Top 10 Car Racing Simulation Games for PC and Consoles

Driving and Car Racing Simulation games are loved by all Gamers irrespective of age. They are basically used for entertainment and learning purposes and are a great way to develop your driver skills. Car Racing Simulator games are really educational for kids as they can learn about new technology in cars or learn more about cars in general and also learn how to drive in the safety of their homes.

Most importantly Car Racing Simulation Games are a lot of fun to play and enjoy with realistic controls, manual gear shifting, and much more. Racing Simulator Games can also help improve your driving skills if you are playing with a proper controller. So here are the top 10 Car Racing and Driving Simulation Games you need to play:

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This game is according to us one of the most amazing Car Racing Games ever made; you can drive over 830+ Cars in the Game. You can manually control a lot of aspects of the car giving you a true simulation experience. and the Clock in the Modern Cars Interior Works. You have over 20 Different Forza Editions You Can Buy. This game is great for Beginners, especially when you are starting to learn about racing games. The list of cars available is vast and race tracks are awesome with some really great scenery. The game requires some patience to master the cars since you need to adjust your driving according to the car you are driving. A truly fun car racing simulator every gamer must play.

FORZA MOTORSPORT 7 Racing Simulation Game


BeamNG drive is an amazing racing simulator game. It has all sorts of realistic things to do, and a devoted modding community has made it one of the best racing simulation games ever made. Its best known for its superb crash physics. It has a free to play mode, self-explanatory. It creates Scenarios, missions coming in various degrees of difficulty. Its Campaigns, groups of scenarios are great. This game has a Career option and more to come in the future. It includes newly added in-game track builder, Garage, has fun customizing cars, Repository, built-in safe mod downloader, etc. also has support for Camshaft Software’s Automation, where you can build your own cars and export them to BeamNG!. All I can say is if you love cars and racing this game is for you.

driving simulator game


One of the best driving simulation games ever made. This is an awesome game, overall, but definitely not meant for beginners since it requires a bit of racing experience. If you have played racing games before then it will be easy for you. The Career Mode in this game is especially challenging for new players as the difficulty levels are much higher than other games. Also for those who don’t enjoy racing in extremely bad weather conditions you have some bad luck since there’s no way to “turn off” the monsoon-like rains that often come without warning. This is seriously one of the most realistic simulation games you will ever play.

Project Cars 2 Racing game
Project Cars 2


Dirt is always known for its amazing Racing games. With every game becoming closer and closer to reality, Dirt Rally 2 is a very challenging and realistic video game based on rally racing. It is truly an amazing game where you can try your racing skills with other players all over the world. It has plenty of features, bonuses, and easter eggs that you can unlock by playing the game. The controls are quite good and you can always use controllers for a more realistic experience.

Driving simulation game dirt rally 2
Dirt Rally 2

5) iRacing

iRacing is built to be one of the most realistic racing simulation games you can play. It has a more unique approach to racing games and uses systems like (rating, safety rating, physics) that other racing games do not use. It’s meant for those gamers that want to be a part of a community that enjoys racing. Iracing has all types of racing added to it. You can race on asphalt, dirt, ovals, and road courses – running a number of different cars and trucks. The development team is top-notch and brings constant updates and improvements to the game to ensure you get an amazing driving simulation experience.

Iracing Racing simulator game


It’s one of the best simulation racing games out there. The key part of the game is most cars handle differently based on their specs and the type of vehicle it is. So the controls are much more realistic and even deeper This game fun to play and also helps you learn how to drive a car if you are using a proper controller. That’s why this game took the 6th position on our list of best car racing simulation games

ASSETTO CORSA driving simulation game

7) Driver: San Francisco

If you love just driving through the world then this game is for you. It’s one of the best driving simulation games out there. This game an awesome story-line and even better graphics. The cars are really detailed and feel quite realistic. The controls are awesome and the game is obviously a lot of fun. This game also has a side story of a detective. This game has some new concepts and some really good racing cars. So make sure you don’t miss it.

Driver san francisco racing game
Driver san francisco

8.Shift 2: Unleashed

Shift 2: Unleashed is a racing simulation from the Need for Speed: Shift series. As you know need for speed is the king of racing games. It got the king title because of the need for speed most wanted (Blacklist) which is by far the most played need for speed game ever. This game has great cars and some nice racing mechanics. The true driving experience is one of the key aspects of this game is why it made it to our list on the 8th rank.

need for speed shift 2 racing game
need for speed shift 2

9.  F1 2019

If you love F1 Racing or if you had a dream of becoming an F1 Racer than this game is for you. Definitely one of the best games Code masters has made to date. F1 2019 is a huge step for the racing Games industry with some really amazing graphics and racing simulation games. It is the best formula 1 franchise game. The game is not that easy for beginners but after playing for a couple of days you will get used to the handling of the cars. All in all its a really great game.

f1 2019 racing simulation game
f1 2019 racing


Euro Truck Simulator is one of the most played driving simulation games ever made. The graphics look spectacular. They really have captured the essence of driving a truck across Europe perfectly in the game. Every country has that unique vibe and culture to it. You can bear down the miles on a German autobahn. Or wind through Italy’s back roads. There’s loads of variety. Getting the map DLCs are a must so I suggest getting a bundle that is of good value. The map is of a decent size and a good leveling system. It is easy to rack up the hours and still have plenty more gameplay in the game. You can work for companies. Work as an owner-driver. Or own your own fleet of trucks, buying trailers for certain jobs, and hiring drivers. Make your fleet as big as you wish as you can buy garages across Europe. A must-play for those players who Driving Simulation Games

Driving Game
Euro truck simulator Game


Simulation games are very popular nowadays, especially now since most people are stuck indoors. If you haven’t played racing simulator games before then now is the perfect time to start racing games. These are real driving simulation games and thus can also improve your driving skills to an extent. Happy Racing

See you in-game.

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