How to Vote Kick Yourself in CS:GO

Many players are troubled by the fact that they get cooldowns when they abandon the game. So they prefer to be vote kicked off the match. But many times people are not ready to vote kick you. Some are plain lazy while others don’t know how to. So we found the perfect solution to this problem in CS:GO. Simply vote-kick yourself. Now you may be wondering how on earth can we do that. There is no such option in CS:GO. Well lucky for you there actually is such a method. So without further ado lets begin:

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How to Vote Kick yourself in CS:GO

Step 1: Enable the Developer Console

To enable developer console in cs:go, open cs:go settings do the following:

CS:GO Settings> Game Settings > Enable Developer Console> Yes

 csgo self vote kick by enabling developer console

If you need more help checkout the complete guide to enable developer console in cs:go

Step 2: Type Status

Now when you are in-game and want to vote kick yourself, enable the console using the “~” or “`” key. This key below the escape button on most keyboards.

Now Type the following command:


You will get the following output.

Step 3: Copy the numbers before your name

You will see two numbers before your name. They will as shown below.

 csgo self vote kick

Copy them.

Step 4: Type the “callvote kick” command

Now type the callvote kick command followed by the numbers you copied in the previous step.

Eg: callvote kick 954 15

 csgo self vote kick

Step 5: Enjoy leaving the CS:GO game without getting a cooldown

As you can see in the image above you will get a self vote kick. Now other people do need to vote yes for the vote to pass. But its still better than asking others for a kick vote.

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Image credits: Danny2g

Thats how you can get a self vote kick in cs:go. If this guide helped you make sure to share it with fellow cs:go gamers.

Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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