New World Best Free PvP Mage Armor Sets

Mages are one of the best builds you can play in New World. Double gauntlets and ice gauntlet / Fire gauntlet are one of the strongest and highest DPS builds in New World for PVP at the moment.

Unfortunately, the PVP armor for mages needs you to sell an arm and a kidney to be able to buy them.

Thankfully, we now have a free PVP mage set that can completely dominate enemies in Wars, OPRs, and Arenas

The jewelry will be the same, in spite of different armor sets.

Since the jewelry is common for all builds, let’s start with free Intelligence Jewellery for PVP…

Best Free Jewelry for Intelligence Users:

Amulet: Soul of Myrkgard / Eyes in the Abyss / Diamond Heart

Ring: Band of Oceanic Oath / Surgeons ring / Momento of Lost Humanity

Earring: Fanciful Earring / Reinforced Tempestuous Earring of the Scholar

Light Mage Set | Light Intelligence Set

Head: Wizen Hat / Burden of Despair of Scholar / Carved Mask of Scholar

Chest: Wizen Shirt

Hands: Wizen Gloves

Pants: Wizen Pants

Shoes: Wizen Shoes

The set above is by far one of the best PVP sets in the game. Even as a free set it is stronger than most of the PVP sets other mages use.

The reduced cooldowns with shrinking fortification will make you the ultimate mage killing machine!

Get this set and you can easily top the war board in terms of damage and kills.

What are you waiting for? Start farming tempest dungeon now!

Medium Mage Set | Medium Intelligence Set

Head: Conqueror Helm

You can also use items from the light set here if needed.

Chest: Conqueror Breastplate

Hands: Wizen Gloves

Pants: Wizen Pants

Shoes: Wizen Shoes

The set above is the medium mage set that grants more survivability in exchange for damage. I personally prefer light mage builds. But for wars, it’s also a risky build if you have trouble positioning properly.

So for those looking for a free PVP medium mage build the set above is your best bet.

You can change parts from the light section if you feel some perks are stronger there. Just make sure your weight stays in the medium range.

Heavy Mage Set | Heavy Intelligence Set

Head: Conqueror Helm

Chest: Conqueror Breastplate

Hands: Conqueror Gauntlets

Pants: Conqueror Greaves

Shoes: Neshatun Boots

This is basically a tanky mage build. I prefer mobile mage builds more than tanky builds. But if you have lag issues or have trouble dodging, this is probably one of the best builds for you. The damage will be lower and mobility is next to nothing. You can make do with entombed and burnout for mobility.

So if you want to play heavy mage then this is the FREE PVP gear you can try to get.

That’s all folks!

These are the best PVP armor sets for mages in New World. Let me know if I missed anything.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback on this. I’ll keep updating the list as much as I can.

Happy gaming and I’ll see you in-game!

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