10 Ways to Get CS:GO Skins for free | Learn How to get Rare Skins

Free Skins in CS: GO sounds too good to be true. CS: GO players know the importance and value of skins. CS: GO skins trading is so popular that there are many players who only play for the skins. But not anymore. Noobs2pro has brought you 10 Ways get free CS: GO skins. Since CS: GO became free on the steam market the rise of CS: GO players has grown astronomically. So has the value for CS: GO skins. So trading skins as well as showing off your rare skins is now so much more fun.

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How to get Free CSGO skins

1)  Giveaways from websites

There are many websites as well as gamers who give free cs: go skins to players who promote their brand. I am sure you have come across many such sites when searching for free cs: go skins.

Some of these sites do actually give you free CS: GO skins provided you promote their site or complete the tasks assigned. In some cases its on a random lottery system. But giveaways are a really good way to get Free skins.

Make sure you only use well-reputed websites so that your effort is not wasted. Here are the ones I use

CS GO Skins
giveaways cs go skins

You need to spend a lot of time and effort completing challenges and hoping that you get skins from the giveaway websites. But it is possible so make sure you check out this method.

2) Grinding in CS: GO

The second and most common way to get skins in CS: GO is to grind and play CS: GO as much as you can. You generally get drops when you level up. These level-ups need to be odd numbers. So basically at every odd number, you will be given a skin.

So ranks 1,3,5 etc is where you will get a free skin drop in cs: go.

These drops can be anything from crates and graffitis and skins. It depends on luck mostly.

That is not all you also get weekly drops and random drops on occasion but its frankly a game of chance unless you use the secret trick below. Because most CS: GO skins you get are of low quality and thus you won’t earn much by skin trading. So I recommend using tricks 3 and 4 for getting a lot of rare CS: GO skins for free.

3) Secret Trick to getting better CS: GO skins (No guarantees but it has worked for me )

Now, this is a secret trick that can easily get you amazing skins in CS: GO. The trick is to purchase a (Prime) Premium membership in CS: GO. I know spending money on a free game sounds like a bad idea. But trust me you will make a lot more money from buying the membership especially in the early phase of the game.

Generally, you need to reach level 21 to enable prime membership for free.

But here’s the trick if you already have a membership at the beginning of the game. When going from level 1 to 21 there is a high chance that you get more amazing drops instead of the regular low-quality drops and graffiti that most people get. And the best part of this trick is: the membership is super cheap. It’s only a few dollars. And the skins you get can easily be sold for a much higher price.

Also paid members are given more skins compared to other players who do not have a prime membership.

So you may ask why do prime members in CS: GO get more skins?

CS: GO themselves have stated that those with Prime membership will get a lot more skins and most importantly they will get rare skins instead of common skins. This makes a huge difference when it comes to getting free skins.

You can check the image below:

prime account status for free cs go skins
Prime account

Leveling up after reaching level 21 is much much harder than leveling at level 1 to 21. Just like any game leveling gets harder as you go higher on the level scale. That’s exactly why you get more benefits from the prime membership early game.

Also since you are a paid member you will get more drops than players who leveled up and got a membership. That’s just how it works. You are a Paid member for a reason. If you are serious about getting a lot of rare CS: GO skins then prime membership is a must.

4) CS: GO Skin Farming

Now another great way to get premium skins is skin farming. In skin farming, you make multiple steam accounts and get skins by playing CS: GO on each account. You can get a lot of free skins in the early ranking phase of the game.

Make sure you do not make too many accounts since you will be flagged. I mean you trying to beat the system so I doubt Valve will take it kindly.

CS GO Skins farming
CS GO Skins farming

If you use the secret trick I mentioned above you can earn a lot more rare skins. After getting a lot of rare skins you just transfer all the skins to your main account. Then start selling and earning money on the steam market or other skins trading websites on the internet.

You can also make your friends play for you so that you can farm more skins and earn even more money by trading skins. This requires time and dedication but you get some amazing csgo skins for free.

5) Steam Groups

There are many steam groups that giveaway free csgo skins without any conditions. The amount they giveaway is small but you can get free skins without having to do any tedious tasks. So in rare cases they even give rare and epic skins to players.

It’s random and unless you have amazing luck chances are quite low in getting rare cs: go skins but something is better than nothing so you might as well try and get skins from these groups.

6) Youtube and Twitch Streams

There are many lotteries and giveaways organized by CSGO streamers, CSGO YouTubers, some websites catering to CSGO players. They provide giveaways to get more views and likes to their streams. Sometimes even pro-gaming CSGO teams do this just to spice up their popularity. Make sure you find and follow these gamers to support the csgo community and get free skins as well.

7) Competitions

There are many CS: GO competitions where you get csgo skins as an award for winning matches. Keep a lookout for such competitions. You can get some really rare and expensive CS: GO skins from these competitions that you can later sell for a high price.

win Skins for csgo
CS go Skins

Make sure you check all the terms and conditions properly before trying your luck at the competitions. There are many pro players who come to play these competitions.

So make sure you have a great team to win the game.

8) Social Media Giveaways

You can also find small, organic giveaways through social media, for instance, look for #csgogiveaway,#skinsgivaway, and #csgoskinsgiveway, etc hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to seek out a variety of accounts giving away free CSGO skins. These may or may not come with terms and conditions but they are a good way to get rare cs go skins.

You can also find competitions for cs go skins on these platforms.

9) Opening Souvenir Cases

Now opening souvenir crates is a bit of a gamble since its already hard to get your hands on a souvenir case. There is a chance you may get a useless skin. But if you are opening higher quality cases like souvenir cases then there is a slightly higher chance of getting rare skins. The chances are low but again you are better off opening a rare souvenir case as opposed to common cases.

souvenir case for cs go skins

Opening crates cost money but if you do manage to get a rare skin than it is definitely worth it since you can trade the skin for a lot higher price. You can a good return for your investment. If you get a good knife skin, then you can easily sell it for a high price of over 100$. A rarer skin can go even higher.

So opening rare crates is also a good way to earn cs go skins.

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10) Skins trading sites

CS: GO has a number of skin trading websites. With proper research, you can find skins that are cheap but fetch a high value on steam. You can also exchange one skin for another. These websites also have a referral and points system that you can use to earn discounts to purchase skins at a cheap rate. If you are good at buying and selling then you can easily earn quite a lot from buying and selling steam skins.

Make sure you only use trusted cs go skins trading sites. There are many fake CS: GO skins trading sites that can steal a lot more than just your csgo skins. So make sure you only use trusted trading sites.


By Rare skins, I do not mean skins like Dragon Lore AWM or M4A4 | Howl level skins, etc. Those are super rare and are dependent more on LUCK. There are currently no known ways to get those legendary skins. 

By Rare I mean skins those that are expensive and can sell well on the steam market. You can get anywhere between 10$ – 500$ from these skins. Skins that go higher than a 1000$ are super rare and legendary skins whose drop rate depends on luck. So don’t expect that you will get those types of skins.


I hope this guide has been helpful in you learning how to get cs go skins for free. You can use these skins for cs go skin trading. If you guys know any more methods then do let me know in the comment section below. I would be glad to include them in the list. Happy Gaming

See you in-game

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