:

If you have this error then try the following:

Method 1: Firewall Access

Step 1: Enable access to the Firewall. Enable internet and firewall access to GTA V as shown in the image below:

GTA ONLINE connection issues firewall settings
GTA online Firewall settings

Step 2: Make sure you grant proper access to GTA Online. If not, you will only face connection errors that are annoying and will keep causing issues while playing GTA Online.

Step 3: Now go to windows firewall settings. Search for advanced firewall settings page as shown below:

GTA online Firewall settings
GTA online Firewall settings

Step 4: Now click on the service and ensure that it has full access to connect to the GTA Online Servers.

Step 5: Now go to the advanced settings and select the “allow edge traversal” option as shown in the image below. This option allows for lag-free communication between your system and GTA online servers. Restart the system and try to play GTA online.

GTA online Firewall settings to fix connections issues and errors Strict NAT Type issue GTA Online
GTA online Firewall settings

This method is known to work the best and solve issues since most gamers never check their firewall settings. You can also try disabling your firewall and see if it helps fix the strict nat type issue in GTA online. If not move on to the next method.

Method 2: Antivirus Settings and VPN

Sometimes the strict NAT Type issue is caused because of antivirus Softwares which has inbuilt firewalls. These tend to interfere with the game. Also if you are using a VPN then chances are you may face issues like a Strict NAT Type.

Step 1: Disable antivirus and firewall. Reset your router and try to connect to GTA Online. Now check if the Strict NAT type issue is fixed.

GTA Online strict NAT Type errors fix

Step 2: Try to disable and enable the VPN. Check both ways so that you can find if out what is really causing the issue. For some systems, VPNs can help fix the issue. I recommend using a free VPN and checking if it helps fix the Strict NAT Type issue.

If this method worked for you then great. Otherwise, move on to the next method.

Method 3: Router Settings

Step 1: Bypass the router entirely and connect your PC directly to the modem using a wired Ethernet cable. This can help solve NAT issues. LAN is better than Wifi for Gaming.

Step 2: If your router is connected to a gateway, and both the router and modem might be performing NAT at the same time resulting in errors. To resolve this issue, put your gateway into ‘Bridge Mode’ so that only your router performs NAT. This requires some technical knowledge and thus I recommend checking your router manual as these settings will differ depending on the router.

Step 3: If you use an ADSL connection, see if dialing a PPPoE connection from the PC improves the NAT Type. Read your device’s manual or contact your ISP to know how you can change these settings.

Step 4: Check if there are any other issues that might also be causing strict NAT Type errors. Read the GTA Online Connection Issues Complete guide.

Step 5: Some routers have a ‘Gaming Mode’. Enabling this mode can often give you a better NAT type and gaming performance. Check your router settings if there is such an option. Read your router’s manual or search online to see if your router supports it.

Additional Ports you need to keep open for GTA Online:

TCP Ports: 80, 443
UDP Ports: 6672, 61455, 61456, 61457, and 61458

Step 6: Check if any ports are blocked by your router. For this, you need to check your router settings. The steps to router settings vary according to your router brand and the type of router you have.

Step 7: Enable or disable UPnP (universal plug and play) on your router to check if it helps fix the connection issue with GTA Online.

Support is the way to go:

If all the above methods failed then Contact Rockstar Support and raise a ticket to fix the issue. There might be some software that is interfering with NAT. Or it can be some other issue with the installation. But in most cases, the issue is caused by antivirus and firewall settings.

I hope this guide has been helpful for you to change your nat type from strict to moderate in GTA Online. This guide is sure to fix the Strict NAT Type issue in GTA Online. If you know any more methods then do let us know. Happy Gaming.

See you in-game

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