OPERA GX : The Worlds First Gaming Browser. Is it Really Needed?

Recently the “Opera” company announced its first-ever Gaming Browser “Opera GX“. I know what you’re thinking. What is a gaming Browser? Well, I can’t blame you for getting a weird feeling because there was never a gaming browser concept before this. Opera GX is a web browser, meant specially for gamers. Opera is already a very well known browser company that has been making browsers for desktop computers and mobile devices for quite some time now, but the concept of a gaming browser is something that has never been done before. So let’s check it with our Opera GX Browser review:

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Is the new “Opera GX” gaming browser really worth using?

In our daily usage, we found the following main highlights of this gaming browser in our opera GX review. They are as follows:

  • CPU and RAM usage limiter
  • Network Limiter
  • Inbuilt Adblocker
  • Inbuilt free VPN
  • Chrome Extension Support
  • Gaming Themes and Wallpapers

Nowadays, browsers are known to use more ram and resources. Especially chrome which has known to the ram hogger king. If you didn’t know already the latest version of chrome uses almost 500mb-1GB ram for each tab opened. That is quite a lot of resource cost for people who like to listen and watch things mid-game.

Since every gamer has different needs when it comes to gaming, there are quite a lot of different features on the Opera GX browser.

Ram And Cpu Usage Limiter

  • For those who need ram and resource control, they can use the ram and Cpu usage controller to limit the amount of RAM and Cpu the Opera GX browser uses. This can help you enjoy your gaming without the interruption and lag caused by power-hungry browsers. Check the images below:

 opera gx gaming browser opera gx gaming browser

Network Limiter

  • This feature is especially useful for gamers since no one likes lag while playing online games. With this feature, you can restrict the network usage so that the online game always has plenty of bandwidth. Also, the other games you want are downloading as well.

Inbuilt VPN

  • For those who value privacy and security when it comes to gaming, you have a gamer-centric VPN included with the opera GX browser that goes beyond what traditional browsers can offer. The VPN is free to use and ensures that your privacy stays intact. You can also use it to access sites that your ISP has blocked.

Inbuilt Adblocker

  • For those who love the ad-free experience when browsing, you can always prefer this as it’s free to use without any added extensions. The inbuilt features ensure that your browsing experience is awesome and smooth.

opera gx gaming browser

Gaming Centric Features

You get cool gamer-centric features such as twitch stream on the browser. You also get great gamer themes for you to enjoy.

You get great themes and wallpapers as well as regular content updates with regards to gaming.

opera gx gaming browser

Chrome Extensions

  • If you love the chrome extensions, then don’t worry all of them work with opera GX. You can basically use the same extensions you used in chrome. So what are you waiting for?

opera gx gaming browser

If you love gaming and are tired of all the lag caused by the chrome browser, then Opera GX is for you. So don’t wait up. Download now and enjoy superfast speeds with less memory and resource usage. Recommended software for gaming: Driver Booster

Download Opera GX Browser

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See you in-game

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